Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Added some photos

Good Evening Everyone,

D just found my USB cable and I have been adding some photos to the blog.  Pretty soon, I will change the look and do something different.  I want to add more kitty photos and such, but for now, I posted the house and the garden and the cat's house, yes, I said cat's house.  The cat's have their OWN house, complete with outdoor run, and A/C, with a three level sleeping shelves and vinyl flooring to keep clean. I told D when he got done with the cat kennel, that I wanted to stay there.... (rolling eyes)*

I am going to try to get back to my blog and blogging, and not the negative.  I started going to  a support group for families that are caregivers for dementia and Alzheimer's patients and nursing home residents.  I was nervous to go to this group, number one, I am somewhat a solitary creature and have some social anxiety . But when I got there, I was welcome, and the founder of the group, a woman who started this group clear back in 1979, when no one knew what Alzheimer's was, even the doctor's.  This group helps give you ideas to cope, and how to handle the patient and the caregiver.  I will see how this goes.  This group meets every 2nd and 4th Mondays each month.  I will try to get to each meeting.   I will post how it goes.

I just want to take time to thank all of you for your support through this very difficult time in my life.  It has been a rough rodeo, and I am not done yet, but I was told by my support group to get on with my life, and pick up what I was doing and make time for me and me alone, no matter who gets mad or what.  It is something that has to be done.  So I will be changing the blog, so please bear with me when I start changing it and hope that I do not eject the blog into the purgatory of blogs.  I so want to get back to what I want to do, and I do not want to lose what people I have to a crappy, sad, negative blog.  So, onward and upward and changes are in the wind soon.

I will close for now and get ready to rest and get some sleep, the last few nights have been rough, and we have had some thunderstorms that have been rough and noisy and not much sleep and a lot of stress.  I will try to work on the blog and update it so it looks better.

Love and Hugs to All


  1. Hot as Hades here. I've just found my wife sleeping outdoors; she must have got up in the night to find some air! You have some very privileged cats.

  2. Mr. M, Its hot as Hades here also, and the humidity is higher here also, which makes it uncomfortable. We are still in a very bad drought and we need much more rain. The thunderstorms we get are little rain, but a lot of nasty electric lightening and a risk of grassfires, in which we have a 20 acre pasture right behind us.
    Yes, the cats have a privileged life.

  3. Dear Denim ~ It was so good to see a comment from you. I decided to check your blog as I hadn't seen any posts in awhile, and lo and behold somehow I missed at least two.

    I love seeing your new home the cat's home and and your wonderful fenced veggie garden and to hear that you are picking your first produce. It's all good!!!

    I'm sorry for the bad things that have been going on in your life, but know this, you are growing and becoming stronger because of them. I pray that help comes for your folks.

    I'm glad you've found a support group. That is GREAT news. The widow's group I am with has been such a tremendous source of love and encouragement. We meet once a month and I look forward to every meeting/luncheon.

    Love and hugs to you dear Denim and D too ~ FlowerLady

  4. Lovely to have photos of your new life, and I am very impressed with the Cat Bungalow! That's what my crew need I think : )

    I am glad you have found a support group, and they are SO right - you have to devote some time to yourself, real "ME time", where you do what YOU want to do and to heck with everyone else.

    I picked my first veg from the garden today - a courgette with ideas of becoming a Marrow! Plenty of French beans just about ready to be picked too, and lots of raspberries (though they are of the much shrunken variety!)

    Chin up!

  5. Denim, Not really too bad temperature wise here in eastern Nebraska. Last night was 54 and tonight will be 50. That's very unusual for July night time temperatures. Apparently it's good weather for green beans, squash, and cabbage. All those are going great guns but tomatoes are dragging their feet. I have lots of green tomatoes but none ripe just yet.

    Two important things I've learned from being a care giver for my wife many years ago and now being care giver for her mother is to pay attention to eating and sleeping. I've found that making sure to eat good food and getting enough sleep are the most important things when going through stressful times. However being a guy sleeping has never been a problem. Women run more on emotion and sometimes they can have a few more issues with sleeping. It's good you have a support group. My thoughts are good wishes are always for a better life for you.

    I'm glad to hear that your housing issues have been resolved and that you have moved into a better place.

    Have the best day that you can.

  6. Your new home looks so tidy--and the NE landscape very familiar from all the many times I've passed through. I would be drawn to the little fenced garden plot--and yes, I'd take a book or my sewing and have a rocking chair in the cat's cottage!
    I hope this place is becoming a refuge for you and D--a fresh and reviving shelter in spite of the troubles you must cope with.