Friday, August 13, 2010

In Memory

I am writing this post this morning with very sad news I read from another friend blog writer, Kerri at
Her very old dog did not come back yesterday, and she is devastated by this loss, as well as all of us who read her blog and have coffee or tea with her every day.
I belong to a rescue group and have done many rescues and ICU care of very critically ill or injured pets for many years, I have 5 disabled cats currently that are either missing limbs or have steel plates in them to hold them together. I have lost many pets from injury or just plain old age creeping up on them, but I loved them just the same.
I am truly sorry for Kerri, and my heart goes out to her, please, if you read my blog, please go to Kerri's blog (I have a llink set up)  and leave a loving message to her that all care about her loss, it will make the sadness a little more bearable to deal with knowing that others care too.
So today, for Kerri, I will not post what the going's on the Deninflyz Homestead. I will try to post sometime over the weekend, I am doing some putting up of some garden produce and some dehydrating and doing farmer's market over the weekend and it will be a busy few days.
Til then friends, please have a peaceful weekend, and enjoy your day

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