Monday, August 9, 2010

what is the adventure today!

Good Morning everyone

Well I am up this morning, it looks like we may have a few showers to the south of us today to make it even more humid than it has been.  I tell you, the humidity we have had here has been gastly, equal to Florida's humidity, which we generally do not deal too much with, but with the hugh amount of rain we have had this year, it has been a little stiffling to say the least.  I try to get my outside chores done in the morning, and by afternoon, I'm in doing the domestic diva stuff in the house.  I am also canning, so if I have to do this, I plan for canning in the early morning, and get everything ready to fire up.  I did mild salsa Sunday, and a few jars of Lemon Curd and today I should process some cukes, as they are really going to grow out of my ears, because of the heat and humidity we have had.  I have too much to do for the amount of energy I do have, since I do not have a thyroid, I get pretty exhausted pretty quick, and the humidity make it worse, so I have to pace myself, and sometimes take a break, a tiny 30 minute nap, and then I'm good to go until late at night.
I have been thinking of what to post about here on this blog, again, being a newbie on blogging, I read several wonderful blogs by ladies that are, I think are fantastic, I really like the Down to Earth blog and the Lovely Flower Lady in Zone 10 of Florida, and her almost mystical gardens of her lovely cottage, it is truly a fairy tale garden. These blogs are  simply living blogs that truly follow the slow down lifestyle that I follow, though we all do it differently as each of our lives are different, and we live in different zones, with different areas of the country, so we are truly diverified in our lives but still follow the same star.
On my blog here, I am somewhat of a reclusive person, I really don't  go anywhere except to run a few errands, and when I do, it is once a week.  I am so very careful with gas in my car, I cannot afford to put gas in, so my trips are planned, I generally do errands on Friday, as I also have elderly parents that I look after also, and so I try to plan ( think best laid plans of mice and men or Murphy's Law) if all goes well, and I can get the errands done and until next week.  I grow a lot of my own food, so the grocery store is just for basics and pantry items, and the rest I do myself. I shop the Dollar stores we have heavily and GoodWill is my best friend. I pay most bills through the internet, I reserve my funds for this, and this is my contact to the outside world and my bill pay for myself and my parents.  That's where I go generally, and not much else on the radar screen for me. So if you are looking for an advernturous blog, it isn't here.
I will be setting up pages to the blog for gardening and recipes for you. Things that I have used for years, most were my grandmother's recipes and ideas. My grandparents were Amish, and my grandpa broke away from the collective to pursue his dream of being an electritian  in our rural area of the country, so I grew up canning, and cooking from scratch.
Well, everyone, I need to stop to start my day, I will work on some more ideas for the blog, and we'll see what the day brings.
Have a peaceful and stellar day all!

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  1. Hurray for you, canning so many different things. It is something I never learned. Didn't meet anyone who was doing it. Maybe it's the heat and humidity that keep people from doing that down here, plus where to store the goodies. I don't know. I do want to try some refrigerator pickles, and some freezer jams.

    I also cook from scratch, always have and I love it.

    I don't know how mystical my gardens are, but they do give me much delight. I don't grow veggies, do grow herbs and flowers and weeds. :-) I love Rhonda's blog Down-to-Earth too. She inspires me.

    We don't have cell phones, cable TV, we shop thrift stores when we need to, but aren't out looking to buy anything extra these days. DH is semi-retired and I had my pay and time cut at work for the past two years, so that now I'm only working two days a week. Which, is actually kind of nice. We rarely use our credit cards and when we do, pay them right off. Our little cottage is paid for and our two older vehicles are paid for also. We also are reclusives and enjoy staying at home puttering.

    Once you get a digital camera you will have a ball with it. I love mine.

    That's it for now.

    Have a great day ~ FlowerLady