Sunday, August 8, 2010

Welcome Friends and newbies to simple living in a trailer home

Welcome friends!
I am so very pleased that you have joined me in launching my blog about urban homesteading and simple living in one of the most stigmatic forms of home living...YIKES! a trailer home.
Yup folks, I live in a trailer. or in my case, a manufactured home, a 16X80 Champion. It isn't new at all, in fact its a 1992, and needs work, but what doesn't need work this day of age. Yikes, I need an overhaul for pete's sake.
I have been compelled to launch a blog to the world about trailer homes and their quirky living space. They do have their moments, (storms, space etc), but I have found them to be cheap living, and they do have their place when you need them.
I was forced to live in a trailer about 13 years ago, forced to because I was dianosed with thyroid cancer and lost my job and insurance, and had to find a cheap place to live, and unfortunatlly, even where I live in the high plains of Nebraska, the cost of living is outragous to say the least. And when I lost my job, my credit rating went too, and poof, you cannot find a place to live (I have things to say about this, but I will post later on this subject).
Anyway, as I continued to live in trailers, first, a mouse and mold infested one, that you could throw a brick through the north and south walls, no insulation, to my own home, that my parents did help to get for me because of my no work, and being ill from cancer and the treatments, so at least I did have a home and not living by the South Platte river where a lot of people DO live, mind you, I found that I liked the lifestyle that it did provide, and it was easy for me to take care of, and not expensive to heat and cool. Even with the small space my trailer is on, it still takes a lot out of me to take care of and the upkeep also does take a lot out of me, I do love it.
Anyway, I want to help others who have been displaced by illness or the current economic situation that the trailer can help you to traverse the gap that has formed and help you to get yourself re-established in your efforts to get affordable housing or find a new and better lifestyle, preferably a simple and substainable lifestyle to keep you grounded.
On my blog, I will have simple living ideas, recipes, ideas for how to live in cramped quarters and little storage for anything, gardening, canning, and just general neighbor-over-the-fence conversation, I want you to feel welcome in a home that carries a somewhat bad name in the general population, "trailer park trash", Here, it will not be bashed around like a bastard at a family reunion or a red-headed step child. Trailer homes have been the bain of society, and associated with drug houses, crack houses, and general ill being.  Now, where I do have my home, yes, I do have drug dealers and general ill tempered reighbors, but I do not bother them, they do not bother me, in fact, they think that I'M WEIRD, because I can and follow a simple lifestyle and sit outside with kerosene lamps going, so, go figure.
So, I hopfully will bring good things to being, and I can pass some knowledge on to others and I can learn from all of you. And I hope that I can learn to make a good blog, and learn so please be patient with me.


  1. Oooo - found your blog thru another blog link - gonna watch you grow! I'm disabled, living on fixed income (read that below poverty level!) and renting but trying to become more self sufficient and to do similarly to what you sound like you're trying to do! yay for you - I will watch this blog grow and 'favorite' your site!!

  2. Just found your blog. Can't wait to read more!

    I love trailers! I don't live in one right now but they definitely fill a need.

    I live in a house and I have drug dealer and ill tempered neighbors too. I think that is everywhere these days.

    Good luck with the blog!

  3. Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving your nice comment. From that I followed you here. My DH and I live in a small (around 700 sq ft) 50's cottage in s.e. FL. I lived in trailers while growing up, until about the 4th grade. Down here there are a lot of nice mobile home communities, where retirees live.

    We also have drug dealers living in the neighborhood, and we've had loud obnoxious neighbors too. We've lived here since 1973, lots of people have come and gone, but we're still here.

    I look forward to reading more about your frugal style of living as that's what we are doing also.