Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Addition to Flip-in Cold

To my over seas readers, the air and wind chill temps are in Fahrenheit.  I am not real familiar with Celsius.  You calculate and let me know.  Maybe I don't want to know.  It won't help to stand the cold.
I should not be complaining, its gets colder in Russia, and Alaska even worse.
Have a great week everyone.

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  1. I have a "gadget" on my iGoogle page that you just put in one number and it gives you the other one -- works both ways.


    I set Google's home page as my web browser (Internet Explorer)so when I bring up my browser, that's what comes up. You sign up (free) for an iGoogle home page, and then you can put any of their gadgets on there. Since you have a friends and followers thing on your blog, you may already have a google ID.