Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Cool Air Finally!

Good Afternoon everyone!

I am sorry that I haven't posted as quickly as I should, but I had a mishap at home here, and I have  been gimping around.
A few weeks ago, we had a nice rain overnight, the next morning, I went out early to get the paper, had my bedroom slippers on and "WEEEEE", down the two steps to the concrete.  It happened so fast, the only thing I knew is that I was straddling the step and concrete, I did know that I did NOT want to hit the pavement with my back, which I have done before and I was hurt'in for quite a while. Well, I did catch the stupid guard rail to my right, but I still straddled everything, and even broke a bolt in the rail.  I do know that my right knee was at a funny angle and so I sat there for a little bit and got up and at the time, everything seemed ok.
This all happened on a Tue morning, and then Friday night, I let the dog out before we all went to bed, and I stepped down on my right knee and OMG, the pain was horrid, and I could not even get my knee to work, the pain was horrid.  So I got the dog in and I immediately got my ice pack on and then took some Advil and then just rested for awhile, the pain was still there and then Saturday morning, I was still in pain, cripped around Farmer's market, a pulled my little french market cart around with me, and then went home, cripped around the kitchen, trying to can things, which was not fun or pleasant, but got it done.
Sunday, I went to the pharmacy and got a knee support and then called the doctor's office Monday morning  which I hate to do.  Had x-rays and found I cracked the knee bone that is below the knee cap on the left side.  No wonder it hurt!  Doc told me to baby it and stay off of it so it can have a chance to heal.  There is also a small piece of bone floating around, and if that doesn't go away, doc will make me go for surgery to fix it, which I am definitely not for at all.  So I am trying to behave myself,  I did order Meals on Wheels for a few weeks, so I don't have to cook, which is nice, I hate to say it, I enjoy cooking but not with an intense pain in my knee while I stand cooking.
So, I am just trying to take it easy, it drives me nuts, as there is so much housework to do, laundry, you know, ladies, the stuff that needs to be done.  I am just doing what I can, then I take breaks, ice up the knee, and then hit it again/  It helps when I have the brace on, as it supports my weight some, but still, if I turn on my leg, which I do a lot, to do something, oh my, salty sailor words come out of my mouth.  My parents are ok, and will get by, until I can get my knee working again. D is laid up like I am, but he has been doing some housework,  some stuff, I don't want him to touch, like laundry, but if I don't get to it, it will be there tomorrow.  I am not going to worry about it. I do not have anyone to impress in my home.

I posted photos of the canning I did, surprising it came out right with me hurting.  I am letting the pepper spread sit for a few weeks to meld the flavors.  I will post what I did.  Again, I don't have a "recipe" but I will post what I put in it and you can adjust to your taste. It is very easy.  Since I hurt my knee, I had to roast the peppers in the oven, I put a little canola oil in and then roasted them for about an hour on 350*. I hope that it did turn out, as the peppers I bought were expensive at a $1.50 a piece, which is better than the $5 a piece they are asking for in the grocery store, which I will not buy at all.  My neighbor also has peppers and some of those I will dehydrate and freeze.  Also, please do not look too close to the canning photos, as my kitchen looks like a federal disaster area, and I not even going to show you the stove.  I am waiting to clean the stove when all of the canning is pretty much done.

It is delightful here today.  It rained overnight about a half an inch, and it is only in the 50's as of this afternoon.. I hope that this cool air get to Glenda and Ilene, you need it down there. It is supposed to get down into the 30's tonight, so I sure that some of my garden will get nipped by frost.  Oh well, must be a sigh to slow down, yeah, right! What slow down is that!

Well, I had better gimp on into the laundry room to finish laundry or I will have to run around naked and that would be a total disaster, don't want to scare anyone into the ozone.

Everyone, please have a great week, and hopefully rain and cooler air to enjoy.  I am afraid Fall is here.

Hugs to Everyone


  1. I can't believe you got so much done with a bum knee! Please take it easy...keep ice on that knee!

  2. Oh, I am so sorry about your knee. Please do take it as easy as necessary. But I know saying that to you is like saying it to me...haha.

    All that food! What a blessing! It all looks so good.

    Take care my friend. Seriously! Take care!


  3. Dear Denim ~ I am so sorry about your knee. I can imagine the pain that you have been in, I'm glad you did not land on your back.

    In spite of your pain you are still canning and doing what else you can.

    Do try to stay off that leg to give it some time to heal. Easier said than done I know.

    Your cool weather sounds wonderful!!!

    Love and hugs to you Denim.


  4. LOL, been there, done that, fell in the raised bed one time, trying to get green beans picked before a rain. Lost my balance, tried to grab the bean fence to break my fall, went down, twisted my shoulder. Nothing immediate except lost the zucchini plant I ended up sitting on. But next morning! Rotator cuff injuries hurt ALL DOWN YOUR ARM. And you can hardly bear to carry your arm around, much less lift it.

    So take care. Time spent healing is a good investment. Hugs, Ilene

  5. I'm also sorry you hurt yourself.
    Try and take it easy.
    Right now red bel1s are 3 for
    $1.oo so I wouldn't mind having your recipe when you feel up to it.
    We did alot of canning week before last so I need to buy some more jars and get back to it!
    Also, if you would, please send some of that rain and cool weather to Texas!

  6. Sorry about the darned fall! I haven't had an accident in quite a while...

    May I suggest that this would be a good time to teach D how to do laundry...enough said.

    I can't believe what all you got done hurting like that. You are an amazing lady and very industrious.

    I had to laugh at Ilene's fall into the raised bed. I have a chronic dizzy thing and I can't tell you how many times I have pitched forward like that. There was a time when my knees were so bad that I fell into a thicket of blackberries and though I would have to lay there until DH found me.
    I finally crawled forward on my knees until I was clear of the briars enough to risk getting up.

    I am cool here; hope Ilene is too!

  7. Bless your heart! Sounds like you got a good ol' tibial plateau fracture going. Do you have some kind of a stool that you can sit on while doing stuff you'd normally do standing up?

    It's finally been raining here -- it's rained overnight for a couple of days now and we're down into the 80s.

    Take care of yourself, lady! and heal soon.

  8. ouch! poor you! do try to rest as much as you can, i know it isnt easy, but do try to allow your body time to heal. thankyou for the lovely bithday wishes you sent me.

    Leanne x

  9. So sorry to hear about your fall. I am soooo much careful than I ever was before as I've had some major spills in the past few you canning! I just bought a water bath/steamer and am gong to try it for the first time in my life. I am sooo excited. You have been my inspiration!