Tuesday, September 27, 2011

General Goings-on and This n' That

Good Morning Everyone,

I thought I would post because you'd think that I dropped off the face of the earth or floated into the ozone layer, I am sure some people around here wish I would do so.

We have had a few busy weeks here.  My parents furnace quit and D has been trying to find a gas valve for a 26 year old furnace, which we finally did, and sometime this week, he has to put it in.  My parents, like everyone else, cannot afford a heat tech's services, around here, it is almost unaffordable, but all that needs to be done is put the valve in, and hook everything up, and no tech.  D is pretty handy, but we both have been snarling at each other lately, as he gets in my way in the kitchen and I am territorial in the kitchen, especially when I am canning or cooking, and I know that some of you know what I am talking about.  I do not like someone hanging over my shoulder asking what I am doing, and I lose my train of thought or it derails completely and I have a melt down, in which I start snarling and yapping.

We also have been painting the carport.  The owner, for some odd reason, wanted the all the carports painted, (hint, maybe he's wanting to sell it!, I have been told this), but he hired a tweeker, (a druggy) and my insurance lady specifically told me not to let this guy paint, as the owner, who does not carry a stitch of insurance on anything, to touch anything.  She told me that if he fell on my place, I would be responsible for his work comp and the owner would probably pull a fast one on me and take my home away from me, which should tell all of you how much this man is hated in town.
I bought the paint early this spring when it went on sale, it was oil based barn and fence paint. We were going to paint this spring, but the weather was horrid for anything outside and then it got hot too fast and so we waited to paint til last week, the weather was nice, warm and the only thing I had to do was paint the supports and wasps.  I did the lower parts and D did the higher parts of the carport  as I am still crippling around with the knee, and it hurt but it had to get done.  Now it is done and looks good, and it will last as it is oil based.  The owner bought acrylic latex based interior paint and the rest of the carports look like crap, since he hired a tweeker, oh and by the way, this tweeker only got $10 a carport, this is what this guy pays in wages to whoever he hires.

I have been having a lot of pain lately in my spine and now the knee.  I think that when I took the tumble off the porch, I threw something out of order.  I still have things to do around the house, but not everything gets done.  It really PO's me, to tell you the truth.  Lately, I wish I could fly away somewhere, to get away from everything, but I can't. 

Several people asked about my pepper recipe.  I will try to post that this week.  All it is it roasted red and orange peppers, I threw in a few green ones, some onion, and garlic, and a little bit of canola oil  and roasted it in the oven and then the last half hour, I put them under the broiler.  I was going to do them in the big grill I have, but that was when I broke my knee, so I didn't do it.  It turned out good, I thought.  I haven't tried any of the jars yet.  I got 12 8 oz. jars of peppers.  You can see from the photo of the peppers in the oven in the roaster.  After I roasted them, I pulsed them through the food processor, and then placed them in my large crock pot to heat and not burn, then placed them in jars and processed them for 30 minutes in the pressure canner under 10 # of pressure.

Really other than that, that is about all that is going on here.  So far, it has been pleasantly quiet here.  The new people who moved in the open rentals are quiet, the ones next to me are  great, a little scary to look at with the tattoos and rings, looking like a fishing lure, but they are nice, quiet, and pleasant, which is fine.  They are also plant lovers so, everything in the world is ok at this moment.

Well, I will take my leave of you all.  I will try to post more.  I still have to tackle the garden, and clean up the tomato vines, I still have tomatoes coming in, so these I will freeze and I will process those later in the year.  I planted garlic and shallots last week in between the painting, and other stuff going on.  I surprised I can still think and function!

Take care all.


  1. My, my, you and D have been busy and I am so glad to read that you have nice neighbors. I bet your carport does look nice, and having used the enamel base it will last a good long while.

    I'm sorry to read that you are in pain and hope you get some relief soon.

    Hope the park does sell to someone nice who wants to make the place somewhere pleasant to live.

    Enjoy the rest of your week.


  2. Dear Denim ~ I wrote a comment but think I closed it before publishing it. DUH.

    I was happy to read that you have nice neighbors and that you and D have gotten so much done at your place. It's good you bought the enamel based paint because it will last a good long time. I bet your carport looks really nice. I hope the owner does sell and you get someone nice who wants to have a pleasant mobile home community.

    Enjoy the rest of your week.


  3. Glad you're still around! Thought I'd lost you! I've not spent much time on my blog...started a parttime job, that ended up being full time. I like it, but I'd like being home making your roasted peppers better.

  4. It's about time you got some decent neighbors. Hope they continue to be nice and stay there for a while.

  5. What good news about the new neighbors. It is about time you caught a break.

    The peppers look beautiful. I may still get a small crops from Ilene's Cheese Peppers, I hope.

    I need to have the milk barn painted, but so far, no luck. It is just too high for me to risk.

    Take a picture for us of the new paint job. I love seeing what we all do to keep our homes in good repair. It inspires me and I need that!

  6. Glad to hear you are alive and kicking...well even with one good knee that is!