Saturday, October 1, 2011

Welcoming October and snippets of goings-on

Good Afternoon Everyone,

Well, it has been pretty busy here doing things that need to be done before we get cold weather or worse yet, SNOW, like we did a few years ago in October, being hit with three blizzards in the month. D and I cleared out the garden, I still have some hot peppers hanging on, I cover them when it may get cold and unwrap them when the sun warms up.  I got my shallots, walking onions and garlic planted in my bucket brigade, been digging up nasty weeds and sand burrs and just general out side house work that needs to get done.  Glenda, for your inspiration, the carport painted.  We won't get to the porch until next year, as there are some major repairs that need to be done and not enough money, so till then, the cover goes up  around the porch and also the carport to keep the snow from blowing around the patio area.
I haven't even started in cleaning the house, or anything.  Since I broke my knee, I have been limited as to what I could do, and on top of things, I had a shingles attack in of all places, on my left hand,  Oh, it is so very painful, and having your hands in water or cleaning water, is out of the question until it heals up, which will be a few weeks, so I bought a pair of latex gloves and cotton gloves to wear to protect the skin until it heals.

Yesterday,  as I was going home from the grocery store, I stopped by our local nursery, and they were having a 50% off trees, shrubs and plants sale.  I shouldn't have, but I bought 3 trees!  The two on the south side of the house are a Honey Locust, and to the back, a Ornamental Pear.  In the front, this tree is a WinterBerry. 
We desperately need shade on the south side and front, and I had been looking for trees that would fit.  Well, I found them and at a good price.  The WinterBerry is a very hardy tree that gets around 15-20 ft tall and about that in width.  This will be to cut the horrid summer sun from shining in the front window, which is my bedroom and without the Morning Glories in the front, that room will get around 130-150 degrees in that room, even with the air going.  So I am anxious about this WinterBerry growing.  The nursery man told me WinterBerry is very hardy in our zone, which is 5, truthfully, we are between zone 4 and 5 so I was glad to find a hardy tree for our zone, which the tree is hardy to -40* below zero.  The other south trees are hardy in our zone, and are drought tolerant.   So, yesterday, after I got home, D and I fired up the dually and went and picked the trees up and then spent the afternoon, digging holes, which I will tell you, by the time we finished late in the afternoon, we were both pooped totally.  I am not young anymore to dig holes, but I am sure proud of the trees.  I hope that they will do well.

I had several questions about the pepper spread and what you put it on.  My grandmother made it for crackers, as she made her own cracker recipes.  This is good on a hardy whole grain cracker or rye cracker.  I suppose you could use this on just about anything that all of you would desire.  Be a child again, just do it and let me know what you use it on. 

Really, other than that, that is about all that is going on.  Still quiet here, and I am sure enjoying it too.
Well, I need to run a few errands today, so I will catch everyone later and have a great weekend, all!



  1. Hi Denim ~ Hope your trees do very well for you. Having shade for our houses really helps.

    Your carport looks nice and I'm sure you're glad that work is done.

    I'm sorry about your knee and the shingles attack too. I do hope you are feeling much better soon.

    Glad you are enjoying the quiet in your neighborhood, that is a blessing.

    Have a great weekend ~ FlowerLady

  2. I just love having lots of trees! We have many shade trees and some old fruit trees...I've been planting a new fruit orchard the last couple of years..maybe I'll get fruit from them soon.

    Take care of that knee!

  3. A chilly day here; grandson and I covering tomato plants and a few other late things in the garden.
    I'm reminded of snow for three years running first weekend of October when we lived in Wyoming.
    I always wish the garden could go on producing longer, but have to admit by September I am tired!

  4. The carport looks great!

    Shingles on your hand...that's a new one for me. My son had them and my aunt and FIL and they all say it is the worst pain they have ever felt. Hope that goes away soon!

    The trees look to be a good size for planting. I used to have honey locusts in the yard and love them. We don't have them here. Keep them well watered and hit them with RapidGro now and then and you will be amazed. That's what my neighbor lady did.

  5. Bless your heart! My mom had shingles and they were extremely painful. I hope your shingles clear up quickly. You know that shingles are caused by the same virus that causes chicken pox. If you've ever had chicken pox, the virus stays dormant in your body just waiting for you to get run down and stressed out. You and I are of a generation before there was a vaccine, and we got mumps, measles and chicken pox because there was no way to prevent it. It really irritates me that people won't take chicken pox seriously and vaccinate their children. But when you "let" a child get chicken pox, you are setting them up for shingles in later life. If you can manage to get a generic prescription for acyclovir, that will help. It cleared my mom's shingles up pretty quickly. I love your trees. A good idea to plant a tree to shade your house during the summer. Even if the winterberry just shades the window area only, that will still be a great help. And to be able to get them for half price!. I admire your inventiveness, spirit, determination and courage to keep going under circumstances that could easily overwhelm someone. It's like that old Jimmy Stewart film, "It's a Wonderful Life" -- you never realize the full extent of the good you do or how many lives you touch and inspire. Hang in there, lady.

  6. Vicki, have you tried St. John's Wort for those shingles? If you can get it in tincture form, just a drop rubbed in a couple times a day. I don't know if a compress dipped in a tea made with St. John's Wort would help or not... maybe if it steeped overnight in the fridge?? My dad had shingles for years and it was misery for him. He tried Capzacin and everything else anyone recommended but nothing helped. We hadn't heard about St. John's wort so I can't say from first-hand experience that it works, but worth a try if you can. Susun Weed recommends it. Most people are able to get rid of shingles pretty quickly. But my dad was an exception. He led a very stressful life.

    I hope you heal quickly. Hugs..