Saturday, December 17, 2011

William F Cody (Buffalo Bill) home decorated for the Holidays

Good Evening Everyone,

I just got back a little while ago, to go out and take pictures of William F Cody's home, which is only about a mile away from my home.  Every year, the Nebraska Game and Parks decorates his home for the holidays and for a few days, you can go out and tour the home, and they put on chestnut roasts, and serve holiday hot cocoa and coffee, tea.

Yep, I live in the community where Buffalo Bill lived.  This home was a beacon for the elite of the world during his time.  There were extravagant parties held here, and a lot of general elite mingling and A list participants.

I thought you all would enjoy it.  I hope the photos turn out, its very hard to take photos at night. But you can't see the lights during the day. This photo was the best I could get. Sorry.
I will see if I can go out to get a daytime photo of his home and the huge barn.



  1. I think the photo is fantastic! How fun is that...having Bill Cody's home in your town!

  2. Glad you were able to get to Bill Cody's home and get this photo. I love the color scheme and the way they have each story trimmed out in lights.


  3. Great photo. He had a rather 'substantial' house didn't he?

    We enjoyed seeing some decorated houses in St. Louis over our visit. I am amazed at the lengths people go to.....two and three stories high. Then they have to come down!

  4. I wonder what Mr Cody would have thought about all those lights...

  5. Wishing you and your family a merry Christmas, and thanks so much for being a reader on my blog. Richard

  6. What a lovely photo Denim. I wonder what the esteemed Mr Cody would make of his neighbourhood now? I guess he and his mates would soon sort out those hoodlums for you!

    Have a lovely Christmas and look forward to continuing our blogging friendship through 2012.