Saturday, August 14, 2010

wore out

Dear Friends,
I am wore out.  I did farmer's market and was up at 3:45 am Sat morning, so I had to be up early as we had a street fair, and with this being the first time I have had a booth at the farmer's market and a street fair to boot, I had to see how and where I was going to set up downtown.  It was not as bad as I thought and was able to set up and then break-down and get out and home with ease.
I will try to post some photos of farmer's market we have here, it is not like the big ones in the cities, but it is fair.
I will try to post on Monday,  I have much to do Sunday,  I really should clean house, and other domestic duties, but I have tomatoes to can and some leeks to dehydrate, which I will dry outside on the porch, as they are a little strong and the house does smell of leeks, so I will do this, and I think that it should be cooler as far a temps, better than the hot 90's we have had with oppressive himidity on top.
I wish all a great and peaceful weekend, and I will do some catching up on Monday, sometime.

Friday, August 13, 2010

In Memory

I am writing this post this morning with very sad news I read from another friend blog writer, Kerri at
Her very old dog did not come back yesterday, and she is devastated by this loss, as well as all of us who read her blog and have coffee or tea with her every day.
I belong to a rescue group and have done many rescues and ICU care of very critically ill or injured pets for many years, I have 5 disabled cats currently that are either missing limbs or have steel plates in them to hold them together. I have lost many pets from injury or just plain old age creeping up on them, but I loved them just the same.
I am truly sorry for Kerri, and my heart goes out to her, please, if you read my blog, please go to Kerri's blog (I have a llink set up)  and leave a loving message to her that all care about her loss, it will make the sadness a little more bearable to deal with knowing that others care too.
So today, for Kerri, I will not post what the going's on the Deninflyz Homestead. I will try to post sometime over the weekend, I am doing some putting up of some garden produce and some dehydrating and doing farmer's market over the weekend and it will be a busy few days.
Til then friends, please have a peaceful weekend, and enjoy your day

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Mastering the art of jelly

I DID IT!  I DID IT, I made jelly yesterday. I had to tweak it a little but I did it.
 I never had much luck with jelly, my grandmother, bless her, tried to help me to master the art, (more luck) but I was getting tired of not having special jellies that I like, like cinnamon/apple, and lower sugar grape jelly with a little flavor and maybe some special ones to try.

My first batch I didn't add enough pectin, and didn't boil to jell stage. Good thing when you get syrup, you can re-do the batch.  So I did, and it worked this time, I wasn't going to let a little batch of jelly get the best of me. Take that Jelly!
Not much happening on the home front, just processing and canning little batches about every few days, to keep up, then the domestic goddess things that get left because of the canning things going on, I wish I had 2 more sets of arms and the energy to do it all.

I want to thank all who are visiting my new blog, I am excited...I can't believe that the cyber-world connects all of us. I also would like comments (nice ones  please) about what you would like to see and talk about.  I received a very nice comment from someone who is on SSI, I too, am on SSI, and very much way below poverty, but I do manage to handle things well by following the simple life principles of staying out of debt/getting out of debt, and reducing the amount of things/material things that are in all of our lives.  I will have posts on this subject soon, and ideas I hope will help those of us who by no fault of our own have fallen upon illness or other tramatic situations that called for desperate and call-for actions.  There are some who mis-use the SSI system, and others like myself and others  who, having a congenital spine defect ending with a fused spine to cancer, and then falling into the SSI system by no asking of myself, are subjected to the SSI system, and then must make the best of it. It is nothing to be ashamed of, and I do the best I can with what I get, and make the best of what I get.  I want others to feel the same, not ashamed.
Well, off of the soap box for now.

Anyway, its sure hot here in Nebraska, have had lots of humidity, the garden loves it, I don't, makes the body scream a little and then I have to quit working until later in the evenings getting things done in the garden, and then mow the tiny yard I have, just that wears me out.

Today, its hot but the humidity is lower and much more tolerable, I have a little patio area I laid a few years ago by my north side of my trailer, and I have one of those el-cheap-o dollar store collapsable canopies, and I sure like it, I can sit in my swing, and I have morning glories all over the car port growing and it makes a lovely little space somewhat like a tuscan patio with all the plants that just make it cool and inviting, I love all the bugs and bees that buzz about and I even had a hummingbird last week visiting my petunias that hang in the front of my carport, we very seldom get hummingbirds but I do get a few through the summer, and have had some for the past 3 years that stop by to visit for just a few seconds and then off they go, this one was a beautiful emerald green with a sapphire blue head, just gorgeous, it was sure quick though, I thought it was a moth at first, but then I seen it's color and I was sure fasinated by it.

Well, gosh, better get to work, I love to chat more, but then if I did, I wouldn't have anything to talk about.
Oh, yes, I am working real hard to get a digital camera so I can post photos of the trailer, and the weather, we do get here and how I handle my garden space on a very tight budget. So, please be patient, I do farmer's market with my herb garden, and herb mixes, and I should have the money to do this soon , I think that it will help with the blog.
Well friends, til then, thank you for visiting, and all of you please have a peacful and productive day.

Monday, August 9, 2010

what is the adventure today!

Good Morning everyone

Well I am up this morning, it looks like we may have a few showers to the south of us today to make it even more humid than it has been.  I tell you, the humidity we have had here has been gastly, equal to Florida's humidity, which we generally do not deal too much with, but with the hugh amount of rain we have had this year, it has been a little stiffling to say the least.  I try to get my outside chores done in the morning, and by afternoon, I'm in doing the domestic diva stuff in the house.  I am also canning, so if I have to do this, I plan for canning in the early morning, and get everything ready to fire up.  I did mild salsa Sunday, and a few jars of Lemon Curd and today I should process some cukes, as they are really going to grow out of my ears, because of the heat and humidity we have had.  I have too much to do for the amount of energy I do have, since I do not have a thyroid, I get pretty exhausted pretty quick, and the humidity make it worse, so I have to pace myself, and sometimes take a break, a tiny 30 minute nap, and then I'm good to go until late at night.
I have been thinking of what to post about here on this blog, again, being a newbie on blogging, I read several wonderful blogs by ladies that are, I think are fantastic, I really like the Down to Earth blog and the Lovely Flower Lady in Zone 10 of Florida, and her almost mystical gardens of her lovely cottage, it is truly a fairy tale garden. These blogs are  simply living blogs that truly follow the slow down lifestyle that I follow, though we all do it differently as each of our lives are different, and we live in different zones, with different areas of the country, so we are truly diverified in our lives but still follow the same star.
On my blog here, I am somewhat of a reclusive person, I really don't  go anywhere except to run a few errands, and when I do, it is once a week.  I am so very careful with gas in my car, I cannot afford to put gas in, so my trips are planned, I generally do errands on Friday, as I also have elderly parents that I look after also, and so I try to plan ( think best laid plans of mice and men or Murphy's Law) if all goes well, and I can get the errands done and until next week.  I grow a lot of my own food, so the grocery store is just for basics and pantry items, and the rest I do myself. I shop the Dollar stores we have heavily and GoodWill is my best friend. I pay most bills through the internet, I reserve my funds for this, and this is my contact to the outside world and my bill pay for myself and my parents.  That's where I go generally, and not much else on the radar screen for me. So if you are looking for an advernturous blog, it isn't here.
I will be setting up pages to the blog for gardening and recipes for you. Things that I have used for years, most were my grandmother's recipes and ideas. My grandparents were Amish, and my grandpa broke away from the collective to pursue his dream of being an electritian  in our rural area of the country, so I grew up canning, and cooking from scratch.
Well, everyone, I need to stop to start my day, I will work on some more ideas for the blog, and we'll see what the day brings.
Have a peaceful and stellar day all!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Welcome Friends and newbies to simple living in a trailer home

Welcome friends!
I am so very pleased that you have joined me in launching my blog about urban homesteading and simple living in one of the most stigmatic forms of home living...YIKES! a trailer home.
Yup folks, I live in a trailer. or in my case, a manufactured home, a 16X80 Champion. It isn't new at all, in fact its a 1992, and needs work, but what doesn't need work this day of age. Yikes, I need an overhaul for pete's sake.
I have been compelled to launch a blog to the world about trailer homes and their quirky living space. They do have their moments, (storms, space etc), but I have found them to be cheap living, and they do have their place when you need them.
I was forced to live in a trailer about 13 years ago, forced to because I was dianosed with thyroid cancer and lost my job and insurance, and had to find a cheap place to live, and unfortunatlly, even where I live in the high plains of Nebraska, the cost of living is outragous to say the least. And when I lost my job, my credit rating went too, and poof, you cannot find a place to live (I have things to say about this, but I will post later on this subject).
Anyway, as I continued to live in trailers, first, a mouse and mold infested one, that you could throw a brick through the north and south walls, no insulation, to my own home, that my parents did help to get for me because of my no work, and being ill from cancer and the treatments, so at least I did have a home and not living by the South Platte river where a lot of people DO live, mind you, I found that I liked the lifestyle that it did provide, and it was easy for me to take care of, and not expensive to heat and cool. Even with the small space my trailer is on, it still takes a lot out of me to take care of and the upkeep also does take a lot out of me, I do love it.
Anyway, I want to help others who have been displaced by illness or the current economic situation that the trailer can help you to traverse the gap that has formed and help you to get yourself re-established in your efforts to get affordable housing or find a new and better lifestyle, preferably a simple and substainable lifestyle to keep you grounded.
On my blog, I will have simple living ideas, recipes, ideas for how to live in cramped quarters and little storage for anything, gardening, canning, and just general neighbor-over-the-fence conversation, I want you to feel welcome in a home that carries a somewhat bad name in the general population, "trailer park trash", Here, it will not be bashed around like a bastard at a family reunion or a red-headed step child. Trailer homes have been the bain of society, and associated with drug houses, crack houses, and general ill being.  Now, where I do have my home, yes, I do have drug dealers and general ill tempered reighbors, but I do not bother them, they do not bother me, in fact, they think that I'M WEIRD, because I can and follow a simple lifestyle and sit outside with kerosene lamps going, so, go figure.
So, I hopfully will bring good things to being, and I can pass some knowledge on to others and I can learn from all of you. And I hope that I can learn to make a good blog, and learn so please be patient with me.