Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Where the World's Brain is Going

Good Morning Everyone,

I have been drinking tea this morning and visiting everyone I know around the blog world and came across Mr. Magnon's lovely blog.  Mr. M.,  and the lovely Lady M, as I very respectfully call them, have a blog that is lovely, full of beautiful scenery, and things that go on in France, UK and  Europe, which, as I will show you if you visit,  Mr. M's blog will show you that the world, no matter where you live if full of idiots who are supposed to be intelligent, and educated.  By this blog post Mr. M has done, this shows just how twisted and warped our world has become.  I do not know if these things are here in the States, but I will say this is just about the most twisted thing I have ever seen.  And this is pawned on to young, elementary school through high school age kids who don't know any better.  France, UK, US, its has the same idiots.

The only thing I see,  is educating the next generation of dope users.....
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Hugs to All

I hope you do not mind me using your blog post Mr. M.  But I felt this was important to relay.  Thank you for posting  this.
If I have upset you, I am sorry.