Saturday, December 10, 2011

A Very Disturbing Piece of News

I just received an email newsletter from a journalist source and read it.  In it I read a comment to the news story that New Zealand has or is in the process of banning all growing of food by citizens.  DO WHAT PEOPLE!  Give me a break.  You mean that this country is in the process of this and Kiwi's are going to stand for it.

Please if I have any European readers, Aussie's or Kiwi's, please give me more info on this.  This is absurd to say the least.
If this is going on, who's next, England, US, etc.

I would like to hear more info on this if someone can enlighten me.

Again, I find this so very disturbing, to say the least.

Please let me know.

Have a great weekend.


Thursday, December 8, 2011

going's on...NOT

Good Afternoon Everyone,

I hope that all of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday season.  From the blogs I have read, it seems everyone did.
Yep,  I been sand-bagg'in ( sitting on the side lines) and just reading blogs.   I have had some computer issues since I last posted and it has been another headache and very much irritating and also just plain evil. I wasn't sure if I had a virus, but I had some issues which I think I have gotten fixed.
I am sure that my blog was hacked somehow, it was getting weird, and I couldn't post to some blogs.  My computer tech who is a whole lot smarter than I helped me to work some issues out, by phone, and I think that I have some of it worked out.  I also was getting some just down right porno photos from some whores on Twitter, and I stopped that right off the bat.  I am sorry that I use strong, salty sailor words, but I call it as I see it.  If you want to whore around, do so on your own time, but not on my blog, and don't sent filth to my email.
We have had some political issues here and some animal rights issues and I think that some Nebraska blogs have been tampered with.

It is snowing here at the moment.  Maybe about 2 inches at the moment.  Nothing to get in a twist about.  Boy the other day, Monday, Tuesday morning, it got down to -6* F.  Very little wind so not much wind chill, and about an inch of snow, south of us, some small towns got 12 inches of snow, and it dropped down to -16*F. A little chilly for early December.  I was going to go our and take my camera and run about town while on errands and catch some photos of the corn that is being harvested and all of it piled on the ground at the CO-OP, but like the bug problems and the blog problems, why not car problems.  I call it Murphy's Law, it generally follows me around like a black cloud.  Anyway, waiting for a part. Now try to find a part for a 89 Cadillac, like finding a needle in a haystack.

The house smells delightful as I have a small pot of chili going.  Since it is chilly out, chili sounded pretty good.  And I can't do anything outside anyway, except scoop off the sidewalk, which I did, and then came back in.
The house is in a twist also, as I am cleaning out drawers, closets, and it looks like a federal disaster area.  But only for a short time.   We have stopped painting for a short while until it warms up a bit, then we can finish up that little chore.

It has been quiet around the ghetto here for a while.  The rental to the south of me is still open, everyone who looks at it tells the owners it looks like **** (I'll let you fill in the blank) and so yesterday, the owner's mouthpiece was over trying to see what was wrong with it.  Well for one thing, it is not cleaned, the former tenants had 5 dogs in there and did not let the dogs out, I will let your imagination fill in here, and for the finale, the rental has no heat and it got to -6* the other day and the water is not drained and guess what!  Last night after supper, I was out, letting the dog go outside and I heard a large amount of water running, and at first, I thought it was my place, so I looked and listened, then seen water just a bubblin' out of the north side of the rental where the small bathroom is located.  It looked like a fountain.  And I did have a good laugh.  Couldn't of happened to a better bunch of idiots, (evil grin)   So, I see someone is over there this afternoon, its still bubbling away and they don't know how to shut off the water.  There is a water shut off underneath the trailer in the middle where the main line comes in.  Anyone who lives in these things needs to know this so when you have a problem, you can at least shut the water off and not have too much damage.  But we are not dealing with intelligent people here.

Well, I had better get back to my sorting of stuff and clothing.  I have piles to go to the thrift shop and the rest to the trash. 
I wish everyone a great rest of the week and a wonderful weekend.

Love and Hugs