Thursday, January 13, 2011

The New "it" that is really the Old "it.

Good Morning everyone,

Well, our temperatures are leveling off some.  It isn't below 0 today, I think that it is hovering around 24* now, and that is a heat wave compared to what we did have a few days ago.

I received a comment from a wonderful reader who I respect greatly and it really got me to thinking this morning.  I wanted to think about it some more and drink a cup a tea over it and between doing household chores that need doing.

On my blog the other day, I put a web site for mother nature network, and my reader commented that green is getting "old".  Now I am not angry in  the least bit, but I starting thinking about the "green" movement and it really got me thinking, which is a great effort sometimes, and I thought, gee, you know it "is"  getting old.  This is what I love about blogging, we exchange thoughts, and talk, and learn from others, and sometimes you get a new perspective on the world, which for me is somewhat isolated, as I do not get out much so for outside stimulation and conversation, I fall to the Internet and the blogging world.

Now on to the thoughts.  Those of us who live a frugal, simple, and not complicated lifestyle, which the term of "Simple Lifestyle" has as many faces as Yannis, actually live "green", like my reader said.  And the "green" movement has been done for hundreds or thousands  of years.  Now I wasn't around then, but I was raised by Depression Era grandparents who lived simply and frugally and was  "green" before it was a coined term.  It seems like now it is the "it" thing now, but it's not.  I have found that for years, if women did not work outside the home, they were coined "lazy", worthless, or "high priced mistress", which I have found very derogatory to the females.  But yet, the females of the house, were expected to work outside the home, then come home to clean the house, cook the dinner, run after the kids, run after the husband and whatever else the female was supposed to provide for the household plus her wages she earned outside the home. I do not call that lazy, worthless or a high priced mistress unless she was seeking out extras from the boss she worked for, especially if it was a male, for ill-gotten gains. I have thoughts on working outside the home but that is for a later post.
I do not have a word or a comment on this but it sure made me see a light that I really didn't see.  I do feel however that the green movement is being used to benefit corporations for their personal gains, by hitting on people who are ignorant of old ways, and have no one to turn to except these corporations that are seeking out the ignorant and placing images and thoughts that aren't true or undermine others who are living a more simple lifestyle, or more frugally, or trying to get out of debt, 
Now, frugal has a lot a meaning to a lot of folks, and I really feel that I do not need to go into explaining that term.  Each of us has a life that we live and we do it the best as we can, no one can make the frugal lifestyle fit for every one human being for every life that is lived.  What we can do is listen to others, take suggestions, ideas, thoughts, recipes, plans and work them into each of our lives and if it doesn't fit, no big deal.  Go on to plan B, then plan C and etc.

Now I am going to post a web site that I got from another wonderful blogging friend, and it speaks about this subject directly.  Now I thoroughly enjoyed this site.  And the lady who has this site speaks just about a blunt and plainly as she can, and if it makes you upset or mad or whatever, oh, well, sh*t happens.  She is glad that she got your attention.
Please go to and read about Granny Miller.

So, this is my thoughts for today,  my brains are warped now, as this is a complicated subject, with many facets, and many, many  sub-subjects under it.
Thank you again, my lovely readers, for your thoughts, suggestions, recipes, and just plain over the fence conversation.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A web site of interest to all of you

Well, since it is colder than a...................(I'll let you fill in the blank.  I came in the house for a little bit to warm up after trying to dig my car out and shovel a path to get to it.  And in 5 minutes, my fingers were literally frozen under heavy working gloves.  So I made a cup of tea, a donut, (got to have a bad something to eat) and surfed around for a little bit, and came across a news article, which then led me to a nice little web site that some of you might find interesting.

It is called Mother Nature Network, ( . It has some wonderful articles on green living, and just general everything.  I will check it out more later when I am done playing in the snow and do not freeze to death in a snow pile.
Let me know what you think, or even if you knew about this site.

Stay warm, and enjoy the day,

Addition to Flip-in Cold

To my over seas readers, the air and wind chill temps are in Fahrenheit.  I am not real familiar with Celsius.  You calculate and let me know.  Maybe I don't want to know.  It won't help to stand the cold.
I should not be complaining, its gets colder in Russia, and Alaska even worse.
Have a great week everyone.

Just downright Flip'in cold

Good Morning everyone,

Well, I want to make an apology to you all.  The weather made me a liar.  Our cold air didn't get to us until Monday afternoon and when I got up at about 6:15 am, I heard on the radio that the air temp was -19 below 0, with a windchill of -36 below 0.  I kicked up the heat in the house, opened up the vents more in each room, and dripped the water in the cold water pipes to help keep them open before I went to bed last night.  It isn't too bad in here now, I just cringe with the heat turned up. :*(  

When it gets this cold, you just have to burrow in and take it as it come.  We had about 7.5 inches of snow, but with the cold air, it is just miserable.  My snow removal guy will be around sometime today, to blade off my driveway, and sidewalks, he has a nifty ATV with a hydraulic blade mounted on the front of it, and he just gets it done in no time.  I cannot remove snow anymore, my back is too solidly fused and I have a hip that is now giving me problems  from arthritis, so my snow removal days are done.  I have an emergency jar of change and bills that I keep for gas,  Handi bus fare  and snow removal through out the year, a lot of it was from my  Farmer's Market booth I had, so I just kept filling it, and have money for my snow guy.  Now I just heard on the radio that we will get another shot of bitter cold on Friday with more snow........

Well that is it for now.  Really not too much to talk about.  Not when its this cold, you don't go out, and if you do, it is just for a quick in and out and that's about it.
I wish everyone a great week, and if is cold in your area, please stay warm.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Its Snowing

Well Everyone,

Its snowing today.  It started late Saturday afternoon, and will probably continue until Monday morning.  The only thing I am so glad for is we do not have the winds that they were talking about on the weather, 30+mph with 50+ gusts.  With that, you just plain have a blizzard.  And it is cold, but we do not have the below zero temps that was mentioned either though it will get cold.  I can put up with cold, but when the wind is blowing, and below zero, I have a major problem with it, like trying to keep the house warm so water pipes won't freeze, and when the wind blows from the northwest a certain way, my furnace's pilot light goes out, and it is a pain in the butt to try to keep lit.  Ah, the joys of winter.

Got my potato chowder on.  I like mine a little thick and have some ump to it.  And with it, a grilled cheese sandwich and I think that we are set for the evening.
All I do is just cut up potatoes, and I shred carrots and this time, I cheated, I used a large can of cream of celery soup, and a little chicken broth, and some evaporated milk.  That's it.  I didn't feel like making a soup base  from scratch.  I am lazy today.

I am going to lay out my garden ideas out on the table after supper, and start getting ideas for new beds and layouts.  I have a very major problem with space here, since my modular is 16' wide by 76' long, I have a strip of yard that is 5 ft wide from the south side of the trailer and the full 76 feet long. I need to lay it out where I can get more plantings out of this space, and I have a plan for building vertical planting space using stringers that you use for house steps and building a more vertical space.  Now I am not a builder or carpenter, but I do have this idea.  I also want to do this to save water, and make it easier for me since it is getting too hard for me to bend and dig anymore, but I do not want to give up my gardening or being outside.  If I had to give gardening up, I think that I would just wilt away.

I get overload when I get all of these seed catalogs.  There are so many seeds and flowers I would love to try.  But I have to really put a bit in my mouth and hold and buy a few new seeds to try.  If I like them, I will order more next year.  I am trying to take the open pollinated varieties, and each year, I go more and more to them.  I want to save seeds and I love old fashioned flowers also, so I work each year to add to my stash of seeds.  I was so excited the other day.  A wonderful blog I read from a lovely lady who lives in the Ozarks, mentioned a type of squash/pumpkin that is open pollinated and seems to take squash bugs well.  I looked and looked and the other night, I found it in one of my new garden catalogs, Kitchen Garden Seeds, ( and they have it.  It is called a Long Island Cheese Pumpkin, and I think that I will order a package and try them.  This catalog is nice, but the seeds are expensive, but if it is open pollinated, you get more seeds and do not have to buy any more seeds.

Well, I had best get going and finish some work in the kitchen, and in the utility room, washing some clothes or I won't have any to wear Monday morning.
Take care my friends, and have a great week whatever you are planning.