Saturday, April 28, 2012

Another web site and blog for reading

I have been meaning to post this website and blog.  It is very lovely and laid out nice.  They have an emagazine they have recently posted and a blog also.  So please visit.

New post and new blog added

Good Morning Everyone,

I added a new post for the Countryside Magazine this morning and I also came across a wonderful new blog that is full of information and is very charming and wholesome.
Please check out and check out this site for weekend reading if you have time.
Everyone, please have a wonderful weekend and I will try to be back next week with more tidbits.


Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Last week of April doing's and general views

Good Morning Everyone,

I had just a few minutes this morning to gather some thoughts.  I will add to this post through the week, as I can.  It has been cool, typical spring weather pattern here now, but over the last weekend, and yesterday, it was magnificent! About 70 yesterday, and today it will hit *drum roll*  90! Yikes.  Fickle Ms Mother Nature, she is. I probably shouldn't post the temps as I may have some of you in the eastern part of the US and Europe pelt me with cyber-stones.

I have been still some what under the weather with this allergy/bacterial infection I have had forever.  Doc put me on some antibiotic that really was worse than what I had in the first place.  So I am extremely tired, and wore out.  I worked in the garden through the last guest post I did, and just about a hour in the the garden, I was exhausted.  I also couldn't be out in the sun too much with this medication.  Probably will turn into a monster or something, and then I would blend into this weird neighborhood.

We had some excitement around town.  I am sure some of you may of heard on national news, three escaped convicts from Kansas Corrections last week.  We ended up with them here of all places.  One gave himself up at the WalMart.  The other three were running loose around here.  The town was really po'd that the PTB's (powers that be), did not even bother to tell any of the community,  we had these Cretans loose until 24 hrs later.  The whole town was on edge.  But the convicts were eventually rounded up and hopefully put back into their cages.  Not sure how long that will last. Now everyone wants explanations as to why it took so long to let the community know we had a murderer and two hard core aggravated burglary convicts loose for a while, before it was too late.  Friday afternoon, we had cops all over this neighborhood down the street from us about 3 or 4 blocks and found out in this mornings newspaper, that two older people who lived down there were assaulted by two other Cretan neighbors and it was first degree assault.  This is one reason, you do not walk this neighborhood.  You really can't here.  You can be just walking, or riding a bike, driving by, and you will either be assaulted, or harassed by someone.  It leaves a lot to be desired.  These people, according to the report were walking home from the grocery and these two Cretans jumped them and beat them pretty bad.  The woman was 53, and the man was 44, that was beaten.  The kids that did it were in their 20's.  I rest my case as I do not walk around here anyway, and I have had incidents where I was out in my own yard sitting on my patio or in my yard planting and had girls come walk by or drive by and cat call or harass you for no reason.  Go figure.

Had some interesting information passed onto me from one of the tenants to the very north of me.  He told me that this lot  is up at one of the local Realtors web sites for sale.  I looked and it is.  It is posted in the commercial sale area.  So this leaves a big open question as to what will happen.  I guess at this time, I am not going to worry about it.  What will come of it will come.  The worse is I will end up moving.  The rest I am not sure what they will do.   I am hoping that someone may purchase it and make it beautiful, which it can be done with a lot of work and MONEY.  But it would be beautiful if given a chance.  I do know that it is in tax foreclosure also, but I will not guess which will come first, like the chicken or the egg question.  We will just wait and see.   Since this has been brought to my attention,  my gardening is going to be somewhat reduced down.  Since I do not know what will happen.  But I will continue on and will just see what come about.

I will post some photos of my garden transplants on my other blog.  When I do, I will let you know.  I am going to try an experiment and post my garden on that site and have tidbits here.  I will see how that goes.  I am not much of a blogger.  I am not the most interesting and brightest bulb on the advertisment billboard, but I will see how that goes. Stay tuned.

Well,  I had better get going.  I need to run a few errands, and get back and start trying to get back into life and a routine.  Please everyone, take care, enjoy your week and we will post soon again.

Hugs to All