Thursday, June 16, 2011

Garden photos posted

I just posted the progress of the June garden.  It seems to be chugging along despite the cold, rainy and general miserable weather we had just a few weeks ago.  It did help when I covered most of my tomatoes and cucumbers with greenhouse plastic, and put empty milk jugs filled with water around the plants which seems to help maintain heat, which I still have them around the plants and I think that I will just keep them around for a while.
Well, I am off to bake a angel food cake and later I will put a whole chicken in for dinner and leftovers.  yummm.
So, the getto garden is taking off.

Going on's in the garden and run for your life and hide

Good Morning everyone,

The time flies, doesn't it.  I have been busy in the garden, and running after everyone but myself lately.  I am starting to feel stress.  I am not doing things for ME, but I have made a pact that I am going to start. 
I will get photos of the garden.  It seems to be flourishing even after the late start, and the cold, chilly weather we had.  Though I lost a few plants, and seed starts, it is growing.  What ever I could not grow, I will purchase from my vendors at the farmers market,  and be happy with that.

The neighborhood has been quiet, I guess for this area.  We still have the trailer park trash bimbos  but they are so tied up with Health and Human services and child protection services that they have no time to do anything but come home and be under the government's thumb, with is fine with me.  It means quiet and no men beating on them and the cops.

At this time of the year, in June, we have a 2 week celebration called "NebraskaLand Days, which has been going on for years.  Its rodeo's and parades and all things western.  It is also time when the locals hide and do not come out and do your normal routine until this is all over with. It is pure madness and chaos.   Too many tourists, and drunks running the streets/which makes for a dangerous drive, even to the grocery store.  This week is rodeo, parades, and the next week, starting next Friday the 24th, Brad Paisley and Blake Shelton is coming for the concert session of this madness.  I live just about a mile from the arena where they have the rodeos and concerts, which makes for traffic and problems after the festivities.  Which sometimes is entertainment in itself, meaning drunk people and cops stopping them in your driveway and on one occasion, on my sidewalk,  That was a little too close to the house, for me,  personally.
I used to go to some of these festivities, but several years ago, it seems that the board that plans this celebration, needed to include alcohol to the rodeos and the concerts, and some of the other stuff that goes on, and it ruined the whole thing, period.  Many people quit going to the concerts and rodeo as it seems to bring out the monster in people when you mix booze and drugs into the pot.  Several years ago, we had incidents where people where stabbed with knives and hypodermic needles at the concerts and rodeos,  we had several violent rapes, and then the general behaviour that follows these type of trash which is similar to what I live around. 
Its a shame that it seems that to bring in crowds, you have to have booze.  But that is the way they make their money for the next booze binge next year. For the ladies that bake,  there is a sweet shop that the committee runs through the week and would you like to know what they were charging for a dozen cinnamon rolls......$18.00.    Well, I know I don't contribute to this madness.  Enough said.

Really, other than that, there hasn't been much going on..  I posted a photo of the sunset from the fires in Arizona,  we have had very yellow sunrises and sunsets and the light was muted.  Kinda of eerie, but, it has been getting better.  There are some days the sunlight is muted but there isn't much you can do about it.  Even though the sunlight is muted, it seems the heat is more intense than with "normal" sunlight.  Global warming Anyone....?

Well, from the clock, I had better get going.  Nothing is going to get done today just sitting and looking at it.  I have to bake an angel food cake for Father's Day, and  when we have farmer's market Saturday, I am hoping that the vendors who have berries will be there, I would like some fresh farm berries.  Let's hope they are there.

I wish everyone a wonderful rest of the week, and a wonderful weekend and Father's Day to all.