Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The boring and the exciting

Good Evening Everyone,

Well, just a note that I am still working on the cast iron tutorial.  I have had to do a few important things the last few days and I have gotten behind.  You know, life gets in the road, and general family issues, though not major, still, little things that have to be done, so I can concentrate and make a good presentation...Not sure of that but I will try.  I do not like to get rushed when I am doing things, and I want to present them right to all, not just something that is a slacker done project.

Well first,  do you remember my last post that we had a little excitement around here.....WELL, the drug dealer got busted Friday the 30th.   We didn't even know what went down until we got back running a few errands.  We left about 11:30 am to go and check my mailbox at the UPS store, (I do not receive my mail here at all, as you know why) and then we needed to go get a serpentine belt for my caddy and then we stopped by my folks to check on them and see if they needed anything as I did not want them out in the mess around town before the drunk golden hoard was let out of their cages, then home.  Got home at about 1 pm, let the dog out, put her back in, and then D and I went around back to pull out the caddy and the pickup and work on the car.  We stepped to the back, and seen a Dodge 4 wheel drive parked  and didn't make anything of it.  Went to work on the belt and about a half hour later, I looked up and seen two ICE feds go to the Dodge, taking off their flack jackets and holsters.  I almost pee'd my undies, couldn't believe it. After all these years, (about 6) he finally got busted.
The only issue was, we had feds all over the place until late in the afternoon, and then quiet, peace, no running in and out and vehicles at all hours running in the back. WOW I am not sure if this solves the problem or not.  The owner's mouthpiece was here later in the afternoon and he was very shook up about having "Feds"crawling  around,  Hummmmmmm.

So now, its very quiet here.  Not a soul stirring around at all.

So that is the news around here for now.  I just wanted to pop in and mention the news.  I didn't want to spoil New Years so I wanted to wait until a few days was past to mention this.

I will leave and promise to get the cast iron post going here.  Thank you again for your visits and I will get back later.

Love and Hugs to All