Friday, February 17, 2012


Good Morning Everyone,

Everything is somewhat quiet here.  As far as I can go and have been getting information on, the fiasco with the doctor's office and my parents has been cleared up at the expense of the doctor's billing department.  Seems billing did not submit something to my parents Blue Cross/Blue Shield insurance plan from several years ago, and all because of this, it led to a almost tragic ending.  My parents are on Medicare.  They also carry and have carried a huge multi  million dollar catastrophic health and hospital plan that they have had for years.  This plan they pay out of their Social Security and have done so for many years. It pretty much takes care of almost all of the medical bills.  This is something that they did so they would not put burdens on me if something happened.  But something almost did happen, when my mother's blood pressure was 194/80, and was at stroke level,  and a small bill made the decision to not fill prescriptions, which, as my attorney told me would of led to a law suit on the doctor's part and a mistake on his billing department.  My attorney also told me, Nebraska has laws in place for elderly about having medicines and prescriptions being withheld, another no-no. So needless to say, it is sad that when your life is handled by someone who did not submit bills right,  that it changes many things. The billing supervisor was fired, which is sad, but I am hoping that this maybe will bring changes so it does not happen to someone else's loved one. Needless to say, my mother is showing signs of damage from no meds and this is something now that the attorney is looking into, and now leaves me in more position to handle my parents affairs more than ever now, which I did not want to do until absolutely necessary, but now it looks that I will be handling all manners of bills, paperwork and medicals issues,   I do it  with absolutely no hesitation, but because of this fiasco, it has changed my mother and the way I look at people, and everyday issues that others do. This has now put me in a total no trust position with others, and on top of the issues with D's work comp attorney, compromising medical issues with his disability, and more worried about how much he (the attorney) would  be getting in money  to have the fancy lifestyle he wants instead of worrying about D's disability and future medical issues down the road has really changed me I fear for the worst.  I was cautious before, now I am a total no trust person, period.

The only thing that I am doing is just taking each day as it comes now.  That is all I can do.  I also have health issues, but my attorney who I have had for years, is the only one I DO trust, and he has been a great help to me in getting things lined up and simplified so I can handle things even when I am not doing so good.  My attorney has even contacted the idiot owner of the park, where I live, who was starting up problems again, just to start something, and told him  to totally cease and desist as I have enough on my plate to handle without having their juvenile behaviors being inserted into something that they have no grounds to have issues with me anyway.  So its been quiet and I just handle my day as it comes.

I am working on a post for my herb blog and should have that up sometime on the weekend.  I am still reading the article on the new restrictions that are planning on being implemented for poultry, as it is a large article, and has many facets to it. When I post about it, I want to be sure what and how it reads, as from what I am reading, will try to stop people from having backyard flocks, or it could be used to stop backyard flocks.  If anyone who reads this blog, knows anything about this, email me and let me know.  This is just starting to come out and I am not sure how many people know about it.

Well, I need to disappear for a while, I have to pick up a few legal papers and do some running.  I do  want to take the time to say I am sorry that I have vented here.  And if I have lost readership, then I guess, so be it.  But what happened to me can happen to others by sheer mistakes that can cost someone a life or a serious change in someones life, which to me is unacceptable.  I know mistakes are made, but some are costly when a life is in the middle of it. Again, I am sorry I have vented and ranted.

I wish everyone a wonderful, peaceful weekend.  I will post later.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Trials and Tribulations of Life

Good Morning Everyone,

I thought I 'd better post so everyone would not think that I jumped ship like a rat.  After a very upsetting and  aggravating week I had last week and Monday, and Tuesday of this week being equally difficult, I was just about ready to strangle something, and then jump ship.

I had to think a little bit before I posted these thoughts and issues as it concerns me, family and the health care system that will eventually affects us down the road.  I generally do not get political, and try to look at things in a perspective of both sides, but what had happened, angered me beyond anyone's imagination and it will affect all of us unless it is challenged and stopped.

Last Monday, I ran errands with my mother as usual.  It was getting close to 5 pm and so I needed to get home, and she was getting tired, so I got in the driveway, and my mother had an episode of some sort, was very dizzy, and unsure of herself, and then on top of all of this, she popped her artificial hip out of joint, which it does do, if she isn't thinking about how she gets out of the car.

I ran in the house, told my dad I was running her right into the ER, which is about 3 blocks away from my parent's house.  I was there in a flash, and got help to get her out of the car and into Triage.
Well, the ER doctor I am very familiar with.  A very compassionate, and caring man who has put my mother's hips in before a few times when they pop out.

They started to get her prepped for a light sedation to slip the hip back in, and so Dr Smith, escorted me to the family room and said he would come get me as soon as he was done with everything.
About 20 minutes later, Dr Smith came in.  My heart was in my throat, the look on his face was horrified, and it  was a look I had never seen on his face before.

Vicki, I need to talk to you very seriously about something...I am totally PO'd at this and this needs to be addressed.
I was sure I had lost my mother, and the tears started to flow...No, Vicki, your mom is just fine, its her primary doctor I am totally PO'd at, he said. Did you know anything about this? No, doc, I didn't.

He proceeded to tell me that mom told him that her primary doctor had not refilled her blood pressure meds at all for over two months, and when we got her into the ER, her blood pressure was 194/80.  My mother did not bother to tell me that the doctor was withholding meds, because they own a small $50 bill at the doctor's office,and because of it, they are now refusing to refill meds, period.

I was, frankly, beyond pissed.  I was livid.  And Dr. Smith was livid also.  So, with his referral, Dr Smith got us to a new primary care doctor, and I took her to her appointment last Friday.  This new doctor is just like Dr Smith, compassionate, caring and listened.  He ran blood, and then changed her meds, and change a few other prescriptions and as of this week, my mother is doing somewhat better. Mentally, my mother is showing her age, and cannot keep track of bank accounts and money, and bills, so I also had to do something that right at the moment, my dad is mad at me, by getting power of attorney for both financial and medical paperwork  work.  I also went over to the other doctor who refused to give mom her meds and I blew up in the office and made a scene there also. It wasn't pretty.

Needless to say, after I blew up at the old doctor's office, the next morning, I did not feel good at all.  I was having issues also.  Probably my blood pressure was beyond the sky also.  My stomach was knotted, twisted, and irritated, my head hurt, in fact, everything hurt.  So I had been on a little hiatus for a little while until I calm down.
I am in disbelief of the way doctor's are now working.  Denying medical help or medicines that people need, because of a small bill.  I did not think that I would see it here, but I am afraid its here now.

I also started this week on Monday, firing D's work comp attorney and finding a new attorney in Iowa to handle it.  The attorney handling the case before I fired him was compromising the case and letting things slide so I took matters into my hands again, and was the three headed dog. So I have had a lot of people really PO'd at me at the moment  and just because I was standing up for basic rights and situations. I also had several cats who were very ill, and I lost one a few weeks back to liver failure, so its been very stressful and unhappy at my house.

So as you can see, it was trying, and very stressful for me.  And I had to think about it before I posted as I don't like to post things like this, but the medical issues were too much for me to put up with, and I could not stand for any more treatment like that. I won't go into politics as that will send me over the edge right at the moment, still feeling a little rough around the edges with stress, but I will tell you, this will affect my vote all around. Enough said.

I did manage to play a little in some seedling dirt and plant some lettuces, and bunching onions.  I have mesclun lettuces coming up now, and I thought I seen a tiny onion seed coming up, so that brightened my day a little.  A little plant has such power.

In a few days, I am going to post about something else that I have just received in a new homestead magazine.  I need to sit down and read it, but it is concerning people who keep poultry flocks and this included backyard flocks.  Its something like the animal identity that the USDA started, but they dropped it, but it looks like now, the powers that be are starting up a new system to track who has birds, and how many. Another control and restriction planned.  I will read this and post in a few days.  It is in my new Countryside and Small Stock Journal magazine, for March/April 2012.  I went to their website, (, and they still have the January/February 2012 magazine  still up.  The article is called "chicken crimes". If they get it up soon, please go through and read it.  I am sure it will affect everyone who keeps poultry.

Well, I think that I belly ached enough.  I don't know if I feel better.  And I probably shouldn't of blabbed, but I was angry about this, and I am still angry about it.
I wish everyone a wonderful rest of the week. and I will sure try to find something else to be happy about. Til then, keep on, keeping on. Be Safe all. And stay warm.


Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day to Everyone

Good Morning Everyone,

I just want to post to wish all of you a most wonderful Valentine's Day.  Your readership, friendship means so much to me, especially after a most trying and difficult last week and a tough week this will be.
I will post later as I have a very full, week ahead with life and I will fill in later.
Hugs to all of you, you mean so very much to me.