Monday, June 4, 2012

The Start of the Silly Season

Good Morning Everyone,

Well, it just dawned on me that we are in the beginning stages of the silly season that infests us here in our community:  Its called "NebraskaLand Days", and for locals, its more of a pain in the rear than should be tolerated.  Personally, for me, its very hard as I have a fear of crowds, and tight spaces and getting cornered and it affects me this time of year.
I know that it brings in much needed revenue and business into town, but along with all of that, it brings out the worst in both the locals, who partake in the festivities, and the tourists who bring in some bad behaviour and bad habits.
It is two full weeks of nothing but rodeos, parades, barbeque's, and beer gardens  and other stuff that brings out the worst in humanity.  Along with this, it brings out the drugs, booze, and drunks and then rapes, and assaults, and yes, some murders.

When I was younger, I did go to a few concerts, which were fun, but then, it changed, the people became more violent, and bold, and then the dangerous.behaviours came out, like stabbing people with syringes, then knives, or screwdrivers.  I went to one concert, and the next thing I knew, I was in the middle of two women, stoned, and fighting over a man, and having beer thrown all over me, and the people who invited me to the concert.  It ruined me, and it made the people, who brought me along,  feel so very bad as they knew I had a fear of crowds and being in tight places and they were gracious and did so much to make the experience a pleasant one, but from just one incident, I now do not go to any crowd gathering what so ever, unless I knew who it is, then I will go if its a small one. 

If you would like to visit this yearly romp of madness and what goes on here, please visit
and this will tell you what it is.  We are also hosting several outdoor concerts, one with Toby Keith, a country western music star,  which I am sure will be madness.  See, I live about a mile from the arena where they have the concerts and rodeos and the traffic along around my house is bad enough. Then you get the cops and the stopping of cars in front of your house at  3 am for drunk driving and other fun stuff.  I have even had them in my driveway and up on the curb right in from of the house.  Just gotta love them cop's lights in your bedroom, kinda like reliving the 70's disco era.

So I am planning my grocery shopping and errands to coincide with the silly season.  During this time, you really do not drive around too much.  If you have errands that must be done, you get up pretty early, and do them and then get home, QUICKLY!  Its only 2 weeks and I can live with it until next year.

Other than that, not too much on the agenda.  Just normal household things, garden and such.  It is starting to get hot here now, and its very dry, and so watering and checking to see if the bugs ate everything off.  I think that its going to be a buggy year, since we did not have a winter, so to speak,  the bugs will be bad.  My house neighbor across the street came over Saturday and sprayed my grape vine with Malathion as we are getting a nasty bug called a "rose chafer" and it eats everything up, roses, and veggies, and grapevines and what ever else it finds appetizing. I detest using chemicals and some pesticides, but I am afraid if I don't, I will lose the garden and I will have nothing to can, so I am using things with care and reserve and just hope for the best.  I even started some extra tomatoes, and cucumbers and melons  just in case I lose some to the bugs.

Oh, and by the way, the beef I bought on Saturday, was absolutely delish.  This was grass raised and pastured  and had wonderful flavor and was so worth it.  I will continue to buy from this group of ranchers. This is a group of Sandhill Ranches, about 94 families, who provide humanly raised, pastured beef.  If you would like, please visit at

Well, I had better get going.  I have some errands, hair cut, and trying to get things done before the silly season gets really going. I wish everyone a wonderful week and blessing upon everyone.