Friday, February 16, 2018


A very late post to all.

My apologies for not posting in quite some time. Many things going on, and for quite some time, I was unable to access my blog, and I think some things were hijacked from Google.
First, an announcement. I officially  have a website and Etsy shop. Its been a several year project, and I am restarting my mother's needlepoint shop online with custom designs for needlepoint and rug hooking.  I am still in emerging mode, designs resurrected, and new ones placed. This is a total new experience for me.
So, if you wish, please visit my website, and see what Ive been up too. my Etsy shop is posted also on the website  and please be patient as everything is still in development and I've got a huge learning curve.

I have been on the road in short bursts, through the year attending craft shows to showcase the needlepoint and rug hooking. Since the shop has been shut down for many years and I've had many unfortunate things I've had to tackle, I feel its now my time to emerge and do my design work.  I didn't realize how the world has changed from a brick and mortar to online. So many things to learn. I am so very pleased I found a website development company in Denver who has been my saving grace in holding my hand and helping me develop the site.
So I'm going to change my blog some to showcase my work and still blog. Just bear with me and I will get back into the blogging game. I need to relearn how to insert images and pretty much start over.
So thank you for hanging with me. I know I've lost a lot of followers, but I will try to bring things to see and show what I am up to.

Have an awesome weekend and I will figure out how to relearn blogging.

Hugs my friends