Thursday, May 2, 2013

Computer and Blogger issues

Good Evening Everyone,

I am not even going to apologise to everyone as I think everyone knows why I have been MIA for a while.  Between trying to move, and trying to take care of my parents, and take care of everyday life in general, and then throw in a glitch with blogger after I had my computer worked on after it crashed and my tech cleaned it out and finally figuring out what was wrong, it had something to do with the cookies with blogger and finally this morning, I figured it out.  I have been so tired and unable to think, that I just had to go to bed, rest and then early this morning, I got it figured out and I am back on board with Blogger.

My Dad got sick on us Monday night, and I had to place him  back in the hospital.  He has been not behaving, and not doing his nebulizer treatments, and has been difficult to try to feed and cook for. At first, he was great and was doing really good, but then, about a week or so ago, he started on being a stinker, which the doctor thinks it is from the stroke.   So, I had to make the decision to place him back into the care center, from the hospital,  where he may or may not try to get well and quit being a shit.  He was getting too hard for my mom to handle, and she is also hard to handle, so I did not need two shits making a big shit, so to speak, so between the doctor, the case manager at the hospital, they placed him, so I would not be on his radar and take his anger out on me.  We all agreed that he need more care and just placed the ball in his court and that was it.  I will see how he does, and just take it each and every day.  My mom is somewhat easier to handle now, since she does not have to put up with his child-like antics, she has her days, but she is easy to do meals for and is happy, as she still can do embroidered quilts, which she is working on and it keeps her busy.  I am amazed that with some of her mental capabilities, she can still sew her quilt tops, and the stitching is perfect, but with other things, she is a ding-bat, but I love her and my dad and I will just be thankful for each day I have,  perfect or not and another day to have the strength and  fight and be glad.

In all of this, I am slowly moving things.  The weather has been a mixed bag of snow, cold, rain, icy, and hot.  Over the weekend, we got the appliances moved, and a few things,  and then we stop and take breaks, as we are not young and cannot move like we used to.The weather doesn't help.  It has been so blasted cold and it is impossible to move things when you have several inches of snow on the ground.   The house is coming together, I am still in a daze as to the blessing of finding a nice home, and everything that we need.  I have no need for anything else in my life but my gardens, and a nice, comfortable home to be able to live in after taking care of my parents during the day.  This home is my respite, and my sanity and I will enjoy every bit of it, each and every day.

I will try to get back on track and do posts about my experiences with the health care system that I have been dealing with.  I will try to work on this in the next month or so.  Tomorrow, the computer will be down as I am moving it out to the new house and cable will be out there early tomorrow morning so I will start to get that set up.  I will hopefully be up and running soon.

I am starting to feel somewhat better.  I went to my massage therapist, and has a session with her, and she started me on several  herbal supplements  and a natural relaxer and I have found that it has helped me greatly.  I will post about this when I see that it is truly helping me and I will pass this on to all of you.  The stress that I have been under, I would not wish upon anyone, but when I put out my hand and asked for help, it has been there, from  many people, who has offered whatever they could, so I could keep my sanity.  I think that I have mentioned before, I have no friends here.  I have not met like-minded people that I could share things with, but when I started navigating the health care area, and being introduced to the people who work behind the scenes, helping people steer into the right directions when handling life changing decisions.  Through this, I have had some of my faith restored  in man, through these wonderful, people, who have been placed in my life to make decisions not by myself. I have been blessed many times, even though going through the stress was not pleasant and sometimes it has been too much, but it has been smoothing out and the road not so rocky.

I have to catch up on everyone's blogs.  I have not been able to do so, so I will try to do that and this will help me to relax and enjoy everyone and their going's on.
I just also want to again, thank all of you for your messages of hope, blessings, love, good karma, and prayers.  I know that you all care, and at night, I ask for blessings, prayers, karma and good thoughts for all of you.  This world is tough and is getting tougher, and we need more love and care in the world,  I feel so blessed to know all of you, from around the world, I am truly so thankful for all of you.  I love the sharing, caring that goes on here, and through all of you, I am getting my strength back to handle the next day. 

Well,  like FlowerLady says, "its time to get horizontal", and that is what I am going to do.  I generally read for a while and then I sleep better.  I have been sleeping almost a full 12 hours, and sometimes I catch a little half hour nap, and then I am off and running.  I am getting better as I do not need to sleep as much the last few days, I am sure its from the supplements and suggestions from my massage therapist.  She is a peach too.

Well,  I will try to get back online in a few days, hopefully without any glitches, and I wish everyone a wonderful upcoming weekend, and full of gardening, and just general enjoyment of life.

Hugs and Love to All