Monday, October 22, 2012

Ambitious Monday

Good Afternoon Everyone,

Well, its October 22, and I am pretty ambitious.  Over the weekend, I had some red and black plums that I had received in my Prairie Paks, (like Angel Food Ministries), and these did not get eaten.  They were starting to get soft, so I cooked them down and ran them through my squeeze-O matic and made a plum jelly/butter something.  It looks like it will set up good.  I also had two quarts of peaches from my house neighbor's tree that did not set up when I canned them, so I had them in the frig until I could get to them, which was today.  Since I had the canner and everything up and going, I thought I'd better get the peaches done.  Its a cool day here and perfect when you have to heat up the kitchen.
I also got some golden delicious apples, and pears from my October prairie paks which I picked up Saturday morning.  I think that I am going to let them ripen up more and then peel and core and process them also for some jam/butter.  These fruits are very hard, and not real good eating, but I can doctor them up for jam or butter and use them up.  I hate to waste fruit,

It isn't too bad here today, cool and in the mid's 40's F. Later in the week, its supposed to change to much colder.  We still have no rain, or  moisture.  We are around 12" below normal for our area, which is very, very dire.  Farmers around here has started putting in the hard red winter wheat, and there is little if any soil moisture for the seeds. We also need snow cover for the seeds to be protected from the cold winter air.  If we do not get any moisture soon, the 2013 wheat crop will be history.

Well, over the weekend, my car quit.  I went Saturday morning to pickup my Prairieland food paks.  They are similar to the Angel Food Ministries that are around the country.  My old car started and I got to the church and picked up my paks, and then the volunteers loaded my car up.  Get in the car, and.....nothing.....  I thought it was the battery.  It is old, about six and half years old.  One of the older men who volunteer came out, and got his pickup over and tried to jump start  my car, and nothing,  and another came out and listened under the hood, and thought it may be the starter.  So, I called my house neighbor and she came and picked me and my load up, and then had to call a tow truck to tow it home.  Its a Cadillac and has hydraulic brakes and steering and you cannot tow it behind a pickup as there is no steering or brakes if its not running.  SOOOOO........I have another bill I don't need.  It needed a starter and so D went to check on prices on starters, and then started working on it, then another PROBLEM........the bolt broke in the frame that holds the starter on, SOOOOOO....this morning, the tow truck picked it up again, and towed it to our mechanic so the bolt can be drilled out.  While its up on the hoist, the starter will be put in, its there, and so it will be done.  And SOOOOO another bill.

Really not much else going on.  Its been very quiet, which  is fine with me. I have not heard if the sale of the park went through or not.  I have not heard anything from the man who was possibly going to purchase my  contract.  I really suspect that the sale will not go through.  With the non existence of titles, and no VIN's, I do not think that a title company or an owner would risk a very pricey purchase.  But I guess, if the moron owner wants his money, he'll have to get to work and produce titles, VIN's and bill of sales on all trailers, including mine.  He (the owner)  is a true moron in the first degree.

I did not get to my patio over the weekend.  Plans changed when the car had problems, and we pulled the car into the carport to work on it, so my space to put the porch things under there while I sorted through everything was taken up.  I am going to shoot for tomorrow to work on the porch.  It will be the last day of nice weather, and then cold, and possibly rainy? (I'm not going to hold my breath).  It's so funny, you have all these plans to get something done, and wham, something else moves into position and makes sure you don't get it done.  I am really perturbed about the car, as I wanted to get my sewing machine.  That's burns me the most.  I am not a car person.  I know they are to take you from point A to point B, but I am not a car nut.   They have their purpose but I am not excited about cars.  And it bothers me to locate  the parts to repair them, the parts  are almost beyond my income,   Leaves a lot to be desired.

So anyway, I did  some fun things in the kitchen.  I hope that my jelly/jam/butter sets up.   I am not a master when it comes to jellies.  I hope that it was worth it.

Well,  its getting late,  and I am tired.  Standing gets me in the back and I stood in the kitchen for a few hours, and I think its time for some herbal tea and jammys.

Have a wonderful week, everyone.