Thursday, September 16, 2010

Poverty and my rant

Well, it seems, according to the mainstream media, that those of us who are in a poverty based income, or have lost jobs, homes,or just plain live frugal or sustainable lives  and whatever else has been thrown into the steaming cauldron, are the bain of society, and the cause of all of the U.S.'s terrible economic situation.  It seems that people are unable to get jobs that are over $250,000.00 a year....Did I miss something?

I am just about at the edge of the cliff, so to speak, it doesn't take an economic professor or anyone with normal common sense, that you NEED jobs to get things GOING!  Duh!

To be honest, where I live, this is a right to work state, and does not have to pay the minimum wage at all, and I assure you, it doesn't.  I have worked jobs where I was paid $3.25 an hour not too long ago, I have worked jobs where I was paid even less than that.   It is generally $5.00 an hour here now, and will remain so for quite a while. 

I also assure you where I live, people live beyond their means too, they live in McMansions that truthfully I do not know how they pay for the house, the utilities, the food, gas in the car, and all of the other things that come up in life.  There are not jobs that are high income tech jobs here, this is  an ag state, and yes, we have the hospital, and Union Pacific Railroad, but, it does not pay that kind of wage.

Since when is it that those of us who live within our means, and are considered poverty or below poverty, the bain of the country's troubles, because they ask for some assistance with food, or medicine, or other assistance when a job is lost.  Where I live, we do not have tech jobs or lab jobs, or other high tech companies, except in the eastern part of the state around Omaha or Lincoln.

Now I know that people abuse the system, and get things that they do not or should not get.  But let's get real here, now all of the sudden, it seems that now those of us who live frugally are now causing the downfall of America!  Because you cannot find work, simply because of the area you live in, if you live in a rural area, or area that is not full of high tech employment.

I, personally am somewhat afraid and worried that this will bring great strife and a great wedge between the haves and the have not's even more.

I had a little incident Sun night where I live at and have my trailer.  The city is looking for money in all sections, and someone in the neighborhood turned the park in  where I live  about junk and cars.  Well, the junk, I cannot do anything about, I try to pick up and put things in the trash, and the old furniture and junk, the guy who owns the lot is a jerk and a slum lord and doesn't care anyway.  I have my ex's project car, that he has been working on here, under a soft sided car port, and earlier this summer, I had a bad storm that ripped off and split the canopy and exposed the car.  The car runs but is not plated as it is still being worked on.  My ex drives truck and had no place for it, so I told him he could put it here until he could find a place.  Well, since it was exposed, the cop who came through Sun night, jumped all over me because of the junk car.  To make a long story short, he was snoopy when he came through and first told me that he hates people who live in trailer parks, they are no good, the second thing he said was that it was illegal to have a garden!  I was, by this time, very much fuming, and told him that unless he got a warrant, I would not permit or allow him to be around and unless he had serious business with me I cut the encounter off and took the ticket and will get the car plated and insured for a time, to comply and then from there, I don't know whether I will file a complaint or not.  I still reeling about the garden comment, and have been checking into this also.

Where I live, yes, people are slobs, and I have drug dealers, which seems to avoid encounters with the cops, the guy who own the park, the cops hate anyway also, and this doesn't help either.  So, I think that I will through the winter, look for another place to move my trailer and maybe avoid encounters in the first place.

But this was the start of the rant, and then with the news over the weekend and this morning, I have reached my thresh hold of tolerance.  It makes me angry in the first place.  I do not bother anyone, I mind my own business, and I take care of myself, ask of no assistance, and enjoy my poverty, which I feel I do not live in poverty in the first place.  I live quite frugally and I do not go without or starve or anything.  I will tell you, sometimes, yes, if I have an unexpected expense come up, yes, I have to move things around or go without a few things to cover the expense, but I manage and go from there.  I do not like at all, being labeled the cause of the country's problems or the city's problems where I live.

I guess my question is:  Is is just me that has this or has anyone else noticed this trend?  I am curious.
Then if it's me, then I need to dig a hole and bury myself......

I would love comments as to see  if you see this in your part of the country or area, or am I getting old and crabby.

Oh, and the ICU kitty is doing great, and the upper respiratory kitties are on the mend also.
Thank you for all of your concerns, this is the only thing that has made me able to take the world, is their care and getting better.

Anyway, thank you for letting me rant, I am truly sorry, but I really can't take this much more.  I wish everyone a great week, and don't let the world get to you.  I will try to have more on pantry stocking and some recipes, since I am more free now to write.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

ICU updates

Well, here is my little patient, I am sure that we are on the mend, though it was a total touch and go situation.
When I get her more stable, I will give her a quick bath and a fluff, to make her feel better and look better.
Thank you from all of you who wish her well, and me to give me the strength to help her.  I now have some upper respitory viruses going on in the house with my older cats, I usually have this during this time of year when I get some cooler weather, and I open the windows, so I have sneezing and wheezing and plugged up cats, my two newer kittens have it the worst, so I have been really getting them stable on top of having this little kitty to get well. Plus I am trying to keep the ICU kitten away from the other sneezing, I don't need her sick with this crap on top of what she had going on.   Calgon, take me away........
I am  running a MASH unit it seems, and I  haven't gotten much sleep, but I will plug away, and keep at the other kittens who are having more difficulty shaking off this respitory crap.  I run into this every few years, and with the air changing from summer to fall, it seems the pollen and molds are bad no matter what.
I will try to get back with the blog on home subject matters, hopefully in a few days when I get everyone more stable.
Thank you all for your concerns and thoughts.