Thursday, November 11, 2010

Salute to Vets everywhere

I  want to say "Thank you" to all vets this very special day.  I want to spiritually thank my relatives who proudly served and died for my rights and all of you fellow readers.
I had 1 uncle who was in the Battle of the Bulge, my mother's dad who stormed the shores of Normandy and was shot in France later in the campaign.  My other uncle was in the Pacific in the islands. My dad's dad was in WWI, my dad's brother was in Korea.  My dad was in the Navy later in the WWII serving on small ships and was on the crash crews for aircraft.

Have a blessed Veteran's Day

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Snow? or just pull'in your leg

Well, it's 34* and it rained a little during the night.  This is the first of some weather moving through the area and the second punch is supposed to move through Thursday afternoon with some SNOW?  Not sure how much but your never know here in the Plains of  Nebraska.

Last year in October, we had over 60" of snow from 3 storms that whacked us.  This year is different, as they generally are, like us natives like to say, " if you don't like the weather, wait 5 minutes and it will change".  Like the 49' blizzard that hit here, it was in the 70's before that hit and they really aren't sure how much snow that dumped on everyone and the area.

I really don't worry about weather, if its going to storm, I just make sure I have everything done, gas in the car, pantry is stocked anyway, and I have oil for the lamps and backup kerosene heater ready if I need it,  I usually don't use it unless I have to.  Since I'm in a trailer, I have to keep the plumbing warm or I will have a major problem with frozen pipes if it really gets cold and the wind really blows, if the electric grid goes down, which it does, when we get 60 mph blizzard winds blowing or a major ice storm.  We seem to get more ice storms than we usually did a long time ago, and those I think are worse than the blasted snow.  That's usually when we lose the grid.

Still working on the cupboards and cleaning, my back is screaming when I do this, crawling around on the floor and the cats looking at me like I lost my mind, wondering why is mom on the floor, and whether I am getting any food out of the cupboards for them.

Didn't get the rest of my outside work done either.  I am sure I have ADD or something, first inside, then I take a break and do something outside.  I'll just have to work at that too.

Thank you from all of you for suggestions for the fleas.  My vet recommended the Advantage for the dogs for a few rounds and she found a spray that is eco friendly as she knows I don't like to use sprays and pesticides, but we treated the dogs for a little bit and will do the brewers yeast for the cats and a spray for them that is eco friendly also.  It is hard when you have a multi animal house and try to control bugs and crawly stuff and not have major buggy problems in the house.  I vacuumed the house Sunday, and had a trash can outside with spray in the plastic bag and a cover and dumped my vacuum tray in it and covered it up and then wrapped it and dumped it in the big trash bin we have here in the park  and will go over the house again and do the spray she got me and just watch.. This spray she found is similar to the spray they are using for bed bugs and sand fleas overseas. 

I will try to see if I can post this article that came over my health news email a few days ago.  It is about the Chicken McNuggets at McDonalds and what it in them, and according to the article, its not chicken meat!  The chemical ingredients that were written about is not even for human or animal consumption.  I don't eat fast food, and didn't eat it, even when I was a teen, my parents just could not afford food anyway, and I didn't get to run around town like the other kids and eat at  the fast food places that were creeping up here in town in the 60's here.  McDonald's was the first here of the chains.  We had some little drive ins that were hometown people who did hamburgers and things like that, but it was pure beef and "real" food, not the processed crap that is mystery meat we have now.  My grandmother would not let me eat fast food period.  She would not hear of it.  And people wonder why everyone is sick from eating fast food.  My neighbors eat nothing but fast food, the woman that lives there doesn't cook at all, and they eat nothing but fast food, and I'm quite sure they spend a small fortune in fast food every week.  They make very little income and its all spent on take out and soda.
I offered one time to teach her cooking skills and she looked at me like I lost my mind, and she told me she doesn't cook at all and never will.  OK, that's fine, starve when we have an upheaval in the economy.  I won't share my stash.

Anyway,  I'd better quit ranting, can't change anything or anyone anyway.
So,  everyone please have a great hump day, and up coming weekend.  I'll keep you posted on the snow situation if we get any.