Monday, February 18, 2013

Hamster in a Wheel

Good Morning Everyone,

Well, I sit here this morning, having a very welcome cup of coffee, though I have had to really cut back the consumption of coffee as I have had a lot since last Wednesday and Thursday and back home. I was starting to get the jitters, and the caffeine was affecting my heart rate. I am not really to have too much coffee, as I do not have a thyroid anyway, and my heart rate gets a little jumpy anyway.

Well, first, my dad is doing pretty well, considering he did have a stroke and an embolism.  They did a large amount of tests, and could not pinpoint the embolism.  His left arm, and side and leg are affected and I am very upset that I do have to put him in a care facility here for rehab and occupational therapy.  Our hope is he will progress and then I can get him home and have home health come in and give me a hand with both of my parents.  My mother is ok but is very confused and emotional at times.  She is doing about as best as I can do at this moment. 

Me, I am trying to keep my strength up.  I am absolutely exhausted.  When my head hits the pillow at night, my brain, body and emotions are at their point of no return.  But if I can sleep well, I am able to hit the day running.

Wednesday, D and I went to the Kearney hospital and seen my dad, then we went on to Council Bluffs Iowa, where D had his work comp mediation hearing on Thursday morning.  That was also a very stressful, and somewhat emotional event also.  It took from 9am to 2pm to settle this case.  D won his case, if you could call it that,  and it is settled.  My downside is he is disabled, and the company will not cover his medical that he needs.  We could not go any further with this company. D was  awarded a  monetary amount, which we will invest, and I am looking into medical accounts for medical treatments. But this monetary amount is small, and  will never bring back D's health status like he was before. I feel blessed that he got what he did and we will work with what has been awarded, but again, D will never be the same.   They denied that they even did anything out of the ordinary, even with four doctors on D's side confirming his disability.  They did not see anything wrong with not having work comp or even worry about their workers.  So my word to the wise is:  If you work for someone, please carry your own work comp insurance or a disability policy as you are not protected at any job anymore.  I know because we have been through this and if you have someone in the family who works, they are NOT protected by company work comp.  I do not care what they tell you.  DO NOT believe any company anymore or anyone telling you that you will be ok, as you won't. Enough said about this. The attorney D had on this case was phenomenal, and was one of the best attorneys I have seen work for his client. This was the third attorney we had on this case from the beginning four years ago. We are all glad its over and we can now get back to living a somewhat normal life.

I just wanted to stop to check blogs from everyone, and then I am off this morning to pick my dad up from the hospital in Kearney and bring him home to the care facility for his rehab.  It is about 100 miles one way, and I have a stiff wind blowing from the northwest.  We have a storm brewing from the west or southwest for Thursday, so I need to get him home safe, and then I am hoping I can stop and rest a little and maybe do some quilting. ( I am trying Morning Minion).  I am going to stop this morning in Kearney at a quilt shop to pick up a few tools that I need that I cannot find here in my town.  I am going to peek at a little fabric also.  Not much as I cannot afford much but I have a quilt in mind, Morning Minion sent me a pattern and that is my base to start this quilt.  I am hoping this will save my sanity while I have all of this going on in my life.

So other than this going on.  I have been  holding fast.  I want to stop and thank all of you for your blessings, prayers, thoughts, and kindness.  It is through all of you that I find strength and hope.  I hope that all of you realize how much I love and value all of your readership and contact.  This is what will get me through this very tough time in my life.

I will try to blog more at the end of the week or weekend.  I will see how everything goes.
Until then, love and hugs to all.