Friday, November 20, 2015

Re emerging after a tough year

Hello everyone,
It's been a very long time, and a difficult year, for me physically, mentally, and financially.
My long sabbatical hopefully over. I had my computer die on me, no money to fix or get a new one. I ended up getting a Kindle, that I like and it serves its purpose. I also had lots of trouble with getting access to my blog account, it may have been hacked, but I think that may be fixed.
I lost both of my parents this year. My Mom passed June 25th. My Dad passed October 22nd. I had services for both October 29th, and placed them at our Veterans National Cemetery, Fort McPherson.
I won't go into details, but it was long, and drawn out, and slow for both to die. My only concern was keeping them comfortable, and quiet. It was pitiful for them.
I am now going through the drawn out process of estate closure, and dissolve the guardianship and conservatories. More money that I do not have.
I just can't cover everything, but I have ended up going back into doing seamstress work, and doing more heavy items like car and boat covers, outdoor equipment, and trying to learn how to work on tactical gear. I have had to go back even with a bad left eye. I've had several surgeries on my eye to try to save what sight I have, as I have huge legal fees that have to be paid from the estate according to law, or I will be found in contempt of court, so I will plug along and pay what I can every month until it's paid.
I have missed everyone, and have lost track of all. I will try to catch up with all of you.
Well, I will try to post and keep up again.
Hugs to all