Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Keeps Gettin' Better

Good Evening Everyone,

I thought I'd maybe better post to let all know, (or not know) that I am still here, hanging on, and it seems it will never quit.  I have been running the last few weeks taking my mother to an orthopedic specialist at a clinic about 100 miles away.  About 6 years ago, her left leg bone broke at where the shaft of her artificial hip was and spiral broke around it.  The surgeon plated her leg bone with a plate and about 13 screws holding the plate in place.  Its a piece of work, on xray, but now the hip keeps falling out of place and I have been threatened a few times to get her to this specialist.  D and I have been very sick the last month with some virus that made you feel like you could crawl somewhere to die.  I had not been that sick for about 7 years. He and I still have the bark. We finally were well enough to take her to this specialist.
We took her to Kearney last Wednesday, and it was a hell of a trip.  We had to rent a car as we do not have a road worthy  vehicle.  And then she turned in a total animal, and she was even sedated.  Well, to change the outcome of her getting her surgery, D ended up being hurt pretty bad yesterday afternoon (Monday), by a steer.  He was loading at a feed lot about 50 miles from here and another trucking company owner and himself were trying to load these cattle.  The next thing D said, was a Brahma, about 1800 #, was staring at him, and then as quick as a New York minute, the steer had him down  in the feedlot, and pinned him.  It took a lot of men, and some cowboys on horseback to get the steer off of him, and one of the cowboys shot the steer to keep it from hurting or killing someone else.  It was a nightmare.  The owner of the feedlot said that the cattle were spooky, and unruly all day yesterday, and I am sure it is because we are having very bad weather today and tonight.  Very stormy and unsettled.  So the small village where everyone was at has an ambulance and EMT's and they had him in the unit and hauled butt back here to ER.  He was badly stomped on, and his right leg broken in 3 places.  I just got home here about 7:30 pm tonight, after sitting all day at the hospital and in surgery, where they pinned and rodded the leg.  I left as I was completely exhausted from sitting last night til about midnight and then up at 7 am and back at the hospital about 9 am. D was still heavily sedated and still groggy so the nurses told me to go home as he was in good hands and if they need me, they will call. 
I am sure that Glenda from Living and Gardening in the Ozarks will attest, cattle are extremely unpredictable. These were fats going to Fort Morgan to the plant. These were large and heavy cattle.
So now, I have a man down, as well and try to handle my parents.  I went today before I went to the hospital, and explained to my parents, that I cannot at this time be a their beckoned call.  They will just have to plan by  my schedule as I can plan.  It will be at least 8 weeks, if not more before D is healed, and he is 60, and it make take longer.  It depends on many things.  We will just see on a daily basis.
So, at this point in time, I feel that I have a curse on me.  I guess all I can do it ask for strength and take it each day as it comes.
So, other than that, I have been doing ok, I am upset at all of this, but I feel I can just take it by the horns, so to speak and as the British say, "Keep calm and Carry On", which is what I will do.
Other than this little bump, things have been somewhat calmer, I finally got my garden in, it will be totally late this year.  We had very chilly weather and cold and I had to re-start a lot of the garden.  Now, its just worry about hail and bad weather which is ramping up now.  We need rain so bad.  Sunday we got 2 inches, which we needed so very badly.  If it would just rain and no hail or nasty storms like we are getting now.
But, I am still here, and will try to post how everything is going.  I have been trying to keep up with all of you and reading about what everyone is doing.  I know it will get better.
Well, as FlowerLady says, I am ready to get horizontal, I am just exhausted so I will just keep all posted and wish hugs and love to all.