Monday, August 15, 2011

Storms on the Horizon

Good Morning Everyone,

I hope that everything is going well for all of you.  I have went through some of my blogs I follow, and it seems that everyone is doing well, enjoying family and what's left of summer and the start of school.

Well, I have had some problems here at the house, from the neighbor from hell to the south.  Last Monday night, D caught her kids stealing mail from all of the community boxes and then taking it to her trailer  and then she comes out and puts the mail back.  Dan did not yell at them, but told them not to get into other's personal mail boxes.  So this BFH went crying to the owner that D threaten her, (which he didn't, I was out there too).  Well, Thursday afternoon, the owner's so called "manager" called and threaten us and told us we would have to move out because she is moving out.  I found out over the weekend, welfare was moving her out several months ago to get her into section 8 housing.  So I had to go to my attorney Friday morning and discuss possible court.  Personally, I should of called the cops to report the theft of the mail, but then the kids would of lost their support. But she still would of went to the owner because we called the cops, so it would of been a no win situation anyway.  I did go and turned in a report to the Postmaster General at our mail facility last Tuesday.
The only reason we are targeted is the fact that I stand up and do not let people destroy my home, vehicles, or steal my personal mail.  But to the owner, its ok as he puts feral trailer park trash in the rentals, and you have to just put up with their destruction and crap.  He blames us for everyone "getting kicked out" which he did, himself, for non payment of rent.  I did not make them not pay their rent.  I was not involved with an incident earlier this spring when a pedophile raped a 15 yr old in the back trailer, yet I am to blame for that.  The only thing we had to do was call the cops because the back trailer had a party and had 4 wheel drive vehicles in the back lot doing mud races and they threw huge mud rock all over my trailer, took out several screens on my house and cracked the windshield on the dually pickup.  I called the cops on that, and we still got in trouble as we weren't supposed to call the cops on them, just let them do what they want.  They were evicted last month for non payment of rent and that is our fault also.   For that I am the cause of the trouble.  Go figure.
So, I will be absent for a little while until I get through this mess.  I wish I could move at this time, but financially I cannot, as I have cancer testing this week, and I just cannot afford the moving until next year sometime.
So I will keep you posted and I ask for prayers and good peaceful karma to surround me at this time.
Everyone please take care and I will talk to everyone later.