Friday, June 22, 2012

The frevolities continue

Good Evening Everyone,

I hope that all of you are doing well and I hope that your gardens are growing, and rising to the sun to provide you with goodies for your tables soon.
I started this post over last weekend, its been very busy, with just life, funny life is busy, especially mine as bland and dull as it is.

Well, the madness, the traffic continue for Nebraskaland Days. We have the concerts this Friday and Saturday, and it will be a madhouse around here. I have had to get out a few times for errands, and people and their driving scare me to death.  With all of the talk in the media about distracted driving, we sure have it here.  Yesterday, I was followed by a very young woman who was not watching her driving too well and guess what she was doing....texting with her Android phone on the steering wheel and just typing away. I could see what she was doing in the rear view mirror of the car. Then just a few days later, I had another very young teen, texting again, and she came into my lane of traffic and almost hit me head on. I will tell you I had my window down in the car, and the obscenities I said were pretty bad. I was just livid, I could just see wrecking D's car.    I can't do that, at all, let alone drive and keep my eyes and ears on what I am doing and watching all of the insanity around me and not getting run into. Amazing, and just a few days ago, we had a local news program on about this texting and driving and we had for every collision we had in the state, 1 out of 10 fatalities were texting and driving.  We, so far have had over 76 fatalities this year on our roads so it would make it about 10 of the fatalities were from texting and not paying attention.  Sad and unnecessary for these kind of deaths on the roads.

I have not been keeping up with the blog well. My heart is not into it. Its not that I do not like it, but it just seems things are just depressing.  But I do not want to loose my blog readers, and I am sure all of you get blog-itis too.   Too much going on.  D is helping me in the garden and watering, hoeing and things of that sort.  This year, I am just not up to too much.  I just have very  little energy, the heat gets to me. I am also very crabby and irritable.   I am in the process of changing to a different doctor.  I am trying to get in to see my parent's doctor.  He is a wonderful, caring doctor who sits and listens to you and makes you feel comfortable and not like you are the one losing your mind.  I should know sometime the end of this week to see if I can transfer my records to his office. It doesn't help with all that is going on in the world, and just trying to keep a roof and food on your table and all of the country's problems and world problems.  It is so hard to shut it out too.  I keep the tv off during the day, except to maybe watch a movie I like,  the radio I love, but you still get news and it gets old after awhile.  So if I do radio, I found I have radio streaming on the computer, and I have been using that a lot and listening to music and just trying to detach from the technology.  During the weekend, I do unplug the computer and do not allow D to have his cell phone on.  It sounds tough, but I am tired of technology and keeping so stuck to a gadget you cannot even enjoy the day. 

I will post some photos of the garden progress, everything looks so good, not trying to brag here.  I still worry about the bugs, but it seems that the garden dust is keeping things at bay.  I had to bring out the big guns and put down grasshopper bran, but if I don't the hoppers WILL eat the garden clear down to nothing.  They are very small now, and this is when you place the bran down, since I did that a over the weekend, I have really cut the amount of hoppers I have seen.  They were so bad, they covered the south side of the trailer, I am not kidding, and flew off of the sides when you walked by. And they were eating my Tarragon and in my walking onions, so I had to lay the bran down to keep them in check. It will be a bad year for hoppers here.  They are getting bad in the western part of the state and down in the southwest part along the Kansas/Colorado border from what the ag people say, so I am quite sure they will be in our gardens. But I am going to give em a fight before I give up.

Last Saturday, it hit over 100*, Sunday it was 103*F and last Monday, it was 106*F.  This weekend with the stupid concerts, it is supposed to be over 100* with a bad heat index, I am SO glad I am not going to be in the arena for these concerts, it will be a madhouse. The medics and cops will have their hands full.
We are supposed to be over 100*  this next week, so the heat is on, welcome to Summer.

I am posting garden photos.  It seems to be doing well.  With the heat, and if you can keep the bugs at bay, and water, it will be ok. Now, please note, the garden is not pretty, and somewhat very disheveled looking, my heart is not really into it this year, I guess, from all that is going on with the owner and the moron mouthpiece of his.  Everyone is like they are walking on egg shells around here, not knowing what to expect, so its a little depressing here.

We have had some very bad  issues around this neighborhood.  Someone, (and we all know who it is), is killing the neighbor's cats.  We have lost 2 so far, and I have 2 very heartbroken families, and very angry ones at that.  I am afraid that the line in the sand had been drawn and it will be some general garden variety vigilante justice now.  I am now, so sad, and fear that this will bring things into disruption mode and cause something.  I just pray for my outside ferals I have around here.  They have been here for about 7-8 yrs now, and stay very close to the house or specifically, under the house.  They are very leery of people, and are street smart, so I just hope that they keep their smarts about them and I am just going to stay inside and mind my own business, even though what has happened breaks my heart and I grieve for these families.

Other that this and just staying in because of the heat, not much is going on.  D is going on a little vacation over our 4th of July to see family and I am going to do some meat canning, and just general house work that needs to be done.  It seems so funny that things that need to be done in a home, and around the home, and the yard, it is a full time, job.  I sometimes get so frustrated, where to begin so, right at this moment, I am tackling my bathroom and tomorrow, I will tackle the bedroom.  Since I have little energy, I have to tackle things and make them a mini job.  Then I take a break, make some tea and then hit it again.  If I do not finish, I will tackle the rest tomorrow.  I also will be going through my wardrobe and clearing out clothing that I do not wear or want and take it to Goodwill or a smaller thrift shop.  I have errands tomorrow, with stops to pick up my food packs and then a stop at the farmers market, and then my ranchers for some meat, then home and quiet.

Well, that is about it for this week.  I have some other issues I will write about next week.. I would like to put something out as a discussion and see how everyone feels about this and what is going on, but until then, I will wish a wonderful weekend to all and garden delights to savor.