Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Started on August 13th.

Good Late Morning Everyone,

Yahoo,  I have some tomatoes starting to turn red.  I can't believe it.  I almost turned a few handsprings out in the yard, (if I could), if I did, the neighbors I am sure would turn me in as a lunatic, not that I already am.
I got a small handful of cherry tomatoes and the large ones are getting there.  I am not sure if  *all* of the tomatoes will ripen or not, if not, I will just have to pull them and let them ripen on their own in the garage. I am going to try to find a recipe for green tomato relish, anyone have something they would like to share.  A sweet and maybe a savory recipe for this?

Well, yesterday ( Monday, 12th)  was D-Day for my mom.  She started to go into bender late in the afternoon.  She called their doctor's office and proceeded to chew out the staff, then she called the nursing home where my dad is and proceeded to chew on them that they are holding my dad hostage and that she demands he be let out.  The nursing home staff called me and gave me tips on how to get her to the hospital ER, the easy way and the hard way.  Since I have both medical POA on both, I can forcefully make her go, but I did not want to do it that way if at all possible.  So D and I went over to the house, and D handled mom.  She works a little better for him than me on stressful situations, and finally D got her in the car and we went over to ER and there she got some medical attention, and ER did a CT scan and came up with the dementia diagnosis, and she also had a urinary infection, which the ER doctor told me can cause some confusion also.  Since mom doesn't really understand some things, she just did not understand to tell me she had issues with urinary things.  So, this afternoon, D will take mom to the primary care doctor and I will follow to stay out of the way, somewhat, as she is pee-d off at me anyway, but personally, I don't care.  I will also be getting in touch with Home Health and between the doctor and myself, I will get home health involved and maybe a little more relief in caring and checking in on her.  Boy, what a stressful situation, both for her and D and I.  She was just in tears, sobbing like a baby that she had to go, and that I was putting her away in the nursing home, like dad, which I wasn't.  D told her that she needed to see the doctor, that she was not behaving like normal, and that it just had to be done, but that he preferred that she go in the car, and not by the ambulance, which would of been the hard way, and possibly being medicated to calm her down, and NO, we were not taking her to a care facility.   So, it went fairly well, and then after about 3 hours, we got her back home, with orders from ER that things be taken care of, if not, she would be admitted into a facility for care, no ifs, ands or buts.
So yesterday was an adventure and today, I am trying to finish up things that I was trying to complete, like canning some cucumbers.  So I am hoping maybe Wednesday, I can complete this little chore.

Monday, August 19th.
Good Morning Everyone,

Well, we got mom to the PC doctor late Monday afternoon the 12th.   He has started her on Nememda XR for the Dementia.  As of Friday, the 16th,  D and I have seen a huge difference in her mood and ability.  She is much more engaged in what is going on, and is much better.  Between the antibiotic and the Nemenda XR, it has made her more of her old self.  I know though, that this is just temporary, and is no cure, but for now, she is "mom, and I am pleased with what I am seeing. Update: As of Tuesday the 20th, she is doing very well on this medication and we are just about through the first week. This med is a type that you increase the dose every week until you see if the patient can handle the highest dose. I hope that this continues at least for a little while. But I do have my "mom" back somewhat like normal.

I met with an attorney who specializes in elderly family law and medicaid applications for elder waivers.  He is going to try to re-start the process that I started late April of this year and see if he can get past the three headed dog that works this application process at the state office here in town.  He knows her, and has worked with her, so I am going to gladly pay him to get my parents signed up for waivers and nursing home care for dad.  This is all I can do.  I cannot do any more or have the strength to fight the battles they have coming up.  I am hoping that this attorney can handle the problems.  He was referred to me by the Alzheimer's support group,.  Many in the support group have used him, as he stays up on elderly care and the law issues and also this Obamacare crap.  Like I have mentioned before, the Obamacare thing is a train wreck as he put it also, and no ones even knows what is going on or what will happen.  Nice to know that we have something that no one even has an idea of what kind of monster we have.  This is truly the enemy at the gate......just one of many enemies.

On the garden front, I have a few tomatoes, so for now, we have just been having them with supper, and cut up a few to put in some of my salsa.  I just may have to freeze them as they come and do salsas and sauces later.  They are going to be late, and just a few at a time. My Cayenne peppers are doing wonderful and I am drying them at the moment. My Ancho peppers are getting there too.  Its just going to be a late year.

I am also getting my pantry set up again.  I have not done anything since we moved.  It was a mad house with everything going on.  We have been using up what I have in pantry storage and now I need to replenish it.  It saved us for a long time.  But its time to re-stock and get ready for winter and what ever else comes along.  Again, I do not beat around the bush about knowing that something is coming down the pike, a change in the wind, a storm coming, and I want to be as ready as I can be.  I have ordered meat from the locker where we get our meat from, and I ordered some beef shanks so I can do my dehydrated broths.  I am going to try something different and see if I am more successful this time around.  I cannot believe the price of bouillons in the grocery.  So I am going to attempt to try it again, since I have more room and can work better. I will keep posted on this subject.

As of today, things have been very quiet.  I went in town late this afternoon to pick up a few things, and then stop and see my mom and then to the care facility to see dad.  He was doing I thought very well.  He wants to get home, but like I talked to him, there are a lot of "ifs" in the equation and that I could not make any promises period.  I have explained to him about the attorney and the medicaid elder waiver and he thought that he understood what I was doing.  I just told he to please keep up with the physical therapy, and just try to eat and get stronger, and I left it at that.

I got a lot done this morning.  Cleaned the cat's bungalow, and made fresh boxes, and mopped the floor and vacuumed the flooring.  Its going to get hot here for most of the week and so I am back to running the a/c and the fans more.  I have a temp gauge in their house to keep track of temps.  Usually they go outside anyway and lay in the grass and chase bugs and grasshoppers.  Washed their bedding Sunday afternoon.  I usually take that to a Laundromat and wash everything in one of the big rug washers and it does a great job and then dry and then home.

OK Sharon, I am getting ready to tackle a quilt.  I found a pattern or really several and am going to attempt to do a queen size.  I found out from my facebook, that a nephew got married suddenly and did not notify anyone, and now I have a niece in law to do a quilt for.
From what I know of her preferences for color is she is a free spirit, and loves COLOR, bold and bright, so I have an idea to just do a block in half triangles with a small border and go from there.  I may email you Sharon, but I think I can do it.  Where I will have the problems is with a binding, I am not sure how to do that. I have forgotten so much since the shop we had that its scary.  I just hope I can do it and not put my foot in my mouth.....

Well, I have written a book, so it seems.  Just not too much going on, which is wonderful as its quiet at the moment and I am relishing in the moment.  I have been keeping up with everyone and it just seems that everyone is in the dog days of summer, either canning or doing late gardening or just getting by.  Its about all we can do. I just hope that everyone has a wonderful week and take care.