Sunday, May 15, 2011

Still Chilly

Good Morning everyone,

I thought I would just take a couple of quick photos of the north side garden.  It is not pretty, as you can see.  I do not have a huge space to work with, and at the present, my tomatoes are covered, but the snow fence sure makes a good support for them and the cucumbers.  I have to share space with the vehicles as you have to keep things close here or everything will grow legs and walk off.

Where I have my walking onions in the container, I will place my cucumbers, and they can travel and meander along the fence up by the carport shed.  The sun is great along the fence line, and the rest of the garden, I will place in containers around where I have sun.  I have containers ready for summer lettuces and greens also, I just have to wait til it dries out and I can move them into the garden enclosure.  My tomatoes seems to get through the cold.  I have lost about 4 plants, but I will replace them.  They either got water logged, or chilled, and I lost one to the wind whipping and breaking the top off, but I think that they did well.  I placed milk jugs with water in them and that really helped.  I guess what ever I can do.
I am very ashamed of my garden this year.  And it doesn't help when it is very dreary like the photos show.  Today it is very chilly and gloomy.  If we get sun, it will be better, but not like last year's photos I had up of the house.

Well, I just thought I would chime in this morning.  I have a ton of house work to do, laundry, and bathroom duties, so I had better bug out for now and I will try to post later in the week.

Please have a great week.