Friday, November 4, 2011

It's Alive!!!!

Good Evening Everyone,

Well, I think that I mastered adding pages.  I added a recipe page, and posted my grandmother's Harvest Bars on it.
I will try to post recipes that all of you will like.  I am not sure but I do hope that you enjoy them.
I posted the Harvest Bars, as my grandmother would do these for Thanksgiving and Christmas.  I also added a new blog for my herb and seed business.  Hopefully I will get that going later, so I can use it at the Farmer's Market next year.

Well, not much going on around here.  It is starting to get cold now, the night before, it got down to 12*, so it was chilly.  I found the house too hot, and I had the thermostat set at 69*.  What we did do this summer is took off the drywall inside the front windows which is the bedroom, and before it was chilly in there, and a freezer when you had a stiff north/northwest wind blowing.  We added heavier insulation, which there was no insulation in and around the windows and walls of the front.  Now it is toasty and warm and no drafts.  Funny how a small change does make a big impact on something in the house. Hopefully next year, the old windows will come out and a larger, better window will go in.

We got most of the outside work done.  The garden is  cleaned up, it looks so very sad.  Just a few months ago, it was 6 feet high with tomatoes, and squash, and other goodies.  Now its a bare, barren plot.  I dumped a lot of compost on the area where I had tomatoes, next year it will hold squash.   I am going to plant my tomatoes and cucumbers in the blue pots.  Hopefully, next year, I can utilize my south side.  I lost my neighbors to the south, so I don't know what I will have.  We are going to finish out the snow fence before someone else moves in and hopefully that will provide a buffer of some sort. Time will tell.

I have been busy working my in home chef clients, for a while there, I had to back off on account of my knee.  I think that the knee is healed.  It still hurts when I stand too long on it, and if I put my weight on that knee, it does hurt badly.  So I just pace myself, and try not to do too much.  My spine has been giving me problems, but it always does, it is just getting worse.  Boy, its the pits getting old. LOL.  I have a few clients who want Thanksgiving  dinners done for them, so I am trying to figure out how to do that.  I think that I will just figure how much each plate will be and buy extra turkeys, which right now are on sale and with the points I have at one grocer. I can get several, and just cook extra turkey and the trimmings and take plates over to my clients.  The good thing is my clients aren't fussy eaters.

Anyway, things seems to be getting back to normal. Haven't heard from the owner, we lost two renters, so I don't know what happened there,  and personally, don't care, just as long as the owner and his mouth piece leave me alone.  The child abuse case we had last week has really drawn things down to where there are now calls from the city council to start checking trailer parks and other properties around the area for junk and other things going on.  That is one reason we worked hard outside to clean up and spruce up everything.  So I don't hear from the owner or the mouth piece or the city.

Well, it is starting to get late, and my eyes are crossed from working on this blog and finally figuring out the page elements.  I still can't get the lettering changed.  I change the lettering, save it, and it still does not apply to the blog.  So I will just have to play with that.  Maybe later in the weekend.
I wish everyone a great and peaceful weekend.  Enjoy it, or gets lots of things done.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Making some changes

Good Evening Everyone,

I am just making a quick post to tell everyone that I am starting to make some changes to the blog.  I hope that I don't mess it up, delete it or make it disappear into the wild beyond in cyberland.
I am also trying to add some pages for recipes?  How do you do that.  I can't seem to get to that point. Any suggestions what I do to add a page element?
I also tried to change my blog title and change the type of lettering, and it won't change that either?  Any suggestions.
I am not a bright light bulb when it comes to this stuff.
I will try to blog this weekend, I have been so busy with painting, and moving things around, I have let my blogging go for a little bit.
Take care all, have a great up coming weekend.
Hugs to all