Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Too much month and not enough Money

Good Afternoon Everyone,

I have been down for about a week and a half.  I just did not have enough money to pay my utility bill and my Internet, so I had to choose the utility bill, which is a no brainer, seeing that we are having 100* temps daily and no rain.  It is just getting too much and it is showing in everyone face, and I am sure that all of you are see and dealing with the same heat.

I will do a better post here in a few days, I have just been dealing with the heat and the garden and a few other things and just trying to survive.

D and I pulled up a lot of the garden, the heat did in my large heirloom tomatoes, they were vining but absolutely no tomatoes and I should of had large tomatoes by now.The heat causedevery one's tomatoes to not pollinate, we have had temps in the high 70's and some 80's at night and it was too much for our tomatoes around our area.  My Roma tomatoes are doing well and my smaller patio tomatoes, and my cukes have gone insane, but the rest of the garden was a bust.  I will not get a lot of tomato sauces and salsas but I will do what I can.  This year is pretty much a waste of time for gardens, and for those who depend on these gardens.  No matter how much water you can put on some garden plants, it just will not help when you factor in heat and day and night temperatures which some plants need cooler air to pollinate than others.  I am very disappointed with this years gardening, but there is nothing I can do about it, so I will appreciate and be blessed with what I can get and be happy, that is all I can do.

When I do my next post, I will fill in why our utility bills have been so high.  This is from the new EPA taxes being assessed upon the coal burning electrical plants and it is now being filtered down to the consumer.  Everyone in town and around the state are complaining and waging word wars upon our state government, and I am sure they are tired of hearing from angry voters.  Maybe enough words of anger are reaped upon them, maybe we will get a response, I doubt it but maybe...we can only hope.  If all of these taxes are reaped upon everyone in the country, there is no way anyone can afford their utility bills, I can't afford mine, and I made choices as to what I could afford.  It did not matter how careful I was with my budget, I still could not swing everything.  I am now only hoping I can get through August and September and then my bill will be much lower because I will not be using the air conditioner.  That is the only hope I have to hang on to.

Well, I thought I would jump in to tell all of you I did not drop off the planet.  It has just been very, very tight and I just had to let some things go.
As I mentioned, I will do a better, more happy post.  Maybe the heat will subside a little this weekend and we can get a little relief.  I can only hope.

Hugs to All