Saturday, June 8, 2013

Good Evening Everyone,

Started June 1
Well,  D and I got home from working on the old trailer.  We are in the process of painting and doing some light repairs.  I know everyone has asked why we are fixing and painting, long story short, my attorney felt it was somewhat necessary to elevate any problems with the moron owner, and we felt that since we had lived there, it needed to be fixed.  Some people came by this afternoon, looking at several trailers that are now empty in the park, and they stopped by our trailer, and asked if it was available, and I told them yes, and we showed them what we were doing.  They liked the trailer and went back to speak with the morons, but I do not know if they got it or not.  I paid another half month's rent so we could finish by the 15th of this month.  We just cannot move and do things like we used to, and at the end of the day, between working at the old place and running after my parents, I am beat, and tired. Update: Carpet will be laid on Tuesday, the 11th.  I will send keys to the morons on Wednesday by certified letter and be done with it.

I am not sure of my parents situation at the moment.  My Dad is supposed to be released June 10th back home.  I have to go and see our local Area on the Aging, to see if I can locate someone who comes in and does light cooking duties, like I used to do.  I just cannot do any cooking and handling the demands that they want and need.  I will have Home Health come in with a nurse to check on Dad, I will just have to see how this goes.  They are just so very demanding of my time, and I am in a position that I cannot stretch myself anymore with my life and theirs.  They have become so very clingy now, and they are ill-tempered between themselves, Mom is ok on some days, but yesterday, she had a melt down on me and said that she did not want Dad, home, and that she was not going to live like that.  She has to have these meltdowns on me when I am exhausted and tired, and then I become ill tempered and the fight is on.  I just cannot get answers, or help, and I am not feeling well.  I am hoping that when we get done with the trailer, things will be better since we will not be running around all the time.  I do know that I will have to set boundary lines up, as if not, I will be spending my whole summer, and my life, running for them. Update:  Since the trailer is done and we are done moving, things have calmed down somewhat.

The weather here has been weird.  I still do not have my garden in.  Its been very chilly at night here, and I just have not had time either.  I am going to try to set in my plants Sunday, and cover them with greenhouse plastic, and hope for the best.  I have tried to start cucumbers and lost some due to the chilly air.  I have a heat mat, but they fall over and die after a few days.  The area nurseries we have around here have had nothing left for the garden season.  It was picked over because of the weather and there is nothing left but crap, which I just will not buy.  I have not even looked at plants for color for the house.  I guess I am just not in the mood, because of everything that has been going on, too much stress and little time to enjoy anything.   I am planning on taking Sunday off from working at the trailer to go grocery shopping and look for some ornamental plants for some pots here at my house, and maybe a few for the folks, and that's about it.  I do not have time to go and water their yard and my yard at the same time. Update- I just put in some of my garden tomatoes and peppers Monday night.  Really late isn't it?  I am going to cover them with greenhouse plastic for a while until this weather gets out of its bi-polar mood.  Its worse than my mother's mood! I am afraid that this years garden will be nothing great or perfect.  My raised garden bed is 13 feet by 16.5 feet. We have to go and get chicken wire fencing to keep the rabbits out or that will be gone too.

I have been trying to read every one's blogs to keep up with all of you.  I miss blogging, which is one of my stress breakers.  I have been getting back into the habit of having my tea or coffee in the morning and visiting all of you and see what is going on in your world.  It sure helps me to break the stress, it really does.

June 5th.
Well, I'm still trying to put a post together.  It was a little calmer today, I took my mom to my hairdresser, to get her hair done.  I thought I would have a meltdown with her, as she got out of the car and then balked going in. My hairdresser is very kind and came out and talked to mom and coaxed her in, telling her she needed her hair done, and was gentle with her and we finally got her in.. She is getting house bound and is difficult to take out.  When we got done, I drove her out to the new house, and she just did not know where we were at, and did not know much of anything.  Very sad.

I am hoping to go shopping sometime this week, I need to get a new USB cable,  I cannot find my old one.  I have a reader suggest plugging in with something else, but I have a cheap camera and I cannot do that with this el cheapo.  I am hoping that I will get a better camera this fall.  Maybe.....

The trees we transplanted from the old trailer to the new house are doing well, except the ornamental pear, unfortunately, when we dug it up, some of the roots were cut, and it is struggling to snap out of its shock.  D got some liquid hormone and B-12 stuff that you mix in water.  I am giving this to the tree twice a week.  It is very concentrated stuff.  One tiny bottle about 1 oz makes 100 gallons.  It has really helps everything else.  My grape vine my neighbor gave me is snapping out of its shock, and my raspberry bushes are coming out as well.  The tree will be touch and go, and as I have said, I would rather it die here than at the moron's park as no one would take care of it anyway.  The nursery told us that it will be droopy most of the summer, and we'll have to see next spring how it has done.

Well, its 12:38 am here on Saturday morning.  I cannot sleep, and a small thunderstorm is coming in from the west.  Its lightening and thundering a little.  I have problems sleeping here yet.  I am just not used to the house or the area.  Its so quiet here and its spooky around here at night,  very little lights around except for yard lights from some of the homes.  I am very cautious when I have to let the dog out, as we have the typical night creatures roaming around.  We have a den of skunks in the pasture behind us, and as long as they do not get too close, we will be ok, but if they get close or have a sick one in the bunch, it will be gone.  We are having an early rabies season here, so I am just watching and hoping we do not have an encounter.

Well,  I had better get back to bed, or stay up and read a little, and then see if I can get back to sleep.  I have be so tired, that I cannot sleep.  It will get better, I hope soon.
I wish everyone a wonderful weekend, and take care.

Love and Hugs