Sunday, September 4, 2011


Good Morning Everyone,

Well, the cool air that we were told would come is finally here.  Yesterday, (Sat) it was chilly, and the wind was blowing about 25-30 mph and I went to the farmer's market and it was cool.....felt good, but chilly, when a few days ago earlier, it was 100* F.  So it was a change.  I am not sure what the temp was Sat morning, but this morning, (Sunday), at 7 am, it was 38*F.  You could see your breath this morning when I went out to get the paper.  My tea tasted very good this morning. and it is so wonderful not to turn the AC on.  I want to give that poor AC some time off, it has run since the first week of July and has not been turned off, and I want a break from the damn electric bill too!
I am hoping this cool air gets to my southern readers, and a hope of rain to them also.

I am getting ready to process again today.  Since it is cool, I can work a little better.  I got beautiful red peppers and some orange sweet peppers from my favorite vendor from the market, and I will do my pepper spread probably on Monday, or Tuesday.  I have to roast the peppers so I need to fire up the smoker and do them and let them sweat and develop flavor. Then puree them with onions and garlic in the food processor and then I will place the mixture in my crock pot to heat so it does not burn and then put it in canning jars and can and then I am done for a little while.  I also am going to get next week, some small red onions to pickle and can, and then look for something adventurous to try that I have never done before. Not sure what, but I will keep my eyes open.

The vendors at farmer's market have told me that it was a mixed year, some things did very well, other things didn't do good at all.  Some, like my pepper lady, had a wonderful pepper season, while others who grow peppers, had a bust season.  It is funny how people's gardens and farms, some of the farms are separated by 100+ miles apart, while others where separated merely by blocks, had success or failure.  I have my opinions, but I seen a bizarre of strange weather this year all over the country and here as well.  We didn't even have a spring so to speak, just winter, then summer, now it is fall-like now.  Go figure.

Well, other than that, I don't have much to talk about.  I am enjoying the quiet, and solitude. 
Well, I had better get off my duff and get to processing all of this produce. 
Take care everyone, have a great Labor Day holiday and have a great up coming week.

Hugs to all.