Monday, December 3, 2012

Early Morning Blab Session

Good Morning Everyone,

I have been up since 5:15 am this morning.  D started a new job over the weekend.  It has taken several weeks to get his CDL, passport, drug tests,  and paperwork going.  Boy, tell you what, the government is in everything, and what has happened between 2009 and 2012, has really changed, with all of the new laws, rules, regulations pertaining to commercial drivers.  To acquire the commercial licenses has so many steps and complicated paperwork, its scary.  The drug tests are more complicated and intricate now, testing for more things that, personally I have never heard of.  Sorry, but in this department, I am naive and  ignorant.  I see it all around me here, but I don't do it, or live the lifestyle, so it really opened up my eyes.
This job popped up kind of unexpected.  I won't go into details, but its driving over the road, and a mix of hauling anything from cattle to machinery, to a possible contract to haul XL pipeline equipment, to hauling the motors of the huge windmills that are being put up all around us here and around the country.  His boss and the company is a large diversified company that does not play in just one area of trucking, which is smart business anyway. Right now, D is hauling cattle, which because of the drought, is going on, but soon, probably by next summer/fall, very little cattle will be hauled.  So, then its machinery and equipment next.  D has hauled cattle and some machinery, but the props for the wind energy towers is another story, and he told his boss this, but boss thinks he can do it. D has over 35+ years hauling and trucking and logistics experience, and no accidents.   It will be over weight, over length, heavy loads, some running over 300,000.pounds and on trailers which have sometimes over 30 small wheels that steer independently to haul these huge loads.

At this time, this will just unfold daily.  I am not going to worry about anything.  D's work comp case is coming down to the wire now, and sounds like it will be settled soon.   January of this coming year will make it four years since he got hurt.  His attorney wanted him to take this job, to see how his back and injury will do, before this comes to court or even if it goes to court,  and unless he does this job, we will not know if he can or not.  The extra income will be welcome, though.

Something else that I will share with you is the fact that I am looking to move from this trailer now, to somewhere else.  Several factors have made this decision.  The fact of no title and proof of ownership on this property, and the fact of, I'm just getting tired of the area, the crime, the drugs, and the cesspool environment we have here. I want a larger garden area, and a place to have small dwarf fruit trees, and some chickens.   I want to be able to have this and not be told I can't because of some moron thinking he's a war monger.  I am not happy, and so, I have made the decision to start looking and scoping out something different.  I am even thinking of moving to another smaller town.  But, for now, I am just going to take each day as it comes, and when January comes around, I may get a better view of the goal and work from there. I also have to find out from the Assessor's office how I go about getting the property taxes off this trailer and back on to the owner, since there is no title/VIN. So I have several things to do before I can commit.  I also have to start looking for a place, which around here is not easy or cheap.   I am sure that some of you know what I am talking about.  Your heart is not happy, and so the house is not happy.  Then I feel, its time to change the situation in which you are in.  So, I am in gear to make the change. I am now in the mode of starting to heave out stuff I don't want or need and cleaning out closets, drawers, and rooms.  I will keep you posted on this.

Not too much going on currently around here.  I started some cherry liqueur on Saturday.  This is a total experiment, and I will post on this to see how successful this is.  I need to start working on a fruit cake, and I am going to try several, including Leanne's recipe she has listed at her blog, Tales of Simple Days.  It is listed on my blog list. I also seen a recipe from Thibeault's recipe  blog also, which is listed on the blog list.  I have never had much luck doing fruit cake, so Glenda, Ilene, any tips? Or I'm sure I'll make a brick to throw. I'll keep you posted on this also.

I just got back this afternoon from running errands.  Today, people are in a hurry, and have their heads where it shouldn't be.  Everyone seems to be out in the nether regions, or in the ozone somewhere.  Its so funny how you can read people's faces and body language.  Pretty sad, personally.
So I am glad to be home.  I need to start cleaning, as I am going to start prepping walls and start painting.  I have paint that I bought over a year ago, and I want to get this done.  I will then finish floors and lay cheap flooring down and then this will be done.  Then if I find a new home, all I have to do is move, and then notify the morons and then start over somewhere else.

Well, I had better get going.  I wish everyone a wonderful week and enjoy all of your blessings.