Wednesday, December 1, 2010

How to dry a cat

Just for laughs, this is one of my cats, her name is Madison, Maddy for short, and this is where she decided to lay while I was cooking dinner  tonight.  If this is too gross for prudy's then don't look, cause its a cat on the counter.

Monday, November 29, 2010


Good Afternoon everyone
Well, its here,  the four letter word, SNOW, only I have other words for it, and they are not fit for the blog to read.
We don't have a terrible amount on the ground, maybe less than an inch, but we do have 30+ wind with a 50+ gust and we are in a wind advisory, so I'm not going out today, folks.

This morning, I felt ambitious, why I don't know.  Fixed oatmeal, with brown sugar and I guess the sugar got me going, so I had some somewhat tart oranges from my prairie land food paks this month and I made Orange marmalade.  Wow, talk about where the energy came from.....

I even had some photos taken by D, so, don't look at the kitchen or the stove, they are a federal disaster area.  I don't like my photos taken at all but I'm in there, hope it doesn't break your computer monitor.
Anyway, got some photos, and I hope that the marmalade turns out, this was a complete shoot from the hip from my head recipe.  Won't know until later if they set up.\

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season with family and friends, and everyone made it safely home from traffic, and weather, and the general public.

Tomorrow, I hope that I have some energy, I'm going to do some Granny Smith apples. These were in my paks also, and I don't like to waste food, so I made do these for use on oatmeal, or bagels.

Really other than that, not too much is going on.  I have been reading several blogs I follow and I am afraid the winter is decending upon most of us.  Guess we just pull in, keep busy, start planning gardens for next year, which is what I do, to keep the winter blues under control and then visit some blogs that have the most beautiful tropical florals ever, I don't think that the blog owner would mind me mention her blog, it is the lovely FlowerLady, her blog is listed on my as Flowerlady's Musings and she and her hubby live in a magical, charming cottage with wonderful gardens, and it will surely get your through the winter.

Well, I think that I am going to fix some lunch, probably leftover turkey on homemade bread and then I will tackle the apples and get them done, I already have everything set up for canning anyway.
So, please take care all and I will try to post later in the week.

Love and thoughts to all.