Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Snow Flurries and a pounding headache

Good Morning Everyone,

I will try to type as best as I can over a pounding sinus headache that I started to get yesterday morning.  It has now blossomed into a small migraine and I am starting to see "spots" so that means that I need to crash out on the couch and nothing else will get done today, ( or tomorrow).

As I type, it is lightly snowing little flurries of puffy snow flakes.  And the air has taken on a very chilly presence, like late winter air.  It is supposed to be chilly starting today, and getting colder toward the Thanksgiving holiday. I crawled out to let the dog out and the air was so cold and felt so good on my head and nose when I breathed in the cold air, and for a little while, I did feel better.  I do have my cold pack that I use, but for some reason, the outside cold air feels better. Must be a nature thing.

I would take my camera out, but......I don't feel good, don't think that I could see well to take photos of the flurries and my camera is dead from low batteries, so, take my word for it, I do see flakes, unless I am delusional from the pain in my head!
I will try to post in a few days, and if I can get better grade batteries, I will post what D and I have been doing around the house.
Take care all,