Sunday, March 13, 2011

Just checking in with the world

Good Evening  everyone, I hope that all of my blogging friends, and visitors are doing well and having a great week.

I am sure that all of you have been watching and are aware of the so very tragic happenings going on in Japan,  I personally do not have the words to even comment on this apocalyptic event.  My  heart grieves for all and to everyone who has someone there who is in the fight of their lives.  And it isn't over yet, with the nuclear reactors in critical status, I fear another Chernobyl.  It is one of my fears as I battled Papillary thyroid cancer, which is from radiation exposure and poisoning.  So this is something that I take to heart and urge others to please keep an ear on the news and maybe to their doctors.  I carry Iodine tablets on hand, just in case for others, it would not do me any good as I do not have a thyroid anymore, but for family and neighbors, just in case.

This should also be an eye opener for all, as to how quickly things can go "south".  And you need to be prepared somehow for things, though we can only prepare so much and as we can afford things.  There are web sites that are around that give ideas as to what to look for and purchase.  But the thing is, you do not know what "exactly" in coming down the pike, and as humans, we don't have a crystal ball or future sight, BUT, we can do some things that may help and then, as my granddad would say, "Plan for the worst, hope for the best".

I keep things on hand like extra water, and foods and my canning and dehydrating. I also keep a little extra gasoline on hand, and then if I don't  use it, I put it in the car.   We live in tornado alley here, and we have storms that have literally scared the pants off of me, and a few years ago, I had a small funnel touch down about 2 blocks away from me, and as I and the dog was trying to make for the ditch by my house, I got smacked in the head by flying stuff and hail  and I saw some stars and made my way back up the stairs dragging the dog, and all I could do was bail into the bathroom still dragging the dog and covering us with a large comforter and praying.  In just a few minutes, (it seemed over an hour), it was over and just raining and thundering and lightening and then in about 30 minutes, it was over and the sun came out.  We do not have a storm shelter here, so we are on our own.

Anyway, I urge others to please take heed, please plan a little as you can afford it.  I came across this blog site from another blog site, it is and contains stable info, take it as you can.   I don't go overboard on things but I do carry things that I can use, and extras like tarps, greenhouse plastic, bungee cords, Gorilla tape, and good ol duck tape, and things like screws, nails, glues, and things that you just use around the house for repairs. I carry lathes, and some 1x4's and 2x4's.    I am armed, and can if I have to, I can  hunt,and  fish,  though I haven't done so in a number of years, as my physical health has gone down some, I also didn't have anyone to fish or hunt with, since it really isn't safe to go out on your own, even here in my lowly part of the country, as we are in a corridor of migrations of the railroad bums that wander around, and I have lots of them where I live as I only live 1 block from the Union Pacific railroad yards, and I have had encounters with bums and gypsies, and had to hold my own with them stealing from the gardens and making threats, seems they change their minds when you show them a 9mm...... The cops here do not do anything about the bum problem but just pick them up and move them to the outskirts of town, problem is, they have legs and move right back where they find food or can steal food, so again, you are somewhat on your own.

Isn't much going on in the garden bucket brigade.  We didn't get too much last weekend from the storm that was predicted, a few inches and chilly, but I was glad it didn't do too much.  It was more pesky  than a threat.  Today, we got about a inch of wet snow/rain mix, and chilly and then starting Monday, in the 60's and by Wednesday, 70's, woohoo.... I will be out for sure.
I planted some asparagus in a bucket, to see if I have any luck with that coming up.  I had some a few years ago, and I had a mole problem and they liked the beds with the bulbs and the asparagus, so I'll try this as my on going experiment to see if it can grow in buckets or barrels.  I covered the asparagus with greenhouse plastic to help it along until it starts coming up, and I guess the rest is up to nature and our Lord.
I started some tomatoes and some squash, and cucumbers.  I have got to get them out in the sun, I have a light on them during the day, and then place them on my water heater and they keep warm until the next day, also keeps them out of the cat's curiosity, I have had a few pots on the floor and dirt scattered all over. They find great fun playing in the potting soil and making messes with the dirt.

Other than that, my little world really doesn't have too much going on in it.  Until the weather starts cooperating, I can't do much, so if it starts breaking loose, I can get to my beds and change these around so I can start a mushroom bed,  I would like to start some Wine Caps and some Morels.  I hope the weather starts breaking so I can get a load of wood chips, and a load or two of compost from the city lot.  These are free so I will make use of these things for my gardens. I also am going to order a tabletop farm for Shiitake and some Portabellos. I grew Shiitake last year and they did great, so I will try this again.  I am getting interested in mushrooming more and more, they are interesting to watch and fun to grow.

Well, I think that I will take leave of all, I hate the time change, it makes me feel like I have a hang over without the party.  I personally wish they would leave it alone.  It takes me several weeks to get used to the change, but I just have to work through it, I can't stop.  I may take a little power nap and then I am ready to go for the second half.  I think that if we got some sun, it would help.  Hopefully that will be tomorrow.

Well, I wish everyone a productive week, have great things growing in your gardens and maybe things will look better for the week for the whole planet,  I do hope and pray for this.
Take care all.