Tuesday, October 25, 2016


A Good afternoon to all.

Its damp and cool here this afternoon, was very foggy this morning.  You could not see into the field behind me, it was so foggy.  The Interstate was almost zero visibility. I had to make a trip into town to find a filter for my cool mist humidifier. I usually do not start that up until about December, but our air is so very dry here, we've had no rain for several months and my hands are splitting and I'm trying to quilt or sew with split finger tips. Ouch!

I was going to stay in town a little while to shop, but people where driving with their heads up their behinds, running red lights, following too close in the back, and driving too fast going nowhere in the fog,  so I got my errand done and came home.  I am always amazed at how stupid people are.

Today is a bittersweet day. My Dad passed away a year ago today. Its hard to fathom. I miss both of my parents very much.  I don't however, miss the disease that took them away. What a horrid, degrading disease Alzheimer's is to the human spirit.

D is still fighting with the work comp attorney for the other side.  He is getting very frustrated, and is in a horrid amount of pain,  its getting very hard to hang on to something that you do not know when it will end.  The other issue is, he is showing signs of early stage dementia, so my care giving duties are not done, by the least, Unfortunately, for D, with no medical care on the closed head injury, its past help.  The other side does not acknowledge the fact, even when its documented in the medical reports.  I have to be around to council, and help remind him of things. Its never ending.

We are hoping, if all this settles, maybe in Spring or Summer, we are still planning to move.  Our community is dying by threads each day. Nothing is going. Not sure if its just here or all over or certain areas of the country.  People are barely hanging on here.  A shocker for us here is, 75% of elementary school students in school are on the free breakfast and the backpack programs for the weekends, to make sure the kids have something to eat at home.  I am shocked we live in a country  and a State that has Third World problems, like hunger. We even have "food deserts" here in town, the middle of agriculture and beef production, we have hunger.  I am ashamed. I also won't mention politics, which I am sick of at the moment.

So, today, I am quilting and doing a little sewing to calm my blue mind.  I have a desire to go back to simpler times.  I found a book of my mother's, Tasha Tudor's Heirloom Crafts.  I have been reading it this morning with my coffee, to ease a weary mind and to dream of a move to a quieter place, even if its in a book. I stopped and read some blogs, I came across Morning Minion's blog, and I was wishing I could go and help her process apples, which she was doing.

So, I am hoping that all of you are well, and getting ready for Fall, it will not be long before Holidays and all the commotions that go along with Holidays.  Holidays are very hard for me to take anymore. D and I talked of taking a few day Holiday during Thanksgiving, and look over the area where we would like to move, to get away for a few days and dream.  Not sure if we can pull that off, but its an idea.

Well, I need to finish up some housework things and good old laundry.  I wish everyone a wonderful week and enjoy what you are blessed with no matter how small or large.

Hugs to all.