Saturday, February 26, 2011


I have been kinda under the weather for the last few days.  I have had a bout with sinus infection and just general blahs.
The weather we are having does not help with the sinus, when it gets like this, I can pretty much take it to the bank that I will have a sinus problem and it generally lasts about 4-5 days.  And if I do not take steps to get it under control, it turns into a migraine and you might as well count me out for about a week.

I have been sand bagging around some of the other blogs I read, and leaving comments, just to keep my mind off of the intense pain in my facial bones, it is just plain intense.  And it doesn't matter what you do, or what you take, it has to ride out so I just stay quiet, try to do some things, just because there is no one to do it anyway, and keep the vaporizers going to help with the intensely dry air we are having, along with the change in the weather from warm to cold, and air pressure, which I am some what sensitive to.

I am anxiously waiting for my blackberry, rasberry, and blueberry canes to arrive in the mail.  This is going to be one of the experiments I will attempt to try around my tiny lot, an attempt to grow berry bushes in the large blue containers I have around the lot.  The blueberry bushes are dwarf bushes and I am hoping I can control the soil acidity that they need to do well in.  The Blackberry and Raspberries, I am attempt to do a form of training the canes like the medieval way of growing fruit trees, I think that they call it "espariel"( I cannot even spell this, please understand)  training the canes to climb a trellis and keeping them controlled. So I am hoping to be over this sinus crap before they get here, so I can get them in some small pots in the house, and then when it gets a little warmer, get them in their containers later.

I ordered these from Gurneys nursery catalog.  Here in town, we have a nursery, but their prices on trees and fruit bushes are out of this world, like $25.00 to $35.00 for a blackberry bush! And these are small canes, not large older bushes.   No way, it seems where I live here, our town is beyond prices charged, so I am trying my hand at Gurneys and see if I have any luck.  I have Ft Laramie strawberry plants from them years ago, and they are still producing and doing well.  I am going to thin out some of these strawberry plants from my parents bed and start these in some blue containers also, see if I have any luck with that.

Other than laying around not being able to function too well or think, not much is going on.  Until the weather starts straightening out, there isn't much I can do at the moment.
So I wish everyone a wonderful weekend, and hopefully I will have better things to talk about, and photos to show from the bushes I am getting.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

icy day

Good Evening everyone,

Boy, we had a wierd night with the weather.  First we had a some what nasty thunderstorm, complete with lightning, thunder, electricity goes off for a little bit, then rain, THEN, ice.  You could hear the rain change over to ice pellets, as they hit the side of the house.  By this morning, it was a solid sheet of ice, about a quarter of an inch thick.  And it coated everything, trees, the roads, the walks, I let the dog out, and I was not quick enough to catch her before she went off the porch and she took a nose dive on to the concrete walk I have.  I have about 3 steps down, so it wasn't a long ways, but enough, she is fine, but it caught her off guard, I am stiff in the morning, and I knew it would be slick, but I just wasn;t quick to catch Belle's collar.   Any way everyone is ok.  I did salt the steps, by the way so I don't take a nose dive.
Not too much to talk about today, but I posted some icy photos I got this morning.  Just a little bit before sundown, the sun came out just for a peek, and lit up my neighbor's yard and trees across the street, the trees and grass look like crystal and diamonds.  I went out to quickly get a taco and I hurried from the car,  into  the house to get my camera, but just as fast as I could run in and out, the sun was gone and so was my beautiful photo of the icy jewels.
Anyway, just cold here now, more artic air and Siberia, maybe it will get tired of cold and straighten out.
Have a great week everyone.