Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Back into the Light, slowly.

Hello dear friends,

My apologies for not posting since November of 2015.  A lot has gone on, since I lost my parents, and have had  to deal with estate issues, and trying to come up with money to pay for legal fees from the guardianship and other legal issues that came up with the nursing home and the false accusations. All it did was run up a legal tab that I will be unable to ever pay off in my lifetime.

Right after my parents funeral services, on November 1  of 2015, I opened up my industrial seamstress shop downtown, thinking I could sew and make some extra money to pay for all of these legal fees.  I was sewing at home, but we have an ill tempered neighbor who will call the cops every time a strange car comes into the street and that makes for uneasy feelings with the neighbors.
I was sewing on heavy items, like Carhart overalls, Wall overalls, bikers road leathers, replacing big zippers, and general repair.  I do not do alterations, I am not a general seamstress, but I can work on this big stuff as I bought a Rex industrial sewing machine, a behemoth , and took the old motor off and put a newer Servo motor that I am able to slow the machine down to one or two stitches and you can handle the machine better.  I was busy all through the winter, had stuff come in over my eyeballs. It was going good up until March of this year, then the town started a down hill spiral due to the layoff of a lot of Union Pacific railroaders, this due to the shutting down of the coal mines and the Obama's war on coal.Our town now is dying and people are leaving and the town is drying up, including my business.

I had 6 new railroaders who were transferred in from other areas, a few months before all this happened, did a lot of work on their work clothes, some of the work totalled over $100 a piece, I needed that money so badly to pay my estate bill, but instead, stiffed me using debit cards then cancelling the transactions.  My attorney went in immediately to retrieve the funds, using a new attorney in the firm, working pro bono, as I just could not afford any more fees. I was told that most of the money has been retrieved, except for one, but I think the firm put a lien on his paycheck and I should get that soon.
So, I got mad about that, and shut the shop down, and went back home to work.  But everything is totally slowed down to almost nothing, no one is spending money or anything.    

Because of the town drying up, and a few other issues about being in this community, which I cannot take anymore, because my parents are not here anymore, I have no family here, and the town is literally going to pot.  We have nothing here anymore but meth, and sexual predators coming into town by the hundreds.  Also, D and I cannot afford the property taxes anymore. He cannot work anymore and the house taxes are beyond our incomes, so we are planning on moving hopefully sometime in late summer or early Fall.  We are looking at the NW area, Washington or Idaho.
We are hoping to be able to sell the house, with all of the layoffs, and get out of here. We'll move everything, animals, everything. I am clearing out my parents stuff from the house, we had a huge garage sale last Friday and Saturday, got rid of a ton of stuff. I still have to go through small items, and most of that will go to GoodWill or the dump. I cannot hang onto things anymore and if we move, I can't take much.  So that is what I'm doing now, going through and clearing out everything.

I have lost a lot of my beautiful cats also.  Old age, cancer, other ailments, so that has been sad. I miss them all. But life goes on and the ones I have left,  they will be moving with us to a new home I hope soon. Dogs too.  They are old and ill, but will come with us unless they go down hill.

Well, thats it for now, in a nut shell.  Almost too much to talk about.  It seems like life has just jumped by, it almost runs day by day, and its a blur to me. 
The only thing that keeps me focused is the fact that we're  planning on moving, and it keeps me going to plan something new.  I am excited, scared, not even sure if we can move at our age.  I'm also nervous as my eyesight is very limited now, because of the retina tear, I have distortion in the left eye and my driving is limited. For me to drive a moving van with a car in tow, and animals in crates really bothers me.  But we will cross that bridge when we get there.

Well, I will leave you all. Wishing all a wonderful week.  I will try to post more often.  Oh, that was the other reason, I was having problems with Blogger and getting logged back into it.  That took me a while to figure out.

Hugs to All of you.