Saturday, December 17, 2011

William F Cody (Buffalo Bill) home decorated for the Holidays

Good Evening Everyone,

I just got back a little while ago, to go out and take pictures of William F Cody's home, which is only about a mile away from my home.  Every year, the Nebraska Game and Parks decorates his home for the holidays and for a few days, you can go out and tour the home, and they put on chestnut roasts, and serve holiday hot cocoa and coffee, tea.

Yep, I live in the community where Buffalo Bill lived.  This home was a beacon for the elite of the world during his time.  There were extravagant parties held here, and a lot of general elite mingling and A list participants.

I thought you all would enjoy it.  I hope the photos turn out, its very hard to take photos at night. But you can't see the lights during the day. This photo was the best I could get. Sorry.
I will see if I can go out to get a daytime photo of his home and the huge barn.


Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Boo Boo'd Again

I see that my noodle recipe didn't get on the recipe page.  Maybe someday I'll get it.  Sorry.

egg noodle recipe

Mabel's Egg Noodles

2 1/2 Cups flour (I used all purpose)
Pinch of salt
2 eggs beaten and set aside
1/2 cup milk
1 Tablespoon butter

I get everything out and let sit to room temp.  Like the milk and eggs.  I do slightly heat up my milk, to warm and add to my flour.

I place flour in a large bowl, make a little hole in the center and then add your salt,  then I add my heated milk, then the eggs in the center.

I mix with a heavy wooden spoon I favor, blend well, and then I leave this mixture sit in the frig for about a half hour to an hour.

After chilling,  I take flour out, place on a floured cutting board and knead with my hands well, until everything is blended and the dough feels silky.

I then make a long roll, and then using a pastry cutter, cut into manageable chunks that you can flatten out and run through the machine.

If you do not a pasta machine, just roll out like a pie crust, and then you can use a pizza cutter to make your noodles, cutting the size you want.  I have also used a hand wheel that was my grandmother's that tenderized meat.
makes about a 1 pound bag of noodles.

I place my noodles in the freezer to chill and then toss them in a little flour to coat and then place them in bags for portion sizes.

Noodles! Noodles!!!!!

Well, I'm shocked.  I did it.  The noodles turned out pretty good for me doing it.
Starting the second batch, my pasta machine was jamming up.  Checked it, no dough caught in the mechanism, got through the noodles, and then D said he would look at it to see what it is hanging up on.

I am sorry the photos aren't  too good.  It's dark in my kitchen and trying to take shots of things and I don't think that they turned out that well.  And my little digital camera is very cheap, cheap.

I will post the recipe for the noodle dough on my recipe page.  Hope I can do that too.


Icy Palace

Good Morning/Afternoon Everyone,

Well the weatherman predicted freezing rain/drizzle and guess what.....HE WAS RIGHT!!  I knew that it would be but still when you go out in the morning, and then try to get the paper even a couple of steps, you take your life into your hands.
Even the dog did a sash shay down the steps, I got after her to slow down, and down she went, then proceeded to get up and the back end slipping around to go do her business and then back in.  That was at 7 am this morning.
I hate ice.  I hated it when D and I drove truck.  I tried to learn to drive on it,  but even seasoned drivers like D, with 35+ years behind the wheel says, if its ice, forget about the load being on time.  You cannot keep anything on the road with a fourth inch of ice on the road, period.

So, I am working in the house, just puttering around as FlowerLady says, and then decided to make egg noodles.  I have my grandmother's pasta machine and I a going to master it today, without pinching my fingers in the roller.
I'm  having roast chicken for dinner with leftovers planned for the rest of the week.

I love it when I can get in the kitchen and try to re-master things like noodles. I also like to get in the kitchen to forget about the worlds problems which are so very great at the present time.   I also went to the grocery yesterday as I knew it would be icy today, and looked at prepackaged egg noodles in the freezer case and they are over $4.00 a package.  Yikes!  I don't think so.  And the packages are so small to boot, so I am planning on trying to do more noodles and letting them dry a little and then freeze them in packages myself.  Take that Grandma's Egg Noodle company.

Still having problems finding parts for the car.  So I am driving the old dually, which I do love to drive.  Its big and rough riding but I do enjoy it.  The only thing about it is the fact its hard on fuel and you have to remember that you have to park someplace where you can get out, its large fenders stick out, and its a little hard to back out, and you definitely don't go to the bank drive up window!!!!

Well, I think that I will get back to my noodles, they are chilling in the frig, and then off to squeeze them in the pasta machine.  I also am going to try to email a few emails to friends, it seems life just plain gets in the road and you can't just sit and write.
Well everyone, I wish you a blessed week and I am sure that all of you are getting ready for the Holidays and family.
Please enjoy everyday and I will try to blog later this week.  I will see if I can get a few photos of pasta or my fingers!!

Love and Hugs to all

Sunday, December 11, 2011

More info on New Zealand food control

Good Morning Everyone,

I have been doing some research and then did a search on a search engine that does not record your ISP.  I keyed in "New Zealand food growing illegal and came up with startling information.
I urge you to do the same, and please start mentioning this on your blogs, or just start talking about it.
This law is based on a food safety law, and it included, guns, seeds, herbals, and of all things, WATER that are illegal.  It is meant for the dominate seed companies to control food.  And the government will seize everything and throw you in the clinker, probably for good.

This is something that we all need to watch and start pounding your state's Representatives as this is serious business and this will bring all of us to our knees.
I am having some issues posting links, so please start doing searches and please relay the information and message that if New Zealand  citizens are going to roll over and let this happen, then it will migrate to us as well and other nations.

I think that you may remember last year when we were having problems with the local law here, and the cop told me that gardens were illegal.....well folks, I rest my case.

I will keep posted on this issue.

Try to have a wonderful weekend.