Friday, January 4, 2013

Granny Mountain: Earth Angel

Granny Mountain: Earth Angel

Something that I think needs to be shared.  Please if you can, pass this on.
This is a very compassionate man who shows his love of his fellow man through something as simple as a cup of coffee or tea. In a world full of hate, disconnect, division of country, I hope that this brings a smile and thoughts to all of you.
If you can, please share this. I commented to Joy at her blog to see hopefully if its ok to re-post this.
Thank you.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

added Sophie photos

I just added a couple of photos of Sophie.  She is a little terror and for once, was quiet and laying in the sun and then right after I took the photos, she jumped up on my sewing machine and looked charming and so innocent for all of you.  She is a doll, but she has an ornery streak also.  But I love her.
I could not find Dexter, he hides and sleeps in places I cannot find him until its supper time, then he comes out. He a good little man and doesn't get into trouble like Sophie.  Her AKA is "Piranha".  I'm sure you can understand what that means! But I do love her and she has her charming side.

Wishing All a Wonderful New Year

Good Morning Everyone,

I hope that everyone had a wonderful Christmas, Yule, season. I hope that your New Year celebrations were quiet, and wonderful and that you shared it with family and friends.   I hope that everyone got what they wished, or just had a very peaceful Holiday season.

At this end of the 2012, and the upcoming 2013 I have very mixed feelings.  This year for me has been very challenging, and stressful.  My gardening year was mostly a bust, and I have elder parent challenges as where to turn, and what to do, with no help available. I am trying to find a different place to live and make a better home, which right now,  is nearly impossible. I am hoping that D's work comp will settle without more court appearances or doctor's appointments.   I do not have any hope for our government, our freedoms, and maybe a better future.  BUT, I guess, that is what I have is HOPE for something better, as that is all we have, and prayers and blessings to bring about change.

I am Hoping that this year I will attempt to try a few things that I have on my list.  A lot depends on me being able to move first.  I want to expand my herb business, and add to my culinary mushroom business.  I tried this a few years ago, but met with problems with the city as people here are morons, and ignorant and do not know the difference between psychotic mushrooms and culinary mushrooms like Portabellos and Oysters.  I have a small niche  market for these culinary mushrooms and I want to tap into this as it would be a  nice little  income, but until I can get away from this community and all of its glorious morons, I cannot do this until moving. I also want to add to my gardening, different types of plants to fill a niche market there.  And more different herbs.

So, I am HOPING that things may go well, but life being like it is and Murphy's Law I am just going to take it one day at a time, and try not to worry about it.  Oh and by the way, I was listening to a program over the weekend on our local Public radio and it was talking about this very same thing, taking each day as it comes and not WORRYING, which by the way, the word "worry" is from an old English word which means "to strangle", which is just what worry does to you.
So, for the New Year, for all of you and me, the goal is to "not worry" and strangle yourself over it.  The problems will resolve and we will take on the new year and the new day as it comes. But it doesn't hurt to do some planning for difficulties along the path.

I just want to take the time to thank all of you for your support, your readership, your suggestions, comments critique, and love and support.  It means so very much to me and  I love the sharing that blogging brings to all of us all over the world.
May 2013 bring less worry to all of us.