Saturday, March 16, 2013

The Wheel keeps revolving.....

Good Morning Everyone,

I had a few moments to post to let everyone know I am still wheeling around and very stressed.  My dad had a very serious set-back Thursday morning when I went in mid-morning to check on him.  He was very feverish, very sluggish, and not with it.  He told me he did not feel good at all.  So, I, aka "Hellcat" as my dad calls me when I become the explosive temperament I carry, went in and demanded that an appointment be made with my parents doctor to be seen.  I had to fight, but I won, and at 4 pm, dad and I were in at the doctor's office and then his doctor seen him and immediately had him shipped to our hospital ER and then the very close call we had started....

He was having problems breathing.  Now, dad is an old smoker, but quit many years ago, but he was for many years, a fireman on our local fire department, and battled blazes when there was no equipment like the firefighters have now.  He also was a Navy aircraft crash crew member and cleaned up and fought aircraft crash fires, also the same way, with very little equipment and his lungs are seered from the high heat. By the time I got him admitted into ER, the RN's were all over him, and got him fluids, and a CPAP to  help his breathing, by 8:30 pm, he was in distress with his breathing, and there for a while, I was sure that I was going to lose him.  The ER doctors told me if the care center waited until Friday morning to get him to the doctor, I would not have him here. They gave me hugs and patted me on the back to be his champion to get him here when he needed help.   He had a very quick moving pneumonia, from flu going around the care center, and it hit him very badly as he has compromised lungs. The team in ER was able to stabilize him, and he was moved into ICU where he is now.  I went yesterday and last night and he looked so much better, and was doing better and breathing better. He is so compromised because of the stroke and he also is not doing well at the care center where he is now, he hates the food there as it is bad, (I have eaten with dad there and I agree), he is not eating well and he hates the PT woman that they have there, as she is a bitch with a very abrasive temperment for being a PT at a care center.  I am now having issues with this care facility and am looking to see if I can move him to another.  I am not sure if I can, but I will be on top of things when he is released back, and I will be the hell cat that I am to see that he gets care and rehab.

So I have been running, and in the mean time, checking on my mom, and running errands, and just being stressed more.  I do not see this stopping for a long time at the moment.
D helps as he can, he was going to look into taking a part time job driving, but now, it looks like I need him home here more.  We will just have to play it by ear for now.

As I have mentioned I will try to compose a post about the experiences I have had.  I am also going to compose a post about the care center issue which I think everyone needs to be aware of also.  At the moment, I am too tired, stressed and will not be able to post correctly without emotion, and I want to inject a fair and non judgmental post.  I do want people to be aware of things and what needs to be checked and done for the sake of loved ones in someone else's care and what the rules and issues are.  So I will do this when I can take on this post with fairness, and insight to be fair to all.

I will now get ready to go and get some things done before I head back to ICU for my dad, and I will post later when I can, and keep all posted.

Thank you for all of your support, love, blessings, thoughts and karma, as it means the world to me and my family.  Thank you.