Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year to All

Dear Readers,

Well, looks like 2010 is going out here with an iceberg.   We have the start of our COLD weather, snow, and below air and wind chill temps.
Wednesday afternoon you started hearing about winter storm watch, then later on in the afternoon, winter storm warning, and the mention of below 0 wind chills.  So what else is new here in Nebraska in hillbilly hell.
This morning at 7 am, the air temp was 0, but with 30+ mph winds the windchill was -20 below. Burrrrr. And it is still snowing, and will through the rest of the day.  So its inside domestic duties today on the list on honey-do's. I think tonight, New Year's Eve,  the air  temp is supposed to drop to -10 but the wind chills will be -25 to -35 below.  How does that grab all of you!
Later this afternoon, I will scoop off the steps, and lay my ice melt down, I try to do this when the neighbors are inside as someone over here usually  wants  to use my ice melt and personally I tell them to give me $5  bucks as this stuff is about $20 a bag here, the stuff  I use has magnesium chloride in it and for me it is safe for my footing as I do not want to fall and possibly fracture my spine again, as I already have a fractured and fused spine, and I do not want to go through the surgery ever again.  My neighbors then get mad and pout, lol but they sure have money for beer and dope.
If I can get most of my back logged inside work done, and over the weekend, I am going to attempt to change my blog design, I am new to this and I am also not wanting to do it, but it is winter here, and I want to change the blog to reflect that on my blog, as it is a part of where I live, though I will miss the green around the house.  So I will try this and see if I can blow my blog into total oblivion and the outer parts of space and time. lol
Just a quick update, the ICU kitty is doing wonderful, I ran him into the vet's Tuesday morning, and a blood panel was run again, and the kidneys are in very normal range and functioning very well.  He is eating like a man now, and is starting to play with the others, and is generally just blending in like he was born here.  He is starting to run and learn how to handle the left rear to support the weight, he has trouble handling the corners and the kitchen floor, but he is doing great.  I tried to find out more information about his situation, for all of you, but was told no more than was listed on my last post about him.  I have a gut feeling that there was more to the story but it involves the animal control people and since I live in a town of corruption and vile doing, and plenty of cover-ups, it will be shut up and not discussed, but at least he survived his ordeal, and he is in my hands and that is all that matters. All I have to say about that is "what goes around, comes around".
Oh, and his name is "Chester".
Well, I guess I had better get to work, got lots of domestic duties to attend to, and I was going to try to do an angel food cake in the middle of this so I had better get going.
Again, I wish all of you a most wonderful New Year Eve, please be careful if going out, and let us hope for a better 2011 in the coming year.
I want to thank all of you for visiting my blog, I want to do some changes to it, and do better reporting on it, it is a learning experience for me, I am hoping to be able to get my digital camera I have on lay away soon, so I can bring photos better to you, and record better activities as I have some garden ideas in the works for raised beds, and cold frames, and an idea for summer hail protection and a cold frame all in one. I am not much of a draft person, though, and never know if the idea will work.
Thank you for all of your friendship and recipes, and just general sharing across the blogging fence.
Happy New Year all!