Wednesday, February 25, 2015

One Eyed Willy and other tales

Good Afternoon Everyone,

I thought I'd better pop in.   I tried to promise to post, but as Murphy's Law dominates my life,
On  January 29th, I had emergency eye surgery in Hastings Nebraska, about two and a half hours from my home town,  There are few eye surgeons in our state, only about four, and that's if you do not want to drive 5 hours to the urban areas and spend hundreds of dollars on hotel rooms and food,
Hastings supports a wonderful eye specialist for retina tears, which I had, in fact, I had four tears, with one tearing around my optic nerve and a high risk of being blind.  Dr Welch, a well respected eye surgeon, fixed my eye and I was back January 30th, and recovered at home.  
I have limited vision in my left eye, it will be months before it heals, and about a year to see if I can get some of my vision back.  So, time is the denominator in this issue.
Because of limited vision, D went out yesterday and bought me a new laptop with text that I can read better.  I have been working on getting the laptop configured with working with one eye.  My right eye is now a very dominate eye and is taking up for the slacker left eye.
All of this came down at the same time I was finishing up packing up my parents home, moving things, then Dad going in the hospital with the flu.  Too much stress and being older and very, very severely near sighted, the retina let go.  I did, however while this was going on, sold my parents home and got that very big issue out of my way. I do not have to worry about mowing, and care of two homes. I have not told my parents I sold it.  They are doing very poorly, not eating and degrading slowly, I do not need to tell them anything to upset them even more.
So, I am healing at home.  No driving at all.  I go in March 16th, for my checkup, there Dr will determine if I can drive limited.  D needs surgery on his leg, but this was postponed when I had this little mishap. So we will just see and pray.
Well, my eye is getting tired, and I have a sniffle, what else is new.  Kitties are fine, doggies are fine, and I just take it one day at a time. I am trying to keep tabs on all of you through the blogs.

Hugs to All