Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Nothing out of the ordinary

Good Morning Everyone,

I thought I'd better post to show I am still around.  Its the same ol' day to day doing's. I am trying to get work done around the house.

Sounds like we "may" get a snowstorm/blizzard? Notice I use a question mark.  Its too early to see the path of this storm.  The weather guru's are saying two different sides.  The first is the blizzard from hell with a lot of snow, and then the gentler side of mostly a rain/ snow mix.  We'll see.  For us, since this is coming out of the Southwest and maybe into the four corner region of Arizona, Utah, New Mexico and Colorado, and depending on the situation of this storm, and the track, it will influence the path and the amount of snow or rain we get here.  So, I am just waiting to see later what is going on and if I need to do just a little errands before this hits. We are also waiting to see if this storm affects our trip east.  We will just have to see. 

Other than that, its quiet, except for the normal things that I do at home or for my parents, who do keep me going, or sometimes running around in a fit of insanity, on occasions.

So, I think that I will get going.  I need to run errands this morning early, to my most un- favorite place, Walmart, I have to put some money on D's Walmart card, so he can eat.  He will not be in till this weekend, probably when this storm is bearing down, which I hope not.

Until later, please take care everyone.