Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Thank you sir, may I have another....

Good Morning Everyone,

Well, you know the old saying, about Murphy's Law, or best laid plans of mice and men, well, I have ended up with another older kitten as of Sunday evening.
D was working on the back of the trailer Sunday, and finishing up. He has been wiring for security lights for the back of the trailer and the back lot as we are now having major problems with trespassing, and stealing things, right off of the renter's porches and under the carports.
He was finishing up when all of the sudden the people who live in a cruddy trailer to the back, (where everything is disappearing) starting hollering at their dogs, which they do let run around.  One of them, a Jack Russell terrier cornered something under a brush pile clear in the back and D climbed down the ladder and ran over to see what what going on.  He thought it may be a possum, but no, it was a very small, about 7-8 week old kitten and the terrier mauled this little guy.  D grabbed hold of the dog and threw it about 10 feet, and that gave him a moment to grab this kitten before the dog had a chance to finish the job and then ran in the house with this tiny one and I was shocked.  Then I kicked myself into doctor gear and started the fluids, and heating pad and then stayed up all night, hoping I could save this little guy.  He was bruised, and passed a very dark stool, which is a sign of internal bleeding, and I was horrified, as I can do little until morning to get this little guy to my vet.  So I just did sub-Q fluids, and kept warmth on him for the shock and prayed, that is all I could do....
By morning, I had fallen asleep on the couch for about an hour and a half, I was exhausted.  I jumped up and went into the small bathroom where I had him in the bathtub on warm blankets and the heating pad  and to my shock, he was up and was do not know how happy I was to see this little man up, after seeing him limp and in distress.  I called the humane society that I work with, and they gladly paid for him to see the my vet and get some meds for him for pain and a very bad case of worms, the dark stool was worms and not blood. But he did receive a good mauling but thankfully the bites did not pinch or rip up his internal workings or he would not be with us.   This little guy is bruised but is improving every day.  He is very alert now and eating well.  I am so very glad, I am also glad I keep a medical kit ready for anything, people or critter.
So now, I have two kittens, the small grey girl is doing very well, and thriving, and now this little man.  Yep, I have a sign outside the door...
I will post pictures of the two for you.
Other than that, I have just been buried with work, between the kittens, my parents, the garden, and whatever else, I feel like a ping-pong ball only worse.  We have cooled off quite a bit here, have gotten some rain, and just am doing general work around the house.  Boy, it never ends.  And I think that I have said I live a boring life... Yeah, RIGHT.
So, I will post pictures, and keep you all posted.

Hugs to all