Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Row, Row, Row your boat, (or house)

Good Morning everyone,

Well, its raining....again.  We are so soaked here, where I live.  The whole lot area is not  leveled to code, and we have water everywhere.  My lot is somewhat drier, but not much.  Everyone else, is swimming, good, maybe they will move quicker, (evil thoughts).

My garden is suffering terribly.   I have had to re-start seeds, nothing is growing, even with lights, heat.  This garden season is very mysterious and ominous to me.  I am somewhat superstitious, like my grandmother, signs are everywhere and I do not like the signs I see.  I am going to try to restart some squash seeds, and cucumber, and a few other things, if it doesn't work, I think I will quit while I am ahead.  It is supposed to be warm and decent on the weekend, so I will put my greenhouse plastic up for my cucumbers, and try to get that ready and then see what happens. 

I am going later in the week, to see if I can find some cheap flowers to put in pots around the place.  Since this is going to be a weird year, with weird neighbors and everything else weird, I would like some color around the place, to help my mood deal with all of the bad stuff going on.    I usually have tons of flowers, but since the weirdo's next door are, well, weird, I have had to change my ways a little but yet have my colors around.   I am placing color around the north side where I have my patio area, I dug out my cheap dollar store canopy, will be getting my patio furniture out probably this weekend, and am cleaning off the front porch, so I least I have privacy from all of the idiots around here. Oh, and by the way, I have been told that all of the new people who moved in here during the winter, are mad because I have a 10X10 porch on my place and they don't.  So the idiots have been complaining to the owner that they want porches too. Go figure. No wonder the owner is pissed at me, ha, ha.  I have had the porch since the summer of 2006.  I bought it used and had it fitted in and its been here ever since.  I guess the owner has told all of the idiots that I own so I can have a porch if I want, which shocked me, but still doesn't stop the yapping.  I feel I am back in Junior high school.  I have never seen such juvenile behavior except from juveniles, and these are 20' somethings which have no brains that God gave a goose.  Personally I think that it is funny.  Only I can get into trouble having a porch.

It just dawned on me it is Memorial Day weekend coming up.  I don't do too much.  I may grill over the weekend.  I generally do dinners for the folks, D, the ex will stop by, so I will drag the big smoker grill I have, and clean that up, and get it ready for the season.. I have a big smoker that I do quite a bit of outdoor cooking on.  It is just like my gas oven, and works wonderful, but I have not done everything on it.  I have done pizza on a stone on it, that was fun.  I would like to try to do a brisket and smoke that.  I need to get hickory or mesquite wood to smoke, and just make a weekend of it, as you have to keep checking the wood and temps for a long time to smoke.  But I am going to try this this summer.  I love to cook outside, as my trailer gets way too hot to cook inside,  I have enough problems when I can during the summer.  I just hope I do not have all of the idiot neighbors over for food and mooching.

I do however, want to say something, and say thank you again to all of you who read my very boring blog.
First, I do not want to make anyone mad here.  So I will try to just make my words plain, simple and make my statement.
When I started my blog, I mentioned I am a new blogger.  I am tech challenged, and do my best.  Second,  I mentioned I live a boring and very uneventful life.  It is a life of being a poor slob, and as I state on the header of the blog, I live and make the best of what I got where I live at.  Third,  The last month has been, challenging, and stressful, so I have been unable to blog, and since the garden is not being cooperative, that even makes it worse, as I have had nothing to show, and I have had to move gardening areas around, so I do not have a beautiful gardening area anyway because of problem people that just want to make life miserable for everyone else around them because they are miserable themselves.

Well, why I am saying something about this is the issue of a few comments from anonymous commenter's.  I have received comments from people who are sandbagging around, and like my idiot neighbors, making problems and just being a plain pain in the butt, period.   The comments left where hurtful, and I would say, from someone, like the 20's somethings that live around me, they have no idea about life in general, or even what kind of a goal or plan in mind they want in life.   They are to me, bullies who use the blogging world as  their personal playground where they can bully and make comments, that I will not even post, they were deleted, so you cannot get the word out to promote your brand of life you seem to want to push on to others.  I am glad I have in place the ability to see comments before I post them, so you can't get past that, my dears.
The comments left were about how boring my blog is, well, if you don't like it my dears, go elsewhere.  I live a boring life.  I have very little to contribute to you or others like you.  I do not have time to you and your ideology you want to place upon everyone you come across that doesn't fit your blog ideals.  I know some of the blogs that are wonderful, and full of information that is passed on to others.  These blogs on on my readers list, so they are available to all.
I have had a very stressful month or so, and with only one of me being able to do everything that needs to be done, I cannot sit at the computer and pound out all sorts of suggestions, recipes, gardening and other sorts of stuff, that I personally would love to do.  But I cannot, its only me here and I have too many commitments to too many things.

So,  I am sorry that I do not have a ton of followers, I am sorry that I do not have tons of information for you, I am sorry that you feel that I am a fly spec on the blogging world that does not need to be on the map.  I am sorry that you are a small minded person that gets their jollies off of commenting on others blogs to make them feel small.  Personally, I really shouldn't comment period about your blogging comments, as it gives you power to continue your infantile mindset, but I will tell you, to me, you are a small, very narrow minded individual who doesn't get anything in life.  I do feel very sorry for you, as you are no better than the low life you are.  Take it however you want.

I want to thank all of you who follow my blog.  I am hoping that as things calm down here as summer gets going, I will be able to bring things to you that may be of interest.  I live by the saying, that best laid plans of mice and men.  I cannot see into the future to see what it coming down the pike.  I like to try to see, to be ready, but sometimes, it just hits and you have to deal with it.
I want to thank all of you who follow, of your friendship, fellowship and comforting words that you leave and make.  I love all of you, and give prayers to all, and blessings to protect you.  Your words and blogs give me comfort, support and just general good neighbor feelings even though we are so very far apart. 

Well,  I think that I have moaned enough, PO's is more a better word, but I will not cuss any more that I have to.  I think that I had better get dressed and get going.  I have work to do outside before it rains more this afternoon, and see if I can get my porch set up and cleaned up.
Take care all, please have a great week, and a very safe upcoming Memorial Day weekend. Hugs to all.  I will try to post photos of what I am up to.