Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas, Happy Yule, Good Tidings, Don't eat too much, Yada, Yada

Good Morning Everyone,

I just want to say "Merry Christmas, Happy Yule, and the many other seasons blessings be upon you, your families, and friends in this last week of December 2012.
I want to thank each and every one of you for stopping by, commenting, and just peeking in to see what is going on in my little purgatory of a world. I have a boring world, but I try to make it interesting. Maybe more boring but what can I say.
I am going to try to make my blog better, and do more.  I do have time vampires with elder care and other duties, but I feel I also need all of you in my life to help me get through this very trying time in my life.  I am one who has no other family to ask or depend on, so from all of you I gather strength to get up in the morning and start the day.
So I will take a few days leave to be still, eat myself silly, and be back to hit it again.

My love and hugs to all.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Small Blizzard

Good Morning Everyone,

I know,  dorky title, but I have been in and have seen "blizzards".  This was a small one. Out in the country, yes, it was very bad, we had wind gusts of 50+ mph yesterday and even in town, the snow blew around and I could not see my house neighbor's homes.  This was a very quick mover of a storm.  By 9 pm, it had moved out to wreck havoc down in the eastern part of the state, and I am so very glad D and I went to that doctor appointment on Monday, whew!  dodged another weather bullet. But unfortunately, the roads were as usual, slick, drifting, and deadly to some.

I had a very early day yesterday.  My mom's hip slipped out of its socket during the night. So, I had to get dressed and go over and call the medics and ambulance to get her to the ER.   I was worried about this as I had taken her to her hair done Tuesday,  and the salon has crappy chairs not designed for elderly clients.  They look good, but are not functional to disabled or handicapped patrons.  So, during the night, it slipped out.  She sleeps in one of those lift chairs that moves up and down and it easier for her to do so, but what ever happened, it did, and I was off and running at 7 am.  It was not snowing or blowing at that time.  The storm did not start in here until around 10:30 am, when the wind and snow started.  They released my mom around 11:30 am, and I am so very glad they did, as the roads turned deadly and the ER starting getting in "code blue" calls in and when I heard that, I knew the roads were getting slick and deadly.
When I got my mom back home safe, I had to go pay the folk's bills, it was Social Security day, and I paid their utility bill and cable, and then got them money for groceries and gas.  I went  to go  send the lovely FlowerLady a package, though I was not sure when it would get shipped out because the roads were starting to shut down.  While out, the streets in town were getting slick quickly, and I mean, slick, within about a half hours time.   And people were being total morons, idiots with their driving, and whatever else I could lay my tongue on..I knew the first bad snow we had, people would be morons, and I was not far off that prediction.  The streets had been re-done with an oil topped pavement and boy, slick is not the word, and I won't use the word here. 

So, I did not get too much done after dealing with everything,  I did however bake   banana cake that Glenda at Living in the Ozarks has posted on her blog.  I had squishy bananas ready to go, and I was surprised that I was able to get that done.  I was supposed to rack my cherry brandy, and rack up my wine in different bottles, but never got to that, I was just too emotionally wore out and when I am like that, I will not touch anything that take more neurons than needed.  This morning, I feel better, though tired, and I will tackle this today.

So, sometime today, I will tackle the sidewalk and driveway, as I can.  I do not know what happened to my snow guy, I cannot find him, so I gather he has quit as the last few years, snow removal is a little shy of the white stuff that  makes the business go.
Well, I guess I had better go,   I am going to have another cuppa and then get started.  I just do not want to go out in the cold air.  But I must.

I wish everyone a wonderful day and upcoming weekend.
Hugs to All

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Winter Storm Warning

Good Evening Everyone,

Well, its official, a winter storm.  This was updated about 1:30 pm this afternoon, and at tonight's local news, its a-coming.  I don't think that it will be LOTS of snow, but with 35-40 mph winds, it will drift and blow around, thus winter storm warning.  To the south of us, a blizzard warning, which is where this storm is tracking.  So we will get some moisture, but still not enough to squelch the drought, but some is better than none.

No too much else going on.  Since tomorrow will be a stormy day, it calls for stormy inside activities, like baking and racking my brandy.  I also need to rack my wine into bottles, so guess what, that's on the agenda tomorrow, along with laundry, and a few other household chores in between.

So, D and I ran errands today to get just a very few things and then came home, and took my mother to the hairdresser to get her hair done.  It helps to uplift her spirits and get her out for a little while.  I am glad that I did not make the appointment for tomorrow, as she is not steady with snow and ice on the sidewalks, and matter of fact, neither am I.  I don't need a mother with broken hip, been there, done that, and I don't need to be broken either, don't have time.

If I can get my camera to work, I will take photos of the white stuff. 
Well, I am beat, and am going to catch a movie and be horizontal soon, like the lovely FlowerLady says.
Hugs to All

Monday, December 17, 2012

Travel Monday, possible snow Wednesday

Good Evening Everyone,

Well, D and I got back from the appointment with the neurosurgeon in the NE part of the state about 5 pm tonight. .  Total miles to this physician was 416 miles.   D is in horrid chronic pain as I am posting, I am just as bad.  My days of traveling are very limited and numbered.  I am not young anymore to do the mobile thing I did when I was 30 years younger.

D has been doing so-so in the truck.  This particular truck has a ergonomic shaped seat with air ride, so its a little cushy for the ride. The pain get bad when he shifts the truck and that uses that left leg.   But the chronic pain is a constant and after this neurosurgeon did his own MRI for his record and for D's work comp case, it showed what I knew was wrong.
The MRI revealed  S-1 and L1-L5 damaged, and all disks are bulging and need to be fixed.  I knew this when D was having pain and loosing feeling down the left side  from the pain in the lower spine.  My own spinal fusion is at L4 to L5 and I had the same thing pain
wise and numbness, so I knew.  It was the company who he worked for who has, with their callous and uncaring attitude, and no medical care, has made D's ability to work until he could retire a pipe dream.  The neurosurgeon was furious as to the uncaring of this company and basically told D that his workability is next to none, and so now it will be up to this particular physician, and D's general physician, D's attorney, the opposition's attorney, and the work comp court to decide now, it may not even get to that point, they may settle as it will be 4 years in January that this has been going on.   This is the second opinion that has confirmed that D has a very severe spine injury and his days of capable work is pretty much done.

I am not going to worry about it.  What comes will come.  I have much to worry about with just trying to keep a roof over the head, a little food on the table and the utility bills paid.  I am much more worried about D's spine and a possible surgery, which personally, I have little faith in, as my surgery did not work and the fusion failed. Spine surgeries are not guaranteed, at all.

It was nice when we left early this morning, but as we got off the interstate, and up into the north east  corner, it got cold and very dismal looking.  Heavy, foggy clouds hung low, and had an inpending look of a snow storm on them, but that was all they did, just looked ominious.  We are however, supposed to have some snow here Wednesday afternoon, and maybe a possible snow storm for the eastern part of the state.  I will know more as Tuesday morning rolls around and the weather is updated. Again, I will believe it when I see white stuff on the ground.

Some time this later this week, I am going to rack up my cherry brandy and bottle it.  I am hoping that it turns out.  I will try to get the camera to work to take a photo.  I am wanting to order some different yeasts for wine and try the different types.  I will learn as I go.  I am also going to order a kit to make root beer and maybe try ginger beer or a vanilla creme of some sort.  I also need to order some more glass jugs so I can start new batches and let  wine  age more.  I am having fun just experimenting with it.  Its fun.
I also have to do a black forest cake for my house neighbor for her table. I will then sprinkle some of the cherry brandy I made over this cake.   I will have some of my cherries that were happily swimming in booze to make the topping for the cake.  Should be good.

Well, I am just about to fall over.  I am  so exhausted so I will post later and try to have some photos of what I am doing here with cake and drunk fruit.

Hugs to All

Friday, December 14, 2012

I am so Sad and Angry

To the families, the first responders, the cops, the community  in Connecticut, I give you my prayers, blessings, and condolences.
To the monster who did this, damn you into the hellfire, and the jaws of the pit, you will  burn.

This is Psalm 63.  It was a favorite passage of scripture of Gen. George Patton, a war hero of mine, since my grandfather served under his command in the European Theater during WWII. He favored it when things got tough and everyone and everything was coming down around him for the actions he took during his command.

"O God, you are my God, early will I seek you: my soul thirsts for you, my flesh longs for you in a dry and thirsty land, where no water is;

To see your power and your glory, so as I have seen you in the sanctuary.

Because your loving kindness is better than life, my lips shall praise you.

Thus will I bless you while I live: I will lift up my hands in your name.

My soul shall be satisfied as with marrow and fatness; and my mouth shall praise you with joyful lips:

When I remember you on my bed, and meditate on you in the night watches.

Because you have been my help, therefore in the shadow of your wings will I rejoice.

My soul follows hard after you: your right hand upholds me.

But those that seek my soul, to destroy it, shall go into the lower parts of the earth.

They shall fall by the sword: they shall be a portion for foxes.

But the king shall rejoice in God; every one that swears by him shall glory: but the mouth of them that speak lies shall be stopped."

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Very Chilly Sunday Morning

Good Morning Everyone,

Well, its turned  winter here today.  This morning at the time I am writing now, its 10*F with a windchill of -8*F.  Burrrrrrr.  And a shock to you when its been spring-like and warm, almost too warm.  The wind blew very hard last night, bounced stuff around, and made noise, made the animals nervous and jumpy.  The furnace pilot light went  out, I have a draft somewhere underneath the trailer and when the wind blows hard, and from the northwest, it goes out and gets chilly.  So I waited till a little while ago and re-lit the pilot and its staying lit for now.  If not, I can start the oven and it really heats up the house quickly and then I run the ceiling fans and circulate the air and its warm in about 15 minutes.

First, I want everyone to please keep Flower Lady's in their thoughts and prayers, her husband is in the hospital and needs thoughts and meditation for healing. Her blog is on my list. Please keep her and DH in thoughts today.

Not too much going on here at all.  Very quiet, which surprises me to no end.  Usually, its party-party and trouble, but I think that no one has any money to party-party and no money for gas to do so, so its very quiet, which is fine by me.  During this week, I house sat for one of my house neighbors, when they left to go to Denver Colorado to shop for Christmas for their family.  I don't mind at all, and I feel good that I can do this and be trusted. Makes me feel good.  It has taken 5 years out of the 8 years,  before anyone trusted me since I lived here, because of the housing environment that exists here, which is no trust and don't care.  I pride myself to be able to be trusted with some one's home and mail and in particular, this neighbor's rentals and tenants rent payments and emergency phone contact for rental problems.  Nothing happened, and all is ok with the world till the next time.

I am still in full gear cleaning and prepping for  painting and clearing out stuff.  Its needed anyway, its just that something is driving me now and I want to get it done, just in case the cards fall and the prayers are answered for moving.  I have been looking, but nothing is popping its head up at the moment, but I will just be vigilant and when it shows, it will manifests itself to me and is meant to be. That is all I ask for, oh, yes, and some patience, which I don't have too much of.

My camera is not behaving too good, but I will try to take some photos of my crocked fruit I have going.  I am making cherry brandy, and some mixed fruit compote, and some plum brandy. It is happily bubbling on the counter.    I have placed some cinnamon sticks in the jars to add some spice and am going to let it sit another week and a half, then I will strain and bottle for Christmas gifts for some of my house neighbors.  I am also making a black forest cake for the house neighbor that I sit for,  for her Christmas table, along with some of the crocked cherries that are happily swimming in vodka.  Should be good. I only hope.

Other than that, that is all that is going on.   I wish everyone a very peaceful rest of the weekend, and stay warm.
Hugs to All

Monday, December 3, 2012

Early Morning Blab Session

Good Morning Everyone,

I have been up since 5:15 am this morning.  D started a new job over the weekend.  It has taken several weeks to get his CDL, passport, drug tests,  and paperwork going.  Boy, tell you what, the government is in everything, and what has happened between 2009 and 2012, has really changed, with all of the new laws, rules, regulations pertaining to commercial drivers.  To acquire the commercial licenses has so many steps and complicated paperwork, its scary.  The drug tests are more complicated and intricate now, testing for more things that, personally I have never heard of.  Sorry, but in this department, I am naive and  ignorant.  I see it all around me here, but I don't do it, or live the lifestyle, so it really opened up my eyes.
This job popped up kind of unexpected.  I won't go into details, but its driving over the road, and a mix of hauling anything from cattle to machinery, to a possible contract to haul XL pipeline equipment, to hauling the motors of the huge windmills that are being put up all around us here and around the country.  His boss and the company is a large diversified company that does not play in just one area of trucking, which is smart business anyway. Right now, D is hauling cattle, which because of the drought, is going on, but soon, probably by next summer/fall, very little cattle will be hauled.  So, then its machinery and equipment next.  D has hauled cattle and some machinery, but the props for the wind energy towers is another story, and he told his boss this, but boss thinks he can do it. D has over 35+ years hauling and trucking and logistics experience, and no accidents.   It will be over weight, over length, heavy loads, some running over 300,000.pounds and on trailers which have sometimes over 30 small wheels that steer independently to haul these huge loads.

At this time, this will just unfold daily.  I am not going to worry about anything.  D's work comp case is coming down to the wire now, and sounds like it will be settled soon.   January of this coming year will make it four years since he got hurt.  His attorney wanted him to take this job, to see how his back and injury will do, before this comes to court or even if it goes to court,  and unless he does this job, we will not know if he can or not.  The extra income will be welcome, though.

Something else that I will share with you is the fact that I am looking to move from this trailer now, to somewhere else.  Several factors have made this decision.  The fact of no title and proof of ownership on this property, and the fact of, I'm just getting tired of the area, the crime, the drugs, and the cesspool environment we have here. I want a larger garden area, and a place to have small dwarf fruit trees, and some chickens.   I want to be able to have this and not be told I can't because of some moron thinking he's a war monger.  I am not happy, and so, I have made the decision to start looking and scoping out something different.  I am even thinking of moving to another smaller town.  But, for now, I am just going to take each day as it comes, and when January comes around, I may get a better view of the goal and work from there. I also have to find out from the Assessor's office how I go about getting the property taxes off this trailer and back on to the owner, since there is no title/VIN. So I have several things to do before I can commit.  I also have to start looking for a place, which around here is not easy or cheap.   I am sure that some of you know what I am talking about.  Your heart is not happy, and so the house is not happy.  Then I feel, its time to change the situation in which you are in.  So, I am in gear to make the change. I am now in the mode of starting to heave out stuff I don't want or need and cleaning out closets, drawers, and rooms.  I will keep you posted on this.

Not too much going on currently around here.  I started some cherry liqueur on Saturday.  This is a total experiment, and I will post on this to see how successful this is.  I need to start working on a fruit cake, and I am going to try several, including Leanne's recipe she has listed at her blog, Tales of Simple Days.  It is listed on my blog list. I also seen a recipe from Thibeault's recipe  blog also, which is listed on the blog list.  I have never had much luck doing fruit cake, so Glenda, Ilene, any tips? Or I'm sure I'll make a brick to throw. I'll keep you posted on this also.

I just got back this afternoon from running errands.  Today, people are in a hurry, and have their heads where it shouldn't be.  Everyone seems to be out in the nether regions, or in the ozone somewhere.  Its so funny how you can read people's faces and body language.  Pretty sad, personally.
So I am glad to be home.  I need to start cleaning, as I am going to start prepping walls and start painting.  I have paint that I bought over a year ago, and I want to get this done.  I will then finish floors and lay cheap flooring down and then this will be done.  Then if I find a new home, all I have to do is move, and then notify the morons and then start over somewhere else.

Well, I had better get going.  I wish everyone a wonderful week and enjoy all of your blessings.


Saturday, November 24, 2012

Seen Something

Good Afternoon Everyone,

I am just quickly posting a few things for over the weekend for you to read.  I also came across a blog that, for awhile, disappeared.
I was blog hopping and sand bagging over the holiday, and came across a blog. On this particular blog, was listed Granny Miller.  Now, I am not sure if anyone has read her blog, but she practices an Agrarian life style and has much wisdom to share.  Then one day, I went to her blog and she said she was quitting the blog and then it disappeared into the great purgatory of the cosmos.  This new blog I came across, had her new blog and listing and I am going to share it.  So, Ms Granny Miller, I hope that its ok to share, as you have much to share.  Her blog is so please go visit.  I cannot tell you how long she has bee up, but I did read that she was moving content from the old to the new blog. 
Well, I have much to do today, and I will touch base with everyone later. 

How To Make Vinegar by Countryside Staff from the July/August, 1999 issue of Countryside & Small Stock Journal

How To Make Vinegar by Countryside Staff from the July/August, 1999 issue of Countryside & Small Stock Journal

Get an early start in your garden by Nancy Pierson Farris from the January/February, 2009 issue of Countryside & Small Stock Journal

Get an early start in your garden by Nancy Pierson Farris from the January/February, 2009 issue of Countryside & Small Stock Journal

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

A Jumble of Thoughts before Turkey Day

Good Afternoon Everyone,

Well, its Tuesday afternoon, I spent the morning making two pumpkin pies, and then a Raspberry Cheesecake ring.  I am not sure how that will turn out.  Its cooling outside for a little bit, then when I get back from running a few errands, I will have a snack with some tea.  I'll let you know.  If I don't blog, then you know it was a failure, LOL.  I am trying to get the baking done, so I don't need to worry about making room for things in the oven for Thanksgiving.  My oven is large, but it still has only so much room.  I am not much of a baker, so I like to get this done, so I don't stress out about it and burning anything or making a mess.  The pies look good, I don't like a real brown crust, but I do not have pie crust covers.

Wednesday Morning, 21st. Update:  The Raspberry Cheesecake ring turned out wonderful.  This is going to my house neighbor for her Thanksgiving table today. I will make another for me later.  I made Raspberry cheesecake for me. Yum!
Today, I just have a few errands to do, and then I will be shut up for the rest of the week.  It is a complete mad house around here.  People are running around totally spaced out and do not have their minds on driving, or any other functions except spending money they don't have, and trying to please the in-laws, the out-laws, and everything in between.  I am so very glad I do not play the game of pleasing the relatives, I quit that game a very long time ago.  Wonderful, quiet bliss.

Well, I just wanted to pop in and send Thanksgiving Holiday wishes to all and blessing upon you.
Hugs to All

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Saturday Morning

Good Saturday  Morning Everyone,

Well, I am up, and am waiting to get to the church where I pick up my Prairie Paks grocery items.  I am so glad, as its early this time because of the Thanksgiving Holiday here in the States.  I am glad as my fresh produce is running very low.  Since I do meals for my parents, usually on the weekends, I have dipped into it more, so I am now going to purchase maybe one or two more paks for December.  This is really the only way I can provide grocery for the household.  Since the garden is finished til spring, and the price of produce is out of the roof here, I do not buy. I may buy some mushrooms and a little splurge item, but I really try to stick to my not buying anything out of season.  Anyway, the produce is very poor quality.  I went yesterday to pickup some potatoes, both whites, and reds, and the 10# bag of reds were some of the worse I had ever seen, and on top of it, which really pissed me off, was the fact that a lot of the potatoes, especially in the middle, where generally people don't look, they were rotten and mushy.  Being in the mood I was in, I caught the produce lady and showed this to her, and she just shrugged her shoulders and said, "that's what we have to offer" and gave me a deer-in-the-headlights-look and walked off. So, next year, I am going to definitely experiment with potatoes in my ghetto buckets, and try the fingerling's, and maybe some different varieties for these 20quart blue buckets I use. I am also going full steam however I have to  start my mushroom beds under my porch.  I am now declaring war on poor expensive produce in the market, take that CH Robinson.

I am watching my spending and voting with my dollars, like everyone else is.  We have problems here which I am sure that everyone else may have with very poor quality produce and products. We are not blessed with a year round farmers market, which I wish we had, but its just not feasible with winter.   I will not buy produce from Wally, I do get my bulk staples like flour and sugar from there as we do not have any place to buy that, I have no Aldi's or Costco, or anything else even close to me.  I get my meat from a small locker in a village about 50 miles from me here, and that is covered.  I think that soon, you will see a more turn to voting with dollars than ever before. I see it in the grocery, and watch people buying and what they put in their carts, and they are buying with dollars that are spent wisely. Not everyone, but a lot.  I seen the ones who do not cook, or are on food stamps, they buy the boxed processed crap and load up with pop and energy drinks, which I absolutely will not touch.  And when they check out, I almost fall over because of the price. Oh, well.

There really isn't anything to talk about or mention.  Its the blah time here, no garden, no flowers, very drap and dreary in the yard.  People are not outside.  We still have issues with stealing gas, and stealing things that are not strapped down.  The last few nights, the animals have been restless, and I had one of my cat's growlng at the window, which they only do when someone is walking by or around the house.  I do not know what the park owner is doing with the cesspool park here.  The sale did fall through, and my assessor told me that he was totally bent out of shape about that.  Duh....moron doesn't know that you cannot sell anything without papers, and titles, and bills of sale.  This should give you a vision of what kind of man he is. Idiot is a better word.
There is no rain yet.  We are so, so dry.  I am very worried about the farmland and our gardens if this doesn't change soon.

I have got so much housework to do, right at the moment, I am trying to find room for my prairie paks in the frig.  I also went over to my folk's home yeserday, and got some pork shoulder sausage we had a year or so ago.  At the time, we had it done in large brat links, but now I wished I just had it ground and packaged in 1# packages.  So I am just slitting them and then mixing my spices in with the Kitchen Aid mixer, and then I need to go and find a patty maker.  We like them a little more uniform in size, so I am just letting everything sit to marry the spices together in the frig, and then I will make patties and then drag out my vacuum sealer and do serving size patties. I made D hot and spicy and then I made some mild sage.   I still have so much in that freezer, so next week, I am taking quite a bit to the homeless shelter, and the Salvation Army food pantry and sharing.   We just cannot eat what we had processed.  The pork that we had this made from was from an overload D took to California.  There were two huge whole pork shoulders, and when D was ready to close the doors, the warehouse told D that they were throwing away the meat, for no reason, it was an overload, so D asked if he could buy them, and the warehouse foreman gave them to him, no questions asked.  I could not believe that they throw away perfectly good meat because of overload on an order.  Don't get me started on this waste subject, as I don't want to rant today.

Well, I had better get going, and go find my patty maker, and then get this done. 
I wish everyone a wonderful weekend, stay warm or cool, where ever you are.  I will see if I can find a good article to share from Countryside Magazine.
Take care,

Monday, November 12, 2012

A very late Veterans Day Salute

This is a very late tribute to Veterans Day.  So I am posting this morning to give my salute to all vets, past, present, and future. I salute you.
I was going to post yesterday, but I was having really bad issues with our Internet service here.  It was on and off, and then I had technical issues that involved my being on the phone for about and hour and a half with my service provider trying to get my account and email issues figured out and fixed.  You would think that these companies who provide service would know something about their technical issues, but unfortunately, I had to go through three people before the fourth was able to finally fix my problem.  We were not sure if someone hacked into the account, and probably never know, but its fixed. But for how long, I am not sure.
So, anyway, I just thought I would pop in and give my salute to all vets.
Have a wonderful week

Friday, November 9, 2012

Fixed a blogger problem

I just wanted to post that I think that I fixed the comment box.  I have no idea what happened, but I think that the box is back on.  Go figure....
Thank you for the emails notifying me of the glitch.
I just looked at the updated weather, and we get a little snowy here.  Again, I'm not going to hold my breath until I actually see something :{-)
I will try to post something from the Countryside Magazine for you over the weekend.
Hugs to All


Good  Morning everyone!

I apologise for being away from blogging.  I haven't actually be "away" *I wish* I could disappear for a while, but alas, all of the problems, and chores would still be here. I have been visiting all of your blogs and keeping up with all. 
I have been working around the house, just doing house things.  Trying to clean up the rest of the outside and put mowers, and tools up and away. Also, parent care.  Wrapping the porch up in my ugly white tarp to keep the cold wind and air out a little.  It isn't pretty but gets the job done until I can get a more sturdy shutter system up.
I have not felt real good the last few weeks also.  I have a terrible ear infection, from a bad wind storm we had here a few weeks ago, and it blew something in and I and several cats have been ill from upper respiratory infections. I have a doctor's appointment this morning, so hopefully I can get something to calm it down. My ears and jaw hurt really bad and its very painful to bend over to pick up things. I am so very stuffed up.  So I have been running the cool mist humidifiers and trying to keep the air moist.  Its so very dry here. Still no rain, or moisture of any kind since I wrote last.  We are *supposed* to get some snow tomorrow. This will be our first real cold Arctic air, so I got the furnace filters changed and vacuumed out the furnace. Everything else is pretty much done and put to bed until spring.

I have mentioned that I have been playing around with wine making.  I have made several rounds of wine. My very first batch was a kind of Sangria, which I like.  I personally thought it turned out fantastic for my first time around.  I thought it tasted so very much better than what I got at the liquor store.  I will tell you that it does have a alcohol content as it does have a *kick*, but I was very pleased with it.
I have two 1 gallon jugs going with a grape juice and wine yeast, and another with a apple, cherry raspberry juice with champagne yeast.  I am experimenting with different yeasts as it gives a different wine. (I'm learning).  I need to get some bottles, which I have some, some recycled coffee syrup bottles, the 750 ml size.  I just need to wash, sanitize, and then rack my wine up.  I want to start another batch of Sangria and also a white or rose. What I am using is just the frozen juice you get in the store.  I get the canister which has no added sugar and then go from there.  As I can afford to do, I will try the fruit mixtures the brewing company I buy from.  Oh, and by the way, I am ordering from Midwest Supplies Co. in Minneapolis,  I also am ordering some kits for making a fermented fruit brandy.  This is for some holiday gifts for my house neighbors.  I need to start soon as it takes about 3-4 weeks for this to ferment and be bottled up in time for the holiday.
  I am very pleased with their service and have had no problems getting things in the mail. They even have yogurt cultures which I have ordered and have used and I am VERY pleased the way my yogurt has turned out.  I love creamy rich yogurts, and not low fat ones either.  I use whole milk, and evaporated milk,  so since I have used these cultures, they are creamy and rich and very nice in the morning for breakfast. They also carry cheese making supplies and brewing supplies for beer, if this is your bag.  I highly recommend them., so far. I will try to post what I am doing with this.  I do want to let everyone know that it is very simple to do, and you do not need complicated equipment, just some gallon glass jugs, and a few CO2 vents to vent off the gas so you do not explode your jugs. Sugar, yeast *I first used just regular bread yeast*  and a warm place and you are off and running.

This year, I am doing all homemade holiday gifts, mostly food gifts.  I just do not have money for gifts, and personally, I do not have family to give expensive gifts to anyway.  D's family was one of those, which you had to spend huge amounts of money on to show how much you loved them, the more money spent, the more you were appreciated.  I did not fall into this trap and stopped it right off the bat.  You also had to buy gifts for the nieces and nephews and other shirt tail relatives, which I did not do, as I did not have the money to do this.  So I stopped it, and was considered the *outlaw* in the family and was shunned ever since, which as you can tell, doesn't hurt my feelings or bother me. I love gifts that are from the heart, and from the soul.  So, I am going to start here very soon on food, and then freeze it so its ready when the holidays come around.

I have photos of  Dexter and Sophie.  I am still trying to figure out the new blogger interface and will get those up, I am just afraid that I will mess up and delete the blog into the cosmos and Internet purgatory.
I also have some photos of the jams I did put up, so I will try to get to that this weekend.  I need to dig through my very old recipes for a blogger I have met, and send her a recipe for *scrapple*.  This is a very old recipe from the Penn-Dutch, Amish colonies.  My grandmother made it and I have grown up on it when I was younger.  It is a mixture of ground  pork, and spices, and then mixed with corn meal and made into loafs and then baked and  can be fried.  The mixtures are as many as the stars, and can be mixed with, pork, chicken, turkey lamb,  or beef.  When I find this basic recipe, I will post it, and then make suggestions.  It sounds gross, it does take some to get used to it,  but its not.  Just think meatloaf.  It is very filling and makes a great breakfast or lunch fixing with stews or soups.  It also can be crumbled up into a casserole and baked with veggies, or noodles.  It is a great filler.

Well, I am looking at the clock, and I need to get ready and head to the doctor's office so I can be looked at and see if I can get this ear ache and infection out of the way.  It makes me feel miserable and not able to get what I need done.  But I hate going to the doctor anyway.  Not one of my favorite places.

I wish everyone a wonderful day, and a wonderful productive weekend.  Stay warm, and just be so very thankful for your many blessings and gifts that we are given, no matter how small, or simple.

Hugs to all

Monday, October 22, 2012

Ambitious Monday

Good Afternoon Everyone,

Well, its October 22, and I am pretty ambitious.  Over the weekend, I had some red and black plums that I had received in my Prairie Paks, (like Angel Food Ministries), and these did not get eaten.  They were starting to get soft, so I cooked them down and ran them through my squeeze-O matic and made a plum jelly/butter something.  It looks like it will set up good.  I also had two quarts of peaches from my house neighbor's tree that did not set up when I canned them, so I had them in the frig until I could get to them, which was today.  Since I had the canner and everything up and going, I thought I'd better get the peaches done.  Its a cool day here and perfect when you have to heat up the kitchen.
I also got some golden delicious apples, and pears from my October prairie paks which I picked up Saturday morning.  I think that I am going to let them ripen up more and then peel and core and process them also for some jam/butter.  These fruits are very hard, and not real good eating, but I can doctor them up for jam or butter and use them up.  I hate to waste fruit,

It isn't too bad here today, cool and in the mid's 40's F. Later in the week, its supposed to change to much colder.  We still have no rain, or  moisture.  We are around 12" below normal for our area, which is very, very dire.  Farmers around here has started putting in the hard red winter wheat, and there is little if any soil moisture for the seeds. We also need snow cover for the seeds to be protected from the cold winter air.  If we do not get any moisture soon, the 2013 wheat crop will be history.

Well, over the weekend, my car quit.  I went Saturday morning to pickup my Prairieland food paks.  They are similar to the Angel Food Ministries that are around the country.  My old car started and I got to the church and picked up my paks, and then the volunteers loaded my car up.  Get in the car, and.....nothing.....  I thought it was the battery.  It is old, about six and half years old.  One of the older men who volunteer came out, and got his pickup over and tried to jump start  my car, and nothing,  and another came out and listened under the hood, and thought it may be the starter.  So, I called my house neighbor and she came and picked me and my load up, and then had to call a tow truck to tow it home.  Its a Cadillac and has hydraulic brakes and steering and you cannot tow it behind a pickup as there is no steering or brakes if its not running.  SOOOOO........I have another bill I don't need.  It needed a starter and so D went to check on prices on starters, and then started working on it, then another PROBLEM........the bolt broke in the frame that holds the starter on, SOOOOOO....this morning, the tow truck picked it up again, and towed it to our mechanic so the bolt can be drilled out.  While its up on the hoist, the starter will be put in, its there, and so it will be done.  And SOOOOO another bill.

Really not much else going on.  Its been very quiet, which  is fine with me. I have not heard if the sale of the park went through or not.  I have not heard anything from the man who was possibly going to purchase my  contract.  I really suspect that the sale will not go through.  With the non existence of titles, and no VIN's, I do not think that a title company or an owner would risk a very pricey purchase.  But I guess, if the moron owner wants his money, he'll have to get to work and produce titles, VIN's and bill of sales on all trailers, including mine.  He (the owner)  is a true moron in the first degree.

I did not get to my patio over the weekend.  Plans changed when the car had problems, and we pulled the car into the carport to work on it, so my space to put the porch things under there while I sorted through everything was taken up.  I am going to shoot for tomorrow to work on the porch.  It will be the last day of nice weather, and then cold, and possibly rainy? (I'm not going to hold my breath).  It's so funny, you have all these plans to get something done, and wham, something else moves into position and makes sure you don't get it done.  I am really perturbed about the car, as I wanted to get my sewing machine.  That's burns me the most.  I am not a car person.  I know they are to take you from point A to point B, but I am not a car nut.   They have their purpose but I am not excited about cars.  And it bothers me to locate  the parts to repair them, the parts  are almost beyond my income,   Leaves a lot to be desired.

So anyway, I did  some fun things in the kitchen.  I hope that my jelly/jam/butter sets up.   I am not a master when it comes to jellies.  I hope that it was worth it.

Well,  its getting late,  and I am tired.  Standing gets me in the back and I stood in the kitchen for a few hours, and I think its time for some herbal tea and jammys.

Have a wonderful week, everyone.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

A Little more to add on

Good Morning Everyone,

I thought before I start my day with my ADD and all things considered, I thought I would insert a thought from the post on the copyright article I posted late yesterday.

From that post, I did gather that is is supposed to apply to copyrights of music and artists work, BUT, from some other articles who have been talking about this,  I am very sure that this will be perverted into a total control of selling and buying.  All it needs it a little re-wording and a little song and dance and its a law.
Now, I do not like to get political on my blog, but I am active in local community politics here, as much as I can be.  For us in the U.S., we are NOT paying attention to what is going on with our elected officials, period.  Part of the problem is the fact the country is in such turmoil, and the economy is in a twist enough to re-arrange the cosmos,  that we all are just trying to keep our head above water, pay bills, try to keep a roof over our heads, and food on the table, keep what jobs we have, which is a daily battle in itself.  But with all this going on, our government, and elected officials, are banking on the fact that you do not pay attention and go on and sign your rights and liberties away like flushing the loo, and then one morning you are awake and "poof", you have nothing.

Everything from this article's report to the present administration's control of all things by executive order, including, food, energy, transportation, medical, communications  and all manners of life in general, by executive order.   I find our young people totally oblivious of what is going on around them, they are too worried about buying the new I-phone, or the new shoe, or the new whatever.  I guess what I am trying to say is this is what the government banks not paying attention and the government is  throwing your life under the bus.

So, I finish this part by saying, please vote, which ever way you feel is important to you, but please remember, your vote also impacts all of us in the U.S. and what will happen in our future and the future of every one's children and grandchildren. It impacts everything. So please choose with wisdom and caution.

Now off of the political soap box.....

I forgot to add something else to the post yesterday.  And Ilene at her blog mentioned something that has something to do with my post this morning.  Parts for appliances, or  other things that we use in our homes, and included cars and parts.  What am I talking about you ask?  Well the cost of parts to repair things and whether its worth it to fix or get a different or a new unit.

Ilene at the Sun Rose and the Wind was talking about her washing machine, and that it needed a new part.  If I recall, the part was about $50+ dollars, and her husband was able to fix it. 
I had a problem with my old sewing machine over the weekend.  I drug my old Viking 960 out to fire it up so I can start some mending and plugged it in and....nothing.  So, D dismantled it clear down to the casing.  Found out it was the motor that was fried, totally.  I am not sure even what happened.  I had not had it out for about 6 years, but it ran when I tucked it in the closet.  At first, we thought it was the power cord, so I got online to a sewing machine parts company and looked up for a power cord and foot pedal for the 960.  I just about fell over when the power cord and the foot pedal was around $160.  The power cord and the foot pedal were separate so you had to purchase both.  Plus the shipping was around $30. Talk about parts shock. I didn't even look to see about motors for Vikings, as I figured it was beyond the price of the machine, which was  very old, 1982, and is not worth fixing.   Sounds like trying to find car parts, like finding a needle in a haystack.

So,  I went to Walmart, and put on layaway a Brother sewing machine.  It will do me fine for a while.  And its nice that I am able to lay it away. 

It just seems that we strive to live a frugal and simple lifestyle, reuse, repair, re-purpose things and try to stretch it out.  But you find that sometime the cost to repair the object that you are trying to save is next to impossible or to even find parts to fix it, and then add in the costs to fix it.  Sometimes, you just want to throw in the towel. And then, if you can get the part(s), the next problem is if you can fix it yourself, have someone who can fix it, or if you have to have a repairman come out to fix it.  If you have to have a professional repairman come out, that adds to the cost of the part.

Anyway,  I just thought I would start the morning on the soapbox and end it probably under the soapbox.  Told you, I'm always in trouble.
Have a wonderful day and week

Monday, October 15, 2012

Goodbye Goodwill: Implications Of The First Sale Doctrine Decision

Goodbye Goodwill: Implications Of The First Sale Doctrine Decision

Making Your Own Lotion

Making Your Own Lotion

Middle of October goings-on

Good Morning Everyone,

Well, its Monday, I hope that this is a fairly good week.  No problems, no anything but just a   busy week.
We are finishing up with outside work this week.   We usually button up the front porch, by wrapping it with a white tarp and securing it with lathes and 1x4 boards.  It really helps to keep north winds and snow off of the door and porch, which, unfortunately is on the north side.  We are also going to button up the carport on the north side to keep the wind and snow from blowing and gathering up around the patio below.  In this mix, I am also cleaning, heaving, and getting rid of things that are cluttering up my house, kitchen, closets.  I am in total winter  nesting mode.  My only problem is I lose steam and have to take breaks and then get back up and tackle it again.

I am wanting to get all of the outside work done, so I can strictly concentrate on going through each and every room, clean out junk, and then clean inside and outside cupboards and drawers.  I am sure I have some ADD, as I can get distracted very easily, but I think that this will work for me.  If I tackle one room at a time, it will get done, barring any other interference from something else. I did this in the kitchen this week. The kitchen is my working space and I felt it needed to be done first.   Cleaned and donated junk and things that just were not important to me anymore, and then donating them to the thrift shop so someone else can trip over it and love it for awhile.  I still have the kitchen cupboards and utility room to do, I want to get rid of some dinnerware that I just do not use,  which I may pull my ADD thing, and work this morning in the kitchen, and then when it warms up outside, tackle the porch.  D is going to start on the porch here in a little while and start moving things down under the carport and then taking the tarps and start wrapping the sides up.

It is supposed to be fairly nice here this week.  We have still had no rain at all, just that little tiny bit of snow, about an inch, and that's it.  It is so very dry. We still have the water hoses out, and we are still watering the trees, and the front yard  for a little while longer.  When it starts getting really cold, we will drain and put all of the hoses away.  We may keep a hose handy for some mid January watering if it continues to be dry and no moisture. Other than that, everything will be on its on for a few months.

On the home front and the trailer and park sale , I still have not heard from anyone or anything.   I am not going to fret or worry about it.  What will come, if it is to be, will be. 
What we are waiting on, truthfully is when D's work comp court case comes up in February.  D's attorney is waiting for the other side to start making some noise that they want to settle before court, which sometimes is a few months before court.  This is a very complicated case, with three companies involved, one which did not carry work comp coverage on his workers, so it is a nasty, complicated case. Mix in the fact that there was no medical care given when this fall  happened, and then D being fired from the job, just made a very toxic mess of the whole thing. Also is the fact, that this is the third attorney that is on this case, the first two could not figure out what to do, and made things even worse, one, the new attorney thinks was siding and being paid by the other side's council.  So this has been a mess. If this is settled, we may have changes in plans.  But as I say, the best laid plans of mice and men. So, we shall see. I personally do not have a high opinion of attorneys in the first place.  But sometimes they are needed for some legal aspects of life that you personally cannot resolve without knowing something about complicated laws.

My birthday was Saturday.  I usually do not celebrate it.  I am 54 years old now.  What DID I do.  Well, first thing in the morning, since it was cool and I could start up the oven, I made a very decedent carrot cake with creme cheese frosting.  And oh my, it is rich, but oh so good.  It is wonderful warmed up and with a steaming cup of tea. Now, I am going to confess here.  I did not make it from scratch, I could of, but time wise, I didn't.  I am not a master in the baking department, so I did not want to mess up a cake.  I bought a boxed mix from Duncan Hines.  It was the decadent Carrot cake mix with a packet of carrots and raisins in it.  It is separate and you pour hot water over the packet and then when everything is hydrated up, place it in your mix and you only need to mix just a few minutes and its ready.  It was very good. For dinner,  one of my house neighbor's bought me a gift card for a pizza that you have made fresh and then take it home and bake it.  It was just awesome, and for me, I did not get heart burn, which I usually do with take out pizza.  I also sampled some of my home made wine, which was very good, but it needs to set a little more, and then it will be ready.  I will do a post on how I do my wine, if anyone is interested.   It is very simple, and gives a good wine.  You do not need fancy equipment, or tools, or toys to make a decent table wine.

Well other than boring domestic duties that have to be attended to, that is about it.  I wish everyone a wonderful week, and just enjoy life and what enjoyment you get out of each and every day.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

The Beginning of October

Good Evening Everyone,

I have started this post this evening, October 1st.  October is my favorite month, it is getting very cool, almost cold during the evenings, and in the mornings.  It is also my birthday month, on the 13th.  So I am a Fall baby and I love Fall, the wind blowing  leaves, the smells of wet leaves, and just a general winding down of the seasons, and a time to start nesting and getting things ready for work inside, and hobbies and crafts.

First, I went to my follow-up doctor's appointment early this morning.  My doctor was pleased with everything.  I do have fibroid, and they are in the lining of my female parts.  So the game plan is to have another ultra-sound in January, and if any have changed in size, or I have anything act up, its off to surgery and all of the plumbing will be removed, which is what I wanted in the first place.  My biopsy came back normal, and clean, so I am very pleased with that report.  As much stress I have had lately, I did not need any more stress about health matters.. I am very  relieved.

On the trailer park matters,  boy what a mess.  On my end, the Assessor's office found out that I have no title to the trailer, and the VIN numbers are non- existent, nothing, at all.  And to also make matters worse,  all of the trailers that are supposedly owned by Mr. Idiot have no titles or VIN numbers  either.  If he thinks that he can sell this mess to someone for over 1 million, and no titles, I have a bridge I can sell him.
I have an appointment with a real estate attorney on Wednesday afternoon, he wants to take a look at everything and see if he can clear up some things and maybe get to the bottom of this and or advise what the next step would be.  I am trying not to let this upset me. It is serious and it may or may not open the door that I may lose my home.  The attorney is not sure if the trailers were possible stolen, or bought by ill gotten means, but this will be looked into.(Update:  I went to the attorney on Wednesday afternoon, after listening to his council and him asking my situations, he advised me to "let sleeping dogs lie", which was his words.  He did contact the idiot owner, and idiot told him he does have a title to my trailer, but it has not been changed over to idiot's name nor has anything else been done. The Assessor's office to me that if I get this paid off,  the process of clearing off things and getting a fresh new title can be done, but its a long process.  See, something I did not know is, that modular and trailer titles for the State of Nebraska, go through the DMV, Dept of Motor Vehicles, so they are handled like a car title.   So I have just been told to sit tight and see what comes up with this new man who is looking at the park.   (Update 10-5).  I am not sure about this proposal, but the man who was looking at this park may, and I say may with a little hesitating, buy my paper from the owner. Now this is something that I was not prepared for nor do I know if he even will. I was approached by the manager of the large trailer park in town that this new  man purchased about a year ago. It is the largest we have, but it was a typical trailer park trash place. with all of the problems that are had here.  The new owner has gone in, cleaned and removed all the derelict trailers and cleaned out the problem people. The manager is a former classmate of mine, and she was called back by the new owner to take over this large park.  She is the one who contacted me about this proposition.  I have not hear anything yet, but if so, the new owner would move my trailer to a lot of my choice and move it for nothing.  It is a very fair deal as he would be holding my note contract from the idiot owner of mine and I can garden and have my dog, and a fenced yard with a privacy fence put up. The lots at this new park are larger, averaging about 50 ft x 100 ft. My trailer is 16 x 76 and would fit nicely on to these lots.   I would be free of the idiot and his mouthpiece and all of the problems.  My only concern is my outside cats which I would have to move with me, as I have cared for them since I have moved here. I cannot leave them.  I will keep you posted about this arrangement.

We are still in exceptional drought here where I am in the state.  We have had no rain at all.  The trees are now showing their stress through their leaves.  They are starting to turn to Fall colors, but they are very brown, curled, and very sad and just plain stressed out.  A lot of the trees have gone into dormancy clear back in June.  We are almost 12 inches below normal in our area.  It is truly in drought mode now.  On our weather, it shows rain, but I am not holding my breath for that one. 
It is starting to get into the low 30's for night time temps.  I look for 20's by the middle of October.  But after all of the heat we have had,  I am glad for the cooler air.  It is wonderful.  Now some rain, and it would be really wonderful.
I remember about 3 years ago, we had 3 blizzards in the month of October.  We had over 3 feet for that October. What I would not give for that. (Update, 10-6)  It is snowing this morning.  Not much, but it is sticking.  It starting a rain/snow mix yesterday morning about 10:30 am, and it got down right chilly.  It got down into the 20's last night, and we are in a hard freeze for tonight, for around 18*F for tonight and tomorrow.  The garden is done.  I just had a couple of patio tomatoes, and some peppers, so we picked everything.  The neighbor gave me what was left of her tomatoes, a lot of green ones, and I will go thorough them and freeze what I can, and chuck the rest.  I have just about run out of room.

On Friday night, we had one of the trailer park renters come home, who was totally stoned and drunk and pulled his beautiful pretty new pickup truck in the back lot and floored it in the dirt back behind me and spun the back tires until he took the tread clear down to the metal radial bands in the tire. The tires got so hot that the fenders were red hot in color, and melted some of the plastic around the tire well.   The house neighbors called the police, and the fire department as they thought there was a fire here in the park.  The house neighbors and us were inside the houses, we were all watching TV, and all of the sudden, I could hear a car engine winding up and being wrapped up to the point of blowing the engine, which is what this guy almost did.  The smoke from the tires was so bad, you could not see around here.  And the smell of burning rubber was obnoxious and I had it in the house and could not get rid of the smell until Sunday afternoon.  This guy pelted my trailer with pretty big rocks from the dirt lot, and some went through the skirting, which I will tell you, really pissed me off.  And as usual, the cops did nothing, but told the guy to go in and sleep it off. 
We confronted them about everything, and I told them I want the skirting replaced.  The panels are $50 a piece and I have 3 panels with holes in them.  I called my home insurance, but they are not sure if it can be handled.  I call it vandalism, but they do not consider it vandalism.  Ah, the joys of drunks and trailer parks. The only thing I can tell you is he blew out the transmission on this beautiful truck, so for his little romp, he just blew out a $6000 transmission.  It is 4 wheel drive. So that is my karma for him.  I would love to have a truck like this, and I find it so very juvenile that he treated this vehicle like a demolition derby truck, which is what it is now. Update) IF I move, this is one thing I will NOT miss.

Morning of 10-6
Well, I am filling in with what has been going on.  I was also supposed to go this afternoon, to a house on the east end of our community, and get black walnuts.  I am after the nut meats and some oil, if I can get some.  Black Walnuts are a pain in the a**. But they are good in baked goods and the oil is divine.  But since its snowing, I am not sure if I will get there today or tomorrow.  If it does not clear up by 1 pm  this afternoon, I will call this man and tell him it will have to be Sunday.

Not too much going on other than what I have listed.  I had market shock from going to the market Thursday morning, I was gone most of the day shopping.  I make my stops as each store has different things that I use, which I hate to do as its hard on the gas in the car, but I got it done.  I was totally wore out after getting home late in the afternoon.  I picked up my general staples, since I cook from scratch, but even these are getting horrid in price, so I am just careful and make every penny count.

Friday evening, my one house neighbor had her birthday, we were invited over for a small patio party, as she got one of those patio fire pits.  It was a beautiful pit made out of hammered metal which looked like copper, and so she fired it up.   I will tell you it was cold, the wind all of the sudden picked up and there was nine of us freezing.  The pit was warm but the wind did not help to keep warm.  It is amazing, its been blasted hot, and then all of the sudden, its now cold and a north wind blowing, and of all days, it was cold on her birthday.  We stayed till about 10 pm, and D and I pooped out.  It was fun though, and everyone ate chili which she fixed, and had cake and some roasted hot dogs in the pit, and some had beer, and it was enjoyable.  I made  a cheesecake, but I did not have any raspberries at all, but I had raspberry syrup, so I poured a small amount on the cheesecake and set it in the freezer for a few hours.  Everyone said it was delicious.  I did not try a piece. It was for her.  I"ll  make another though.

Well, that is about it.  I have tons of house work to do.  It seemed everything I started to do something, some thing else rose its head and that had to be attended to.  I have canning still to do, washing, outside work, and just tons of other stuff.  I am going to start in the kitchen, which is my work place, and get that cleaned up and then work my way to each room that needs attending.  It will take me some time to do, but I will get it done, if nothing else pops it head up, I may wack it off.

I wish everyone a wonderful weekend, and a productive one at that.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

I'm still here

Well, I am  still here.  I had  my little "procedure" on Thursday morning, the 20th.  We got to the surgery center at 7 am, and I was not really awake, but I was crabby as I could not have tea or coffee or anything.  Got all prepped, and was wheeled in at 8:20 am and then at 9:30 am, I walked out the door, sore, alittle groggy, and glad it was over with. 
I am happy to report I did not get sick. I did however have a small migraine from not having any caffeine.  So when I stepped into the house,  I fixed a small cup of coffee, a little stronger than I usually drink and sipped on it and then I crawled into bed and slept most of the day and had a tiny bowl of homemade vegetable beef soup one of my house neighbors made for us for supper, which I felt was so special. Then off to bed again, and slept all night.

Had a small migraine in the morning but drank a cup of coffee and then a pain pill and then slowly the headache eased up. Still no upset tummy, which I was so happy about.  I was dreading the after affects of the anesthesia more than the biopsy itself.  I go back the first of October for results, which I hate waiting to know anything.

Friday, I got a call from the County assessors office.  The lady that called has worked with me several times before on my tax corrections on my modular.  She told me that the park is in the process of being sold.  She is starting to get abstract papers from the abstract company and she would call me next week to tell me what is going on, and what I need to do.  I may have to get my attorney after all.  Seems like the owner, who is also my banker, and holds my title,  was trying to toss my trailer into the sale, which he can't as I have had it tax corrected in 2006, and I pay my own property taxes on the trailer. I also have a  written contract on the trailer itself, so it will be a fight either way.  My attorney mentioned he can either buy the trailer back or cancel the contract.  The rest of the trailers are attached to the lots and and all connected to the park except for another trailer and myself.   So I am not sure how that is going to go.  I am gearing up for a fight, but I am waiting to hear from the assessors office first to see what is going on, and who the new owner(s) are.  Another waiting game on this too.

The garden is done for.  We are getting down in the 30's now.  It is supposed to get to 32* F tonight and so I covered the two patio tomatoes and the hot peppers but they are just about done producing. A few more days and I will pull those too.  Personally, I will be glad when this year gets over with. 
I have a lot of produce in the freezer to process later when it get colder.  Green tomatoes, red ones, and peppers. I am going to try Ilene's chow-chow recipe she sent me.  Thank you Ilene.

I have been waiting to see if my other house neighbor, who has the huge garden, will ask if I want any more tomatoes. He has been waiting for his ex-wife and some other people from his church to come and pick produce. He thinks that they have been over, but since we are home most of the time, we have not seen anyone over picking.  I hate waste of anything, and I could use the extra tomatoes for my pantry.  I had asked him (the neighbor) if I could pick some, but he keeps telling me that the ex will be by to pick.  She is just starting to learn to can and she is not a serious student of the home arts, and generally by the time the house neighbor asks me if I want them, they are too far rotten to process.  I know a few years ago, he asked me and I went over to look, but everything was rotten, or the hoppers had eaten holes in everything and then some kind of worm got in them and I was not going to process worms.  He was a little upset with me, but there is  nothing I can do about it.  I told him that you cannot wait too long to can.  He is a nice neighbor, but ignorant about canning and processing food.

Well, that is about it for now.  I am still tired at the end of the day, I think still from the anesthesia.  We got done with supper and I think that I am going to take my shoes off and sit my hind end in the chair and read.  I have a new Mother Earth News, so I will read and then retire a little later.
I will also take photos of the kittens , Dexter and Sophia.  They are growing and becoming very independent.  Sophie has gotten some attitude now, she is a fighter and it shows.  But she is a doll and I love her. ( I just added their photos, D had to hold them, they wanted to explore and wiggle).

Well, I wish everyone a wonderful rest of the weekend, and a productive week.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Murphy's Law or "Houston, we have a problem"

Good Morning Everyone,

Well....I really should be in surgery or coming out of it, but being Murphy's Law as it plays out in my life,  my surgery did not manifest itself today, but only delayed until the 20th of September.
I was making supper late, about 4:45 pm, I get a phone call from the doctor's office.  It was his surgical nurse that sets up the appointments and gets everything in order.

She asked if possible, I could just delay the surgery until a little later date in the month.  Then she told me that the doctor had two emergency surgeries scheduled right during the early morning on my surgery time,  but we could do it, BUT, it would be very late afternoon....WHAT!!!  It seems that all hell broke loose about mid afternoon at the doctor's office yesterday.

Its a no-brainer to me.  NO, I do not want a tired, exhausted doctor working on me after two long emergency surgeries and countless other interruptions.  So I rescheduled for the 20th and hopefully all of the bad karma will not fall on that day also, we'll see. 

I am a funny creature.  If someone is going to be playing exploratory surgery in my innards, I want a fresh-as-a-daisy doctor who will not cut off something  or poke holes in my innards if he has been up for 24 hours poking in someone else's innards.

I a not a trusting creature with physicians.  I know that they are healers, but I have also had physicians who were greedy and looked at me like a dollar bill for their new vacation home or new Beamer.
There is a part of me that is glad, but I am also going to have to get psyched up again as I had so much anxiety over this, but again, I am making a judgement call, and I am worried about me for a change and not a doctor's assembly line procedures.

We live in a small town and this doctor is the only doctor we have here that does female type surgeries, plus this doctor is on call to many other hospitals and clinics all over West Central Nebraska.  So you see, my call on him being fresh and not exhausted is I feel not being selfish or conceited.

I just want to thank all of you for all of your blessings, and karma.  I feel I have just been lying to all of you.  I am sorry, but again, I am funny about things being in my corner for a change, and this is one of them.  And I bet that some of you feel the same way.

Anyway, I have a few more weeks and then MAYBE I'll get this procedure done and out of the way.
Anyway, I wish everyone a wonderful weekend and much enjoyment.  It is delightfully cool here this morning, around 59*, and its suppose to get to around 76* today.  And tonight "drum roll", its supposed to get down to 39*!! WOO-HOO.
We still have no rain at all.  We are in extreme drought now, and I went to the grocery yesterday to get some things before surgery and WOW, prices, yikes, so I got my basics and toddled off.  I am glad I cook from scratch mostly and am somewhat sufficient from the pricey processed food. I still need to stock my pantry with dry milk and other stables but I am working on that and I should be set hopefully by October and set until spring.
Again, Thank you everyone, for your blessings and karma and thoughts, it means so very much to me, I am just sorry that I made a lie out of it, sorta.
Anyway, hugs to all and I will post another Countryside Magazine articles if I can find something interesting. 

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Surgery Friday

Good Afternoon Everyone,

Well, I just got back from doing pre-op blood work and all of the other nasties that you have to do before surgery.  I am scheduled to go in at 6:45 am tomorrow morning. Yuck!
I am hoping that I can just get through it and get home.  My only problem is I get very sick from the anesthesia, and it is the most awful thing that I hate about surgery.
So I will pray for healing and be able to get back to normal soon.
I will try to post another article from the Countryside Journal. I will see how I feel.
I wish everyone a up coming wonderful weekend and take care

Friday, August 31, 2012

Still a Blasted Furnace here

Good Afternoon Everyone,

I am sorry that I have not posted anything for awhile.  I have had some issues here and I have not wanted to blog or even go out the door for that matter.

I am tired of waking up just about every morning and having issues and it never seems to end.  I am like Ilene, I am blue, depressed, and just plain damn tired of the world as a whole.
I also am going to share something with you. 

About two weeks ago, I went in to the doctor to ask about some issues with the female anatomy, (please male readers, don't go any further if you want). I have mentioned that I have not felt "good" for quite awhile, and thought it was my thyroid medication being out of whack. I have been in menopausal mode for several years, and then I started having issues. I won't go into detail as I know I have male readers.

Well, to make a long story short, I was sent in to have an ultra-sound and ended up with a gob of uterine fibroid, and they have been causing problems of many sorts including along with my thyroid medication needing to be adjusted.
I have now been scheduled to have a hysteroscopcy on the 7th of September.  But at the moment, I am not sure if I will cancel this and move it up later in the month or in October.

They are not sure if there is cancer present, so the OBGYN wants to have a "looky-loo" on my behalf, which I will tell you, I do not like and I feel violated to say the least.  I do not like my private parts to be exposed to the world and everyone in a surgery ward, that's just the way I am.

And on top of this, my mother is now starting some dementia issues with her health now.  So I am trying to handle my dad, who is short straight of being impossible to handle or to talk to.  And I have a consultation with my mother's doctor and my dad and myself  the 6th of September, one  day before I go in.  On this same day, the 6th, I have pre-op work to do in the morning, so I am now thinking as to how to handle this and if it gets any more stressful,  I will cancel my appointments, and get my parents done first.  There is no way in heaven and earth that I can go through a surgery and be down for about a week, if they take these fribroids out.  I cannot be down at all.  So, at the moment, I am just trying to be calm, and think and make a logical decision.

I am also having issues with the owner of the park.  He is on the so called hot seat with city officials because of his rentals now, and he is taking rage upon everyone, including me.  So I consulted my attorney, and he advised me to send a certified letter to him, along with my payment and issue a stop harassing me note and if it continued, I will proceed with the attorney with a formal suite.  I cannot spend the money on my attorney, but if I must to be left alone and not have hassles with him or his moron mouthpiece while I am down and cannot fight, then I will. 
So.....this is the way its been lately. 
The only real happiness I get is when my new babies play and keep me entertained with their play and antics.  They are so sweet and only know love.  I am so glad I have them all.

So, I am going to close for now.  I will post a few different articles from Countryside Magazine.  And hopefully things will calm down.
If I decide to go on with the surgery, I will post and let you all know.
Until then, everyone please have a wonderful weekend, and Labor Day holiday.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Where the World's Brain is Going

Good Morning Everyone,

I have been drinking tea this morning and visiting everyone I know around the blog world and came across Mr. Magnon's lovely blog.  Mr. M.,  and the lovely Lady M, as I very respectfully call them, have a blog that is lovely, full of beautiful scenery, and things that go on in France, UK and  Europe, which, as I will show you if you visit,  Mr. M's blog will show you that the world, no matter where you live if full of idiots who are supposed to be intelligent, and educated.  By this blog post Mr. M has done, this shows just how twisted and warped our world has become.  I do not know if these things are here in the States, but I will say this is just about the most twisted thing I have ever seen.  And this is pawned on to young, elementary school through high school age kids who don't know any better.  France, UK, US, its has the same idiots.

The only thing I see,  is educating the next generation of dope users.....
Please go to my blog list and look for Magnon's Meanderings or go to

Hugs to All

I hope you do not mind me using your blog post Mr. M.  But I felt this was important to relay.  Thank you for posting  this.
If I have upset you, I am sorry.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Good Article to Read from another Blog

Please enjoy reading this blog post.  I think its an important artile to read for today.
Amy writes wonderful blog posting and she has wonderful information to share.
Please enjoy.

Homestead Revival: Why You Should Shun Cheap Groceries

Homestead Revival: Why You Should Shun Cheap Groceries: I'm sure by now, everyone has heard we can expect an increase in food prices before the summer is out. As if they don't seem high enough alr...

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Wow, August Already!

August 14
Good Afternoon Everyone,
I am sorry for late postings, but I am not going to lie to all of you.  I have been blue, depressed,  trying to get things done around the house and garden since it cooled down considerably, and I mean cooler, like 20-25* cooler and evening temps into the mid 40's.  I have been elated over the main air conditioner  NOT running.  When I have been canning and working in the kitchen, I have had the small window air conditioner running, which is a total blessing.  I can work, and keep most of the trailer cool.

I am finishing up cucumbers, and my house neighbor from across the  street, brought me some small peaches from her tree yesterday.  I was so happy.  They are still a little green, but I think tomorrow, I will be able to get to them.  I think there is enough for a few pints of spiced peach butter.  They were damaged from a hail storm we had a few months ago, but I can work around the blemishes and still make a nice butter.  Like I have mentioned before, I do not turn down free fruit from people.  I have been heaping mounds of cucumbers to our local food pantry, the homeless shelter, and the senior center.  I have never had as many cukes as I did this year.  They were amazing, and even though they are winding down, they are still very crispy, sweet and juicy, but I can only eat so many cucumbers so many ways.

But unfortunately, the rest of the garden was not good, but I appreciated everything I got from it.  I am still getting hot peppers, and I am just pickling them in small jars for salsa or a few pints of hot pickled cucumbers.  My tomatoes are just very slow and creeping along.  I am going to see how they are the end of this week, and then I may pull them.. I have Roma's ripening on the bottom, but on top, the tomatoes are small, slow and will never mature in time.  I am going to pull my acorn squash vines, and melon vines tomorrow, vine borers and some other bugs have gotten to them, so it is time.  I am going to let some of the acorn squash ripen a little more, and then I may cube up these and freeze these in small serving sizes or I may pressure can small jars.  Not sure if I can process squash or not.  I am the only one who eats it so I have enough for the year.

The kittens are doing so very well.  Dexter is growing and being a terror.  Little grey girl now has the name of "Sophie".  She is a little doll and has an attitude now.  She is very independent and somewhat demanding.  But after being at Mr. Dead's doorstep, she can have all of the attitude she wants.  I will get pictures of them during this week.  I need to get some batteries and I will post photos later of them.  They have really grown since the last post. They are eating very well, and are now discovering how to get into trouble and finding places to get into where they really aren't suppose to be, like my cupboards where I have all of my canning equipment  and jars.  Sophie the other day, got into one of my large half gallon jars and was playing in it.  A few weeks ago, when she was a little smaller, she got into a quart jar and hid from me, and I was panicking as I could not find her for a while until she tipped over the jar in the cupboard and I found where she was hiding.  These sweet babies have been my bright shining light to get me though the dark mood I have going on at the moment.

Like I have mentioned above, I have been somewhat blue.  I think it  was the heat, and just a lot of general going's on here.  I have a lot going on, even though, its minor, but trying to take care of several people's issues and problems, trying to make sure bills are paid, and food on the table.  And trying to pay for everything and keep your head above water is stressful, and yes I know I am not the only one. We are all in some way, in the same boat, just floating along trying to keep from being swamped by the large waves of life.

But, as I have been going around, doing errands, I have seen a great stress upon people's faces, and people are horridly temperamental here.  We have also had very, very bad things going on in town, a lot of vandalism, breaking windows out of cars and pickups and the sad thing is, that most of the windows were broken out around town in areas where people cannot afford window replacement.  They were close  in our area, but for some reason, they did not get down to our area, but they were close. We have had several stabbings and some murders outside of our area.   We have also had many grass and prairie fires, and our farmers and ranches are stressed from the heat, and cost of feed, and no water or rain, and up north, a huge prairie fire which took out thousands of acres of grass, and several thousands miles of fencing, and barbed wire and no money to replace the fencing.

I personally am worried about the up coming election and the frames of minds of people.  All of this stress, and demands and the continuing costs of everything has really brought an ugly cloud down upon all of us.  I just do not have answers, and all I can do it just keep doing what I am doing, and preparing for something that I am not sure will come down the pike or not.  I am very concerned that "something" is coming and it may not be good for anyone or the country as a whole.  I just see the strain upon every one's faces. 
As you can read, I am somewhat babbling.  That is the way I feel at the current moment.  Almost like I'm in Purgatory, feeling like I am half in and half out and not going anywhere.  I am hoping with the cooler weather that is supposed to be here Thursday, it may help perk up people's minds.  And it would really help if we would get some rain too!

Well, I think that I have babbled enough.  I hope that all of you in the drought areas get some of this cooler air we are supposed to get.  It is supposed to be here around Thursday, with the daytime temps in the 70's.  Wow!  Haven't seen 70's since early spring. Won't know how to act. And evening temps in the 40's and 50's. Definitely something to crow about.

I wish everyone a wonderful, peaceful week.  And blessings be upon all,.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Too much month and not enough Money

Good Afternoon Everyone,

I have been down for about a week and a half.  I just did not have enough money to pay my utility bill and my Internet, so I had to choose the utility bill, which is a no brainer, seeing that we are having 100* temps daily and no rain.  It is just getting too much and it is showing in everyone face, and I am sure that all of you are see and dealing with the same heat.

I will do a better post here in a few days, I have just been dealing with the heat and the garden and a few other things and just trying to survive.

D and I pulled up a lot of the garden, the heat did in my large heirloom tomatoes, they were vining but absolutely no tomatoes and I should of had large tomatoes by now.The heat causedevery one's tomatoes to not pollinate, we have had temps in the high 70's and some 80's at night and it was too much for our tomatoes around our area.  My Roma tomatoes are doing well and my smaller patio tomatoes, and my cukes have gone insane, but the rest of the garden was a bust.  I will not get a lot of tomato sauces and salsas but I will do what I can.  This year is pretty much a waste of time for gardens, and for those who depend on these gardens.  No matter how much water you can put on some garden plants, it just will not help when you factor in heat and day and night temperatures which some plants need cooler air to pollinate than others.  I am very disappointed with this years gardening, but there is nothing I can do about it, so I will appreciate and be blessed with what I can get and be happy, that is all I can do.

When I do my next post, I will fill in why our utility bills have been so high.  This is from the new EPA taxes being assessed upon the coal burning electrical plants and it is now being filtered down to the consumer.  Everyone in town and around the state are complaining and waging word wars upon our state government, and I am sure they are tired of hearing from angry voters.  Maybe enough words of anger are reaped upon them, maybe we will get a response, I doubt it but maybe...we can only hope.  If all of these taxes are reaped upon everyone in the country, there is no way anyone can afford their utility bills, I can't afford mine, and I made choices as to what I could afford.  It did not matter how careful I was with my budget, I still could not swing everything.  I am now only hoping I can get through August and September and then my bill will be much lower because I will not be using the air conditioner.  That is the only hope I have to hang on to.

Well, I thought I would jump in to tell all of you I did not drop off the planet.  It has just been very, very tight and I just had to let some things go.
As I mentioned, I will do a better, more happy post.  Maybe the heat will subside a little this weekend and we can get a little relief.  I can only hope.

Hugs to All

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Garden pics and Hades

Good Morning Everyone,

Just a quick pics of the garden.  Please forgive the photos as my camera is not the best. It is a cheap, poor quality one, but it gets the job done until I can afford a better one.

The garden where I have the cukes and Roma tomatoes and the Super Sweet 100's cherry has gone insane.  I do not know why as the heat here is relentless but when we put this side in, D dug a trench and mulched both sides and we water about twice a week and it is doing great.  I have not seen bugs either, but we do powder down some things and just hope for the best.  The cukes we are getting are very sweet, crunchy and no bitterness.  The cukes I planted were Tasty Green's and a greenhouse cuke called an "Isnik" from the garden catalog.  These are smaller, but very crunchy and this is the second year I had these and they have performed well, even in this intense heat we are having with the drought.  But again, we have trenched and mulched.

This year, my heart just is not into gardening.  I think its the combination of heat, and of too much going on and me doing to much for too many.  So, for canning, I am just going to process tomatoes and cukes as is, and when I need sauce, or salsa, I can just add my ingredients as I need them.  When peppers start coming, I will do the same, just pickle and put up.  There will be no way that I can do more with the amount of time and be more selective in making salsa, or tomato sauce or ketchup.  I am just in the mood to  cheat or make it more simple to put everything up and then when I have more time, and hopefully more cooler, I will be able to make my salsa, and sauces at a later date.  I would like to freeze, but I have no room for anything in the freezer at the moment either, so I will have to just cut corners and make things easier.
To make things quicker, and I put this question out to my readers who have canned forever, can I cheat and just put tomatoes in a roaster pan or crock pot and heat through and then just peel the skins?  There will be no way I can boil water, then dunk tomatoes then peel  time wise, I just can't, but I see if I heat  them up and then peel and then process, I see no difference?  Any suggestions?   I was planning on putting the tomatoes in my large Hamilton Beach roaster pan and putting this outside on my table on the porch and do it this way to keep the heat out of the kitchen. 

Other than the relentless heat, which it is running at or over 100* daily, not too much going on.  The kittens are growing and are now exploring their room I have them in.  They are now using the box, even little tiny grey girl, and she is now eating solid food and getting things figured out.  I did not think that I would see her or Dexter doing this, not after the way they came to me in the shape they were in. I am still amazed and also thankful beyond prayers.

Well, not much is going on.  I still want to do my post that I mentioned several weeks ago about discussion as of what is going on in the country, and the Supreme court's decisions.  I have some things on my mind but then I had the kitten emergency and I got side tracked.  I will work on something and get this out.

Until then, I wish all a wonderful week, stay cool, and try to get through life in general.

Hugs to All.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

New babies

Good Afternoon Everyone,

I thought I would just quickly post pictures of the two kittens.  Dexter is the little boy who D saved a week ago today.  He did not look like this when we got him, but now he is a pure boy, and getting into everything.
Little grey girl will be 6 weeks this week. I got her 4  weeks ago today. I am trying to find a special name for her and her fight to survive.  She is very special.
I will post pics of the garden.  It is doing very well, considering the heat,  D trenched and mulched the tomatoes and cukes and they are really producing.  The cuke vines are about 7 feet tall now. and the cherry tomato to the back and corner, is over 7 feet.
I hope everyone has a great rest of the weekend, and I will post later.